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Hey you missing your voice and call us dozens of dudes in your area are down to talk right now because I’m also a vegan because of him drinking alone rendering the entire process of getting trashed kind of pointless. We offer party Partners is $4.99 a minute. This is my eighth beer and I’m not even buzzed matter what you’re into we’ve got guys ready to go eat a gamer. You’ve got your back. And what up King. Hell. Yeah. I want to place a war zone. Let’s do it the covid-19. Finally to Peter you’re failing relationship. This guy will tell you he Loki never really even liked your ex. Oh, I’m being honest. It’s like being the boys always thought it was not annoying that she was always. Your PhD or whatever you’re way better off. Maybe you miss getting the listen to your conspiracy theories cousin corner you at a family gathering you need to relax. Okay, it’s three days of darkness were in here for a reason where we go we go all okay. It’s all part of the plan three days of darkness. No electricity.

No lights. No internet. No, nothing. Meanwhile, they catch the bad guys. They get the clintons. They get the Epstein’s they get the Obamas they get everybody deep stage over our handy automated system gives you hundreds of top. Takes to choose from at all guys. Love to talk about

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I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go like yo, bro later later bro. Later. Aha. Hey, what’s up? It’s your BFF your best friend forever the prince of promotion the king of commotion the ambassador of entertainment and your Master of Ceremonies for everything here happening at old tht TV. It’s Tucson helping Tucson to to I love at the most so I thought the sewed something lucky number seven. We’re spreading positivity not the virus and we’re multicast him with a number of Community Partners. That’s right growing growing growing. Oh, yeah. So shout out to downtown Tucson partnership juice on young professionals that typ. Why I love where I live. That’s right. We’ll we’ll 10 West Festival 10 west of the best. We got creative Tucson here in the mix Tucson Trolley Tours the creativemornings as well. Make sure you check those out and arches on up in Tucson organizers and all the viewers. Thank you. Thank you the most that’s the most important part every single one of you viewers like you that’s how

we’re doing. So if your first time here where production Obtuse on helping Tucson a community initiative to get artists paid and small businesses are funded to survive the hardships of today equal businesses reopening pretty soon and right around now Financial channels is just beginning for a lot of them so you can’t slow down but we become complacent I should probably slow down so you understand what I’m saying? So that’s what we’re doing. We’re keeping it going and really getting the money flowing to a lot of people in town that really need it. We’re doing it by doing it the best with laughter the best medicine because we’ve got entertainment lined up. And what is it going to be? It’s an interview with former mayor of Tucson Jonathan Rothschild. Yes important people here in town visiting us at HGTV. I believe Zach as the exclusive there. But uh, I might know a guy that might be able to get some questions. And so we talked with Five Points Market about their refund her campaign, very important.

You learn all about this and we’re going to see what they have to say about restaurants reopening. Mmm, right? So two sons performing courtesy of Club Congress. We love that CCTV. We have a Wing next installment of the home and the Restless as well as pero Noir and a bunch of new comedy sketches. I’m going to dance dance a revolution with floor polish the dance and fitness studio and probably make a fool of myself who type that I can’t wait. I’m very pumped and maybe some more surprises along the way I got mail. So we’ll help get the viewers hot because right now we’ve got to focus on that hit it. Class up this joint. So what you want to do is you want to go down there in the comments section because more eyeballs means more donations. So share this stream right now. You might want to be send it to someone vm’s go ah comment their names in the old term inspection very positive things sure with a friend share of a group share on your face business is selling as always quite a big thank you

to our founding sponsors to help us get these are space and we’re getting businesses and help that they need right now. So thank you for all of these fine folks. I’ve been helping us out. I love them. So in part because of their and your support in less than two months the community investment Corp the old see I see they provided 215 three zeros $215,000 that’s amazing and financial support to nearly 30 small businesses and expert Insight tools counseling over KT small businesses in town. I know the Port Authority for ethnic happen Coalition is using so it’s exciting. Thank you very much to the cic. I’ve done love it from Sunrise custom jewelry said the loan he got from cic gives him peace of mind because the money will keep the boat afloat. There you go so much. Like you hear that expression. Don’t forget that arise in time to retool is the placement. So I like to think we’re on the same boat and that’s what you want to do as a community keeping everybody afloat. So share the stream right

consider donating to the cic small business Relief Fund and using the text in code on the screen by visiting Tucson. Hoping to That’s right text that word and I Leave it again Still Gettin good. So now that we have a boatload of amazing programming and I’ve run out of analogies involved. It’s time to get through tonight. So let’s get it on you got some parties for you lot of fun event.

Boy, you sure can describe this show with an adjective.

Hey Hey Hey, Hey, listen, somebody’s quarantine restrictions. You want to get out of here? Yeah, I could use a haircut. Let’s go. Hey, where are you guys going? We’re taking a break. Yeah, we’re going to have saliva or lungs. You mean I’m home unsupervised.


maybe for one of these the only detective School. While we can.

