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Why I Love Where I Live is a retail store and movement about encouraging people to love where they live and find appreciation and gratitude for the things that make a place unique. As a small business owner in Tucson, it’s been a rocky road. People that have had to rely in the past on in-person connections, whether that’s in restaurants or retail, this pandemic has really stifled business for a lot of people and caused people to think outside the box and find ways to continue to survive so that when this is over they can continue to have the business that they had before.

There’s a group in town called Tucson Helping Tucson. They were raising funds for small businesses in Tucson to send to the Community Investment Corporation. They come up with a portfolio of options for businesses that need help and assistance right now, and then they figure out how to get those funds to them.

So Tucson Helping Tucson, they reached out to us and wanted to To see if we could help spread the word and if we had any ideas. At first I said, “of course we can spread the word” and a few days later I realized we have a great opportunity with our existing business to help this cause.

So when they started we reached out to our designer to put together a Tucson Together logo for shirts that we could sell and we got the printer ready. We ordered the shirts and we wanted to get them out to the community. So we put them on our website with mock-ups of the shirts and when we sell those shirts we’re able to collect the money. We don’t as a business make anything off of the shirts. The money goes directly to Community Investment Corporation. So the more shirts that we sell the more money, we raise and can send to CIC to help small businesses in Tucson.

So as of today the Tucson Together shirts have raised over fifty six hundred dollars to send directly to Community Investment Corporation for small businesses in Tucson. Overall Tucson Helping Tucson and the Community Investment Corporation have raised over $100,000 to support businesses in our community and by the middle of this month are on track to help 20 small businesses in our community.

In this season, we’ve really had to trust God with our business and our finances and what that looks like and because we trust him so much we are able to do things like this, like help other people raise money that doesn’t benefit us but that we can still give back. We are just one business that is doing something to help there are many ways to help and get involved and we just encourage people to look at what resources they have, whether individually or if you have a small business, what are the ways that you can use your resources to help and get involved in supporting people who are going through this crisis.

Posted on April 4, 2020 in Success Stories

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