What happened? You left me home on supervised. We’re going for like five minutes. Yeah, hmm.

Library is closed and I can’t get any more books. What about those?

I’ll help I don’t really want to be a better person right now. Those are cookbooks. Well these I only read Harry Potter in July to commemorate his birthday. No, these are the coffee table books. I want to read anyone’s life story right now. They don’t know those books are only for the bathroom. No, these are the books. I didn’t finish in college one color and these These are the books are supposed to teach me how to write good. You been well, does it feel like we’re in a Stephen King novel ready for now. They’re supposed to teach me how to be a better comedian. Oh, that’s why they’ve been collecting dust. Actually. I’m sorry top 10 push-ups five more and we’ll talk about these. No, these are the bed Ten laps are always books you want to read? Read I’m playing for the library open.

God I love books. That was amazing. Thank you Alana yet again for doing another fantastic job. Make sure you submit some fun content yourself to tht at That’s right. You never know what you’re going to get my got the second chicken. I’m super pumped for everything going on because coming up soon as well. I guess I must but it’s that cancer show. Okay, he’s got an important guest on huh. So you might want to stick around for murder Jonathan Rothschild going to be here. But before that we need to catch up on another volume of Corona you are that’s right. Last time we caught up with Sal he had finally tracked down a local Tucson Femme Fatale Mona La Paloma. That’s right and confronted her about the covid-19 testing kits. She had planted in his trunk. However, she revealed that her hand had been forced by Arizona governor duck view see apparently duck had been running covid-19 testing kits all over the state and some kind of illegal testing ring. Could this case go straight to the

top. You want in crack the case that celibate or credential coronavirus are?

My way back to my home office Mona’s words kept running through my mind the governor running covid-19 testing kits. This could be the case that took me straight to the top. I had to stay focused but I couldn’t help thinking about finding Mona shacked up in a little Bungalow when all this was over me having saved her from the governor’s dastardly Deeds sounded too good to be true but predict deserves. Is that right? Wasn’t even out of the woods yet. Let alone poolside with The PiƱa Colada. So I focused on I had to get dirt on my duck was up to or else this lead was going to be colder than last night’s dinner. So I decided to do what any decent detective one a zoom bombed his weekly staff meeting my camera and microphone from the to the untrained eye. I was totally invisible A Silent Assassin technology is my blade. Unfortunately, all they discussed was a new initiative to secure better. Thing for public schools. So that was a bust. I was about to call the whole thing quits when I got a mysterious

message subject line Doc’s Dirty. Deeds meet me at the base of a mountain at midnight signs of friends. So the trail was heating back up like last night’s dinner in my microwave oven. It was a risky move, but I had no other choice. Once again, I quote my mask and gloves as a prepared to Brave the unknown midnight rolled around them getting comfortable. The shadow of a now that’s when I saw him slowly making his way around the corner Nigel Delgado. One of the most disgruntle unpaid interns I’ve ever met kids a bit Young’s already be disaffected by local government, but I listen to what he has to say. Nigel tells me he was working late last week from Duck came in being escorted like two big guys. They took him into his private office. They were in there for about five minutes before they made their way back out Nigel bless. His heart was worried about dr. So we follow them all the way to the That’s where he sees a familiar sight happens voting boxes from their Van Into the back of ducks Kong.

Nigel tells me this has been happening every Wednesday for about a couple weeks and just like that. I have first-hand witness to this whole thing the governor heading up a covid-19 testing kit dark might not know it but we had a date next Wednesday. I for one couldn’t wait to make a lasting impression.

Sal certainly the guy to call look at that another chapter unfolds Corona War I’m hooked. So now we’ve got a VIP in the community that’s got some say about a lot of what’s going on local business guy local here are mine because man is a lot of stuff that he does that I love the most so joining us right now is one Jasper look. Oh, I’m sorry. No, it’s Brian Hoskins. That’s right. Brian Hoskins from Five Points Market Brian. How are you doing, sir? Oh, you know great. I know it’s my job to Just happy I know they’re they’re not asking you to do that. So that’s the thing. Yeah, pretty good. Right? I mean all things considered it’s a tough time but um, you know, thanks for coming on and thanks for talking to us about someone what’s going on. Yeah. My pleasure. Heck. Yeah, so first and foremost Pet your dog from know first and foremost. Can you tell us the basic philosophy of Five Points? Just so people get to know you? Yeah. We we strive to be an ethos driven business kind of was our goal from

the beginning focused on good food and giving it to people within our community, you know, definitely. Yeah just like that Jasper gets a better and she’s about to walk in here. But but yeah trying to be good for her. For a community and make good things. There. She is. She’s got the goods hook it up Uncle Source local. That’s how we do it. But yeah Brian, it’s been nuts. Obviously a lot of what I shouting. I have a my probable axis, but a lot of what has been going on. It’s all about adapting. It’s all about trying to stay positive. I mean, that’s any old a PMA what I’m all about the feeling that keeps me sane since so, but that’s how have you adapted like during the pandemic like have you been Doing it drastically we close the dining room because we had you and that was that was the start of it. And then we pivoted to using the word pivot every other day.

We started selling a whole lot of groceries and we are focusing on local produce local meat continuing with our menu being available online working really hard every day with a small true. Yeah, yeah now it’s big deal and I again a lot of people thank you for it because much like anything going on right now in the best thing about Tucson is like you have fans, you know, you do have fans and it is some of those people that really got to remind some of the other community members and sound like you’re a part of this bigger thing and we have to support each other because there are some people out there doing really big things and you guys need help. So I senior about to launch will be funder campaign. We’ve worked with Ceci get a lot of components. Can you tell us a little about At that process and like what type of you know, what you hope to achieve. Well, hope to get some money right up. Next question. Smart makes a lot of sense now. Okay, keep going. I think yeah. I think we’re just trying

to promote ourselves make a little bit of money keep ourselves, you know to keep us above water to help us move past this pandemic move into the next chapter 5 Points. We want to expand our retail selection moving forward and focus a lot more on that than we have in the past and figure out what service is going to look like as we come out of the pandemic and be able to do that, you know have the resources to do that continue continue serving our folks like yeah, I appreciate let me ask you this now. Give me some positive me something good gimme something fun. What’s at least one of the I like to get people smiling at these interviews? We got you doing a little bit and that point like I like to make these things a little lighter because it’s hard to talk about this. So just tell me one of the best things that you’ve seen or dealt with as far as things are concerned because of this situation. I feel like our community and the folks that are supporting Five Points of in super vocal super positive.

It makes me feel really good to be doing what we’re doing

we get we get letters often from some folks. And that feels really good. Yeah, we’ve got an art from kids say that our pancakes are better than their moms. Despite how many they their mother makes that’s now on our window that that’s that’s fantastic. That’s that’s kind of what I was looking for. That’s exactly right, right? Yeah because it is something for as low as it it seems man when people try to lift you up it is not it is something people really can lift you up. Yeah. So again, we’ve had overwhelmingly positive responses from from everybody. Heck. Yeah. Well, I thank you for hanging out. Thanks for doing everything you do and remember to support Five Points Five Points of doing a lot. It’s my favorite place for breakfast at least one of them breakfast the best time of day so that’s right. Be safe. Be safe to thank you Ikea No, right. So it looks like on the old itinerary. We’ve got some puppets ahead. Looks like Zach answers ahead which means looks like former mayor Jonathan Rothschild

right ahead. So let’s get on with it and keep the show ago, and it’s see HGTV, baby.

It’s going to be a big show tonight. The former mayor is on we’re going to get some dance lessons. I can’t wait. Yeah. Hey, do you think I get to ask the mayor some questions? Nah, the only public he’s talking to his Zach. Do you think Frank and as the former mayor of few smart questions? No. Don’t think Frank can do that and I don’t think he’s allowed to ask him any questions.

Here and we are looking forward to our conversation tonight with the former mayor of Tucson Jonathan Rothschild our celebrity endorser of community backed loans that we are focusing on with the community Investment corporation for mayor Jonathan Rothschild was elected first in 2011 serve two terms. Through 2019 just left office last fall with a goal of Greening Tucson through recovery from a tough time the Great Recession and laying the groundwork for a lot of the good things that we’re seeing. Now former mayor Jonathan Rothschild, welcome on the are things for being with us tonight. How are you good exactly. Couldn’t think of a better thing to do on Saturday night to be with you. I would absolutely agree. So I’ll call you Jonathan from here on out. That’s my instruction. But Jonathan you’re a celebrity endorser of what we’re calling Community backed loans. These are with the help of the community Investment corporation Community backed loans, give local community members the opportunity

to land or invest in local businesses. So important right now when Any of the enemy the executive director of the community Investment corporation reached out to you to share with you about these type of loans. You were immediately interested you hopped on you were all in what what what got you on board? Yeah. Well the Kiva program the keep a platform is one that has been tested internationally for several decades now and so when Danny with help a growth Partners and committee investment Corp, which are two very solid lenders with a lot of infrastructure for Lending or able to partner with the Kiva platform. That’s exciting for Tucson. And the reason it’s exciting is the Wekiva has created is a microlending structure which really allows people who might not otherwise be able to access. All loans. These are loans. I think up to $15,000. They might not otherwise be able to access them and this creates a platform for allowing them to get that needed Capital whether it’s for equipment or tenant

improvements or consolidating debt business expansion, but particularly now when we’ve had this event that has shut down, you know a good part of the country and made it really difficult for small businesses. I mean small businesses are the are still the majority and and part of what our community does. Sure. Yeah, you mentioned it is $15,000 up to $15,000 a six-month or firm it. So often even in normal times a lot of businesses like the ones we’re talking about. Do you have a hard time accessing accessing Capital? What makes it so important right now to be supporting small businesses at this time? Could you go into more detail about the why we need the community fully backing these businesses to recover. Well, so the first thing about small business is that it’s our friends and neighbors. These are people who live in the community the money that they generate and create state. Raised in the community small businesses also tend to deal with other small businesses. So it’s friends and neighbors

supporting friends and neighbors and that’s really important particularly for our local economy. And particularly now, I mean, you can go down Fourth Avenue or you can go down south 12 and you can go up work or stone or down Grant and Broadway and If you look carefully you’re going to see a whole lot of small businesses and we’re in a difficult situation. Now where if these businesses fail those streets could become devastated and that could really set back a lot of what we’ve worked for years to get us to absolutely we’re talking with the former merits who’s on Jonathan Rothschild. Who is or work on a celebrity endorser of community backed loans and Jonathan is probably important to know that these are not donations. Right? These are investments. You’re a celebrity endorser. Meaning you’re an investor Jonathan which means you either get the money back or with interest if it’s if it’s successful, so this is a meaningful to way investment and ideally everybody’s winning out of this right,

you know, one of the things about the investment is you Get on the platform or if you call Carrie Davis I think is managing the fun for Kiva. You can kind of say these are the kind of things. I want to invest in whether it’s entrepreneurs or whether it’s restaurants or whether it’s minority businesses women-owned business and when you make that investment you you or you can follow the business you can support the business you can go in and and and talk and Mentor the business and because it’s all local so you can do it all here. And so it’s very interactive and you know, the great thing is if you were to alone $5,000 and over time that $5,000 is paid back you can load it again. So it’s money that you can continue to use the same money to support. What you see as a potentially prosperous business, I don’t know that it can make anybody feel better than but to see a business is just getting started out or struggling get back on their feet and then become very successful. Yeah, it’s huge and

I love how you put that Jonathan. It’s it really does recycle in the ideal scenario. I mean, this is my that can go over and over and over again to our community and you know Tucson is now we should probably also know Chiba. Hub we’re talking about Kiva quite a bit providing more resources to support entrepreneurs and small businesses to access the platform and successfully fun local campaigns a great collaboration of growth Partners, Arizona the community Investment corporation to really great organizations making things happen here, you know, this is this is interesting that kind of intro to our conversation this way Jonathan again fraying when you just jumped on your the former mayor of by just a few months really Of the City of Tucson December 2nd, I believe is when the current mayor was sworn in so it’s been about a half a year. You came into office managing the recovery from a devastating recession. I think this is a different situation. I think we’ll have a little bit an easier time

recovering but it’s going to be a hard recovery. Nonetheless is just so we just don’t know how does this fit in we’re talking about these Community backed loans. How does this fit in? In with rebuilding our community, we hear a lot about federal dollars State dollars big economic development initiatives. How do these locally driven Grassroots efforts fit into the whole ecosystem in your mind? Well in a sense they could turn out to be the foundation because you know as we know this first PPP went out incredible amount of money and It’s not reaching at least by what we’re hearing a lot of the small business that money was easily except, you know, there’s a rush to it. It was in 48-72 hours. It was gone and it was accessible to businesses that had a track record that had good accountants and had good lawyers that had ongoing banking relations these kind of loans which by the The way Zack, I think you can contribute as little as $25 and you’re on you can get on a platform to keep a platform

you can look at what’s available and she’s something you like and donate $25 or you can talk to a small business that you a friend of yours you may know as struggling and direct them into the platform into a Community Development Corporation. Either and they can get on the platform. It’s really pretty easy. There aren’t the same kind of requirements that would be required for instance getting the PPP money or going traditionally in the bank. This is really saying we want to support those businesses that may be not quite just starting out, but maybe the only did in business a year to and or that Business has been there longer and this crisis is putting them, you know in a tough situation and that’s so that’s what it’s for. It really does fit in its fitting into a into a gap really in what the larger entities are tried to do, you know, they’re still trying to prop up the Airlines and you know, the Big hotel chains and look there’s a place for that but that doesn’t get you to the street and

that doesn’t get you to all the individual small stories that really do make a community unique and in a place you want to live, right? And this is this is street-level. I mean, this is Main Street to Main Street. It’s fast. It’s quick its targeted we talked about we funder we is where folks can go to see local initiatives there we talk. The quite a bit about Kiva or if you just want to make it really easy on yourself and you’re watching and you want to be an investor and that’s what we’re really wanting out of this is to use on helping Tucson mayor of former, mayor Rothschild the best way to keep up to date is to follow the community Investment corporation. Again, Danny was the guy who reached out to you about this a little bit back on social media cic is constantly sharing these campaigns these local individuals doing great. Of the things that we as local investors can invest in and former mayor Rothschild City of Tucson. We really appreciate you being at the tip of

the sphere on supporting these and advocating these and getting our community rallied around these because I can’t agree with you more. This is this is really important locally. So thank you for your advocacy. You know, I don’t know how much more time we have there some guy up there in an orange jacket I’ve been watching is yeah, excuse me stars for mr. Former mayor, please sir if I could have some I’m only time please get the scoop here the real hard ball question Zack, very professional. Yes. He is. I’ve got the questions people really need the answers to sure put you in the hot seat for a moment. Absolutely. All right. So listen, what is your name is important favorite color, that’d be blue sir. That is correct. Yes sir. That is correct. Yes. I’ll get my name is Frank. I’m your BFF your best friend forever. I’m sorry. Just very excited. Can I call you Jr. Sure, that would be at what’s actually excellent. A lot of people did before before I went into public. Life you go. That’s how I

keep it – I called Danny Daniel leg to we’re very close. So let me ask you this. What’s more magical Tucson sunrise or a Tucson Sunset? Oh boy that that is a tough question that you really are getting to the heart of what two sons all about. I warned you. Well with I’ll tell you if you get up early in a Tucson sunrise is beautiful, but there’s no excuse for missing a Tucson Sunset. I mean, you know, everybody should still be on their two legs at 7:13 p.m. Exactly right? I’m less happy hour starts early and you don’t want to be drinking that early in the morning. So easy that you business folks. I know how you like to party. Yeah shit. I don’t want to get political but you’re gonna pick one side Abbott’s Costello, oh geez

I know this is gonna create a divide I could probably lose some boats that but I’m not running anymore. So I guess the answer is Abit all there you go. Hang on that. That’s right. That’s I’m more of a Costello man myself. But all right that said that said you may not be running anymore. You’re dashing everywhere you go. You look great. Thank you for being here. This is square root of 1 million.

You know, I’m going to have to get back to you on that. Okay. We’re going to take a That’s right. Don’t worry about it. Well, what’s your lucky number? Oh, I’m going to say 24:24. What’s my lucky numbers proof? You need a fuse there? I’ll say it’s Infinity all that’s right to infinity and beyond. That’s the spirit. All right. Last one knock knock who’s there? Whoo? Excuse me. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo. Oh, I’m very excited. Thank you for being I’m glad you’re excited. I am very fun. Thank you Zach for giving me a moment and keeping your mouth shut. Let me talk to a new friend. I appreciate it. And thank you. Good all chair. Can I call you Johnny rough kid? No, let’s just stick with JR if we got is correct as well. I cannot call you that you are right you are doing very well Zach take it from here. Thank you hard-hitting.

Anyway, anyways that Jonathan Rothschild again the former mayor of Tucson, thank you so much for being on with us. It’s all about supporting Community backed loans. That is the way we can support local businesses. So appreciate it very much. Thanks Jack. Keep up your good work to all right. All right, I’m gonna I’m gonna head back to the other room. All right, I think your man they say Sir. Oh man Frank those. Some how do I say it really hard hitting questions? I don’t think anybody would have expected those. Good job little buddy. I think he’s actually that really means a lot. So wasn’t that pretty quick? I don’t need your pity. Yes, sir. How did you you’re going to be back next week with another exclusive? Absolutely part of you. My best serious times require serious journalism Frank, that’s what they have me on the show for mr. Excitement. All right. Well try not to hog. All the seriousness next time I can be serious. I’m a big boy, you certainly are. Mr. Frank that you know that square

root question. That was that was a tough. Hey keep drinking milk stay on top of things Zack out. See you later. That’s you know, I’m lactose intolerant. You cruel monster. Are you


very good. Okay longer out. Well, anyways, how about that? Pretty good, huh? That was a fun time. That’s what HTTP is all about. I got the soup. That’s right. Got my press pass right there. Got to talk to the former mayor. Woo me and good old Jr. Will be hanging out. I’ll have more for dinner when the soul lift it up. But now it’s time for the next installment of where was it 3-1

Hang on, hang on. All right, not worth the effort. It’s now time for the next installment of home and the Restless. Now our last episode we attended the zoom funeral of one Karen Henderson the matriarch of the Henderson Family who was mysteriously poisons by her tacos. Karen’s Widow custom text shocked everyone when they learned he is already engaged to a new woman his assistant Kimmy. We pick up from there.

Salvatore crenshaw’s the name you can call me Sal let me guess boy troubles my style. They don’t make them like you anymore do they I’m Christina Adams. I’m sure I’ve got boy problems, but that’s not why I Rings looks could kill. I’d be a dead man. I can tell Christina had a burning desire. No man, get extinguished. If you have tried. She’s the kind of broaden that out. Excuse me. Who are you talking to? Never mind that sweetheart. What’s the problem? My mother was murdered poisoned by my father’s mistress. I need you to prove it. It’s only a matter for the police – the cops are useless. They ruled it. An accident said her foul. Just foul. Those naturally point, but I don’t think the poison was natural at all. I think it was deliberately added by my father’s assistant. Can we Is the system and his mistress been on this planet long enough in a while men are fools. Listen here miss Adams a cheap, but I am Relentless. Are you sure you want your family’s Dirty Laundry darkening and doorstep.

I spoke the truth and whatever the cost it takes therefore what you wish for sweetheart. What else would I start other than the directly accused doubtful should give me a straight answer maybe if I pressed her on the details. She might let something slip so I gave her Her a ring gimme. Thanks for letting me Benji you then. I had to investigate the mysterious death of one disk. Aaron Henderson ask you a few questions. Sure. Mr. Crenshaw. Did you poison her? Absolutely.

Why I love where I live is a retail store in movement about encouraging people to love where they live and find appreciation and gratitude for the things that make a place unique as a small business owner in Tucson. It’s been a rocky road people that have had to rely in the Ask in person connections whether that’s in restaurants or retail those pandemic has really stifled business for a lot of people and caused people to think outside the box and find ways to continue to survive so that when this is over they can continue to have the business that they had before there’s a group in town called Tucson helping Tucson. They were raising funds for small businesses in Tucson to send to the community Investment corporation. They come up with a portfolio of options for businesses that need help in a assistance right now and then they figure out how to get those funds to them. So Tucson helping Tucson, they reached out to us and wanted to see if we could help spread the word and if we had any ideas

at first I said, of course we can spread the word and a few days later. I realized we have a great opportunity with our existing business to help this cause so when this started we reached out to our designer to put together a Tucson together logo for shirts that we can sell. We got the printer ready. We ordered the shirts and we wanted to get them out to the community. So we put them on our website with mock-ups of the shirts. And when we sell those shirts, we’re able to collect the money. We don’t as a business make anything off of the shirts. The money goes directly to community Investment corporation. So the more shirts that we sell the more money, we raise and can send to cic to help small businesses in Tucson. So as of today the Tucson together shirts have raised over fifty six hundred dollars to send directly to community investment. Operation for small businesses in Tucson overall Tucson helping Tucson and the community Investment corporation has raised over $100,000 to support

businesses in our community and by the middle of this month are on track to help 20 small businesses in our community in this season. We’ve really had to trust God with our business and our finances and what that looks like and because we trust him so much we are able to do things like this like help other people raise money that doesn’t benefit us, but that we can still get Back, we are just one business that is doing something to help there are many ways to help and get involved in. We just encourage people to look at what resources they have whether individually or if you have a small business, what are the ways that you can use your resources to help and get involved in supporting people who are going through this crisis.

All shout outs of why I love where I live. You haven’t gotten your shirt yet you might as well get over there to Wild Love where I shout out to Kristen. And by the way, you want to know what I want to talk about real quick for about 30 seconds. Just give me a moment to be nice and serious. You see I got my shirt was dropped off by Kristen and she also gave me a card. So now here’s the thing, you know the businesses you love and we’re talking to some of these fine folks a letter means a lot. A card means a ton to I was going to say that you shall write your favorite business maybe a letter or card. Let them know that you care and you’re there. You know what Kristen sent me right here with my shirt like electric circuits. We only light up when we are connected with others. Isn’t that nice and Frank? Thanks for all you do to keep Tucson together with that hashtag. You’re a gem which means into PSI means a lot okay with love and mad respect Kristen. It’s that mad respect. I’m trying

to get it the truth, but that meant a lot to receive and it really was the best. Best part of my day and my week and believe me this guy living my dream. It means a lot to get a car. So maybe do that and spread some of that love and so people why you love where you live that’s important, right? So let me go and find the thing that needs to be found over here. There it is. So if you’re just joining us, what we’re doing here is the live stream variety show Raising spirits and cash for Tucson small business community. So be sure to share this right now, the more eyeballs means more fundraising potential. To the truth. Here you go. Get Sharon. Share this guy right there. Boom, right also Loop and then we want to also thank some people who have been supporting us, maybe give a share right now put your friends in the comments, but thanks to Jennifer Jones for her donation. Keep them coming. We really appreciate that because that’s the best news and speaking of best news. Let’s go to the good

news. It’s true. We’ve got some good news this week employees from downtown kitchen and Cocktails created fourteen hundred meals for 216. John’s Medical Center employees on the front lines. The meals are delivered Wednesday at part of tmc’s week-long Employee Appreciation celebration. That’s right. It doesn’t have to end at the end of the week keep on celebrating those people those fine fine folks save a lot of lives. So good news number to Tucson was named among the ten cities best position to thrive after the pandemic Ends by Moody’s Analytics reports the report cited Tucson’s low population density in the high rate of college graduates in the area to some of the only Arizona city that made the list so joining in cities like Washington DC where Britain also has some stuff San Jose and Salt Lake City. Not too bad. It’s always good to be in top 10 contention. That’s what I like to hear about your son keep spreading and I know that will be better because we’ve got community right here right

here is from work. So a good news and a lot of local businesses from at they’re succeeding in pivoting to reach customers in a new way and I believe I get to talk to someone coming up in just a moment here and enjoy my I like this. This car keys a professional professional puddler? Okay, hang on professional Cutler from we cuddle Incorporated. Okay. Well welcome, please now to the show. Here we go is mr. Paddington Borough and a sort of strong economic ties Paddington. Are you there? I am here. Oh, hello there Frank. Hello. Can you see me? Okay. Yeah, you’re you’re coming in clearly not believe almost. Perfect. Okay. Hello. Okay. Okay. We have a little oh, there we go. Ha ha ha I can see two very good friend. You can sneak you coming in there sir. You look good. Beautiful. Gracias. Thank you. Thank you. Hello there Frank so excited to be here. So thank him. I’m dying to know like what do you do that? How do you do it? Very good question was Frank. I’m I’m a cuddler. Okay, I professional

color. It’s a falling. Yes, and in art form. I mean due to the recent events have been forced to offer my services virtually. Basically I Skype in on whatever computer or other devices surveillance states that the client has you know, and then they attach a device to like a pile of pillows and or a you know, a large dog they have access to one and I personally was I pray. Her Scotch taping my device to a life-size silicone companion doll. I have found but you see we got all our respective objects as my clients virtual face Nestle’s into my signature look like I see like so okay. I mean, can you feel it Frank? You can feel the love see? Okay. So I also offer a little bit of soft cooing have an additional rate nice.

This is fascinating. I’ve why do you think people are so into virtual cuddling these days was is he people are lonely Frank? I’m lonelier than ever before. I mean for goodness sakes. I’ve been social distancing from my cocker spaniel Jeffrey for five weeks now the immuno compromised and I’m not about to have that on my Consciousness. And your the fact is cuddling is a grossly misunderstood necessity I know skin to skin. Bonding is a live a lot of of intimacy that cannot be replaced by some mediocre machine-made Manhunt. No, it’s not surprising that during these times where people are forced to be isolated from one another without even a sniff of an armpit or a leak. Another sweat. We had I think we are smelly leaky human beings Frank. How do we know we are even real if we cannot be smelled or linked? Okay, the answer is we can’t know Frank really. We just can’t know okay, um give me advice for other businesses and business owners during these trying times

had face.

What if I’ve been making quadruple what I did back before this whole thing? I mean, I paid off my student loan debt with money to spare just close on my mid-century modern Dream House. Heck I’m looking to expand my Empire and put more virtual Cutters out into the world. This is the closest I’ve ever come to any semblance of the American dream. I guess my best advice. Is to achieve success. My ripping your soul from your body and shoving into a deep dark lockbox it once you’ve gotten that out of the way Frank take the one thing that meant anything to you leaders of all Beauty resembles a backwards reflection of what you wants love. Heyman packages monstrosity real nice not real nice Margaret to those who still haven’t had enough hope left in them to seek help and find your mediocre product, huh? Wait for these lost souls to get hooked on numbed up bankrupt leaving you empty and copying my power. manatee in life I guess I would say you can find us at our website at 19-point. Oh

Cam for all your virtual needs. Yes, that’s my best advice. I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I can feel it this I can as he drank, it’s good, huh? It’s good. Ha ha ha ha. Thank you very much their paddocks Pennington. I really understand. I understand. I understand. I think it’s time for some music. How about you guys, right? Yeah. Let’s look at that courtesy of Club Congress out through the dark dark thoughts from my mind. Yes music indeed quite please welcome Mom. So to sum Yes,

why are you so excited? Are you the dance lessons at the end of the episode? I can’t wait. I got the moon to really move them. You’ll see just watch well, that is surprising why I don’t have two left feet. You sure don’t you don’t have any legs either?

Oh, yeah.

to you


Hey, this is David Ross your weekly guide to you’re doing greatness greatness greatness. Today. We’re working out with David Ross. I’m David Ross, baby. Yeah, great things. I already kicked out of my mind goes there but a tape them up. I don’t know why you just do it. Whoo, right working out. You want to stretch it out. Get a good strike. Do a jump jumping jack. Yeah, feel the burn baby. Burn. What’s a Burns make sure your pants are on. Tight. Okay

loosen it up, you know stretch it out get your stretches out. Remember gym class member little circles and big circles. In through your mouth and out through your nose. Okay, here

is how you use kettle ball. He just swooped her up Swooty. Do you wanna fool who who want to do a push-up we can do a wall pushup. Oh one, Mississippi.

To do a little Tai Chi loosen it up, you know, you hold the ball hold the ball and then we got

so that’s pretty much

thank you very much. I’m David Ross you’re doing great things.


David’s got me all loosened up. That’s right. Whoo. David always makes me feel like I’m doing a great job and with Fitness on the Mind. I’d like you to meet another teacher of mine. That’s right. It’s Marina from floor polish. I’ve got her right here and for polishes the dance studio that I use with Avenue. How’s it going Marina? Heck yeah, and they have to be here. Thank you. I’m so pumped. Let me tell everybody about floor polish. So these been 4th Avenue right moved a few blocks away to North Stone now and they’ve been a Source of Fun and Fitness for a while Flo Flo create are they celebrate their four-year anniversary? Congratulations? All right, and they didn’t want action we’re going to talk all about it. So let’s just get right to it. Because then this Dancing Queen is going to give me a little bit of a lesson. We’re going to show you how easy it is to learn how to dance but come on. So congrats on for years Marina House it does it feel it feels good feels really good. We moved to

a few different places. So every couple of years we get a little infusion of new. G so it’s hard to believe it’s been that long heck. Yeah. I like it’s funny. How time does fly when you’re doing it but it’s like good for you for like chasing a dream create a business and always adapting. So now you had to adapt again like everybody has right? So you’re offering online classes. Of course. I want to know what are some of the classes name them because that already is enough you practically hear the names man.


dance cardio aerobics class easy for beginners. We have burlesque Fitness. We have a class called strong, but which is a fitness class. We have Bollywood. We have belly dance. These are all online. Normally we have about 20 classes a week right now. We’re doing about seven. So, okay. Well, yeah big difference there, but at least you get that thing get that good, but some belly dancing. I love it. I might have to get with it. We’ll see. Soup so obviously also open an online store. So I love all the designs tell me a little bit about that. How’s that been working out? I never done that before but for the fourth anniversary since we couldn’t do anything in public, I did a drive-through birthday party here this studio iPod it up a bunch of little plants from the studio made some new t-shirts and tote bags and I made a dance party mix called the isolation dance party mix which is on Spotify. But also I made some CDs and cassettes so That was the first time I ever sold it making online just because

people couldn’t physically come into the studio anymore. So yeah, that stuff is still available on our website. Now, we have some T-shirts left and some little plants and all that heck. Yeah, so a fine way to support them if you’re not feeling that physical but personally true what he’s gonna get some moves moving because you know what we got to stay loose real trapped indoors and got a little bit they’re starting over some things up, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get everything all ready to rock. So another way they better not Money by renting out the studio itself. So make sure you contact for possible the details so you can use their space for meeting Bar Mitzvah. Is it just a dance like nobody’s watching? Yes. But yeah, so that’s it. I feel like it’s time that I rent this room. I’ve got my I’ve got my card I still got okay, don’t you forget I’ve got my car and I don’t know if I’ve got a punch you we’re going to sink because I think it’s time for me for a little cardio partying

with Marina. Yeah with let’s get situated hang. Okay, let’s get all right, we’re ready to dance. Boom. I hope everybody’s pumped. Let’s go back to my back.

There’s some of this hang on. All right, there’s some of that. Yes, we are going to disco. Here we go.

back Well awesome music do the head moves. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll keep dancing. I heard that music go. I know it. Where is it? So your dude, you gotta stay loose. It’s just like Dance Dance Revolution. All right, I need to know that Dance Dance Revolution.

Okay, one second. That’s all right. Loosey-goosey. We’re going to see that happens. Again. It’s a one minute thing. Let’s see.

Where are you at? Where you at? That’s right. This is the content you’re looking for the best.

Oh, come on. I’ve never my life. Just so you know.

Oh, we made it. I’m feel good about I hope to you look great. You look fantastic. I’m not doing that again. So I think we’re gonna call the show their why goodness. That was a fun time. I hope you enjoy thanks for hanging out Marina. That was the best my pleasure. That’s it. Oh my goodness

the most. Thank you so much for hanging out. Thank all of you for hanging out with me here on tht TV who another good one lucky number seven. Thanks to all the sponsors. I love him the most make sure that you go share some of these links and tell people they can watch thing on-demand anytime. They want best thing going today to Tucson. I love you the most we did it again. Let’s just go listen to so to sum up. Whoo. Yeah,

yeah a little high. Just keep hitting my own

you could do the piano the piano deaths.

one two three

Until I speaking with my blood speaking to you now,

you look like a whore.

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