THT TV – Episode 6

Tucson Helping Live Stream – Episode 6
Go to to Tucson at your be. Back at your best friend forever. Welcome to episode 6 of tht TV all I hope it’s good to see me. I’m glad I get to be here with you. So I’m really pumped. We got a whole show in store for you. Make sure you go share this thing immediately. Make sure you like things minutes you do all that stuff. So tonight. We’ve got a whole bunch of guest lots of skits. Lots of sketches and a few great interviews musical performances as per usual. So Carrie Davis from Community investment Corp our friends over at see I see they’re gonna be talking about the power of microlending that’s going to help us out because no idea what I’m even doing here half the time they don’t let me touch the money. So that’s why carries you we got musical performances by the cloud walls are going to be here from I believe Club Congress TV is going to be joining us a little bit of fun as well. We’re gonna hang out with Matt rolling from the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance as we fiddle

around with him that we give us a live music performance as well as telling us what sock has been up to and what they have planned for Catalyst in the future as we move on past all this nightmare that we’ve been dealing. Leaving the past. Look toward the future and have fun Zaki answers back. That’s right. Serious serious, man. Zacchaeus is going to be here with Andres portela from Ward 1 the office of the City of Tucson and they’re going to be getting some information getting some serious business and that’s why Zach takes charge of that. But let me just share one last thing. We got Mother’s Day gift ideas for you coming up. Don’t forget Mother’s Day tomorrow be ready for that. I’ve got some fun photos for you as well. And who knows maybe laughs maybe two along the way I think Could be a good time. I’m excited. Hope you heard that silent film. I hear it’s Kafkaesque. I’ll take that we make art around here to see HDTV. That’s right. So make sure you do this share that screen right now.

Go share the screen share share share the share button means a lot. It means a lot. It does a lot and helps us grow a lot. Okay, you can even share to your feeble works even better is if you click Send us message slide to those DM’s send a friend to show that you know, they want to see and they don’t want to miss even though it’s on demand whenever tell them about it and let me tune in now so they can participate Joy. The comment sections and watch the show along with you watch parties or what it’s all about. Next thing right in those comments tag your friends write in the comment section. Give us some ideas. Give us some guests that you want to see in the future tag some bands send those deals with tag them right in the comments. That’s what I want to have one on Joel. Are you guys in the comments section get it done Joel home stenographer helping us out there in the comment section. Okay, most important. What are we going to have you do? Don’t hate that’s right. We need some of that sweet

sweet scrilla donate if you can to help us out over Tucson hoping us on dot-coms a good place to do you can text gifts. I believe or give rather ticks give right down below here to the number that you see on your great-great TV screen there or monitor or phone or being directly into your object. Who knows where we’re getting there. It’s the future is almost here. It’s 2020. It’s a Clear Vision of the future. But more of a Clear Vision of Destruction seems don’t worry all the money and all the eyeballs. We’ve been talking about the audience that you’re going to give us you’re going to get the attention of bigger sponsors for us. And that’s what we need. We need some bigger sponsors. We need some more attentions bigger eyes deeper pockets. Help us along with our fundraising potential. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. And in a way sharings like a donation. Don’t forget that you can give a dollar a dollar from everyone’s now would mean a lot right but a shares free. I know sometimes

it’s hard to hit that share button. But you know what, sometimes you gotta get with it. You got to put yourself out there got to raise your hand to group share this get it done. That’s you want to do share this. It’s very important get it done. But share this get it’s on get all that fun stuff happen and make sure that everyone knows everything dropped you here because we’re Having a good time. So speaking of that. Thank you very much to our sponsors. We’re going to try and get even more. Thank you for sharing. Thanks. Thanks to them for helping us out. It’s really important to get this thing on the eyes of the public that’s world trying to do. So if everyone’s trying to do, right, I really believe in what tht TV has done made a television show. It sold that trying to Spotlight on the community my favorite thing to do I practically wrote a love letter to it the other day because I feel so good doing this. So hopefully you feel good too by participating helping out helping along and having

some fun your Forever. I’m sure I give Tucson together. So let’s do it with some music. I’ve got some more things coming on up you heard all about it. But right now we got some of that sweet heart ache right here. It’s Cloud walls on tht TV.

Stay safe. Have fun. I hope you won’t be J’s.


Thanks very much. I think that’s about it. Right got the time right? Thanks Congress. Thanks to everyone. Thanks Frank. Thanks to keep thanks to Jeff and

I’m pumped for tonight live music comedy. Sketches. Did you know Matt ruin from soccer is here go.

Matt from soccer was here. Oh, no, the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance. Ah, yeah. That’s right. Mark’s gonna play the film. Oh, that’ll be a nice change of pace around here. Why not? Because Frank’s always play in the world’s tiniest violin.

Well, thanks a lot to frickin stock. Would I have the best roommates tiny violins aside? I’m always just trying to tug on your heart strings and get you to give something to Tucson. That’s we’re trying to do. So we remind you to donate hit that share button subscribe to the page maybe and say that you want to see it first. Let’s say you never miss a beat you do a lot of stuff around here all week long. So make it the option because the choice to really happen. So if you know any great musicians comedians are artists makers movers shakers in the community and you’d like to see the show tag them in a post right here right now. Tag them that they know what’s going on. So they know what’s going on. So if you have content to bring your to your own to the show email to us over th T at, that’s right, very easy to spell I won’t even pay you 50 bucks if you make the show and don’t forget there’s a fan favorite voted a week. So you 100 bucks. I think that the this note anyone a thousand

at the end of this really if there’s an end in sight. There’s a big prize at the end of this for all of our fan favourite bit. So let’s hope that all you start submitting a lot of money on the line. So now joining me, Alive, I’ve got a guess. I’m very excited to have this going on. So hopefully everybody ready because I’m ready to rock. So right now from the cic, let me introduce you to someone special me is Carrie Davis director of the alternative business funding at Community Investment corporation. Carry. Welcome to the show. How are you doing doing good. Thanks for having me. Oh good. I’m doing well as well. I mean move with them. I moved some windows around someone does around. So I’ve been talking all about the cic for a while. It means a lot to me. It’s been very important to be a big part of this whole thing that we’re doing here. And the first time viewers. Can you give us like a 30 second elevator pitch about like what the cic is? Yeah, they’re a non-profit Economic Development

organization, and they do a lot of different things. But you know, the sense that I work on is specifically focused on entrepreneurship and they really have a belief that anybody who wants to start a business and as the drive and the diligence to do that should be able to and they provide Access to Capital to people who want to do that. Okay. Well there you have it. So again, everyone start taking notes. You don’t have to use a number two pencil, but you know what it does help we’re going to give you tips right now. So we had creative kind on the show a few weeks back and I believe they were the first business to do what’s called a Kiva loan and I know the community stepped up and they got the funding our right away. So let’s talk about that. How many Tucson businesses do you have now? I’m how many are you expecting will receive funding like this over the remainder of the year. Yeah. We We have a goal of 20 for a year. And I think the average will probably see is about eight or nine. Maybe

eight to ten thousand. So hoping to raise about who $200,000 through Kiva loans from the community in the next year. Heck. Yeah. Well laughter there you go 20. So there you go. That’s not hard everybody. You hear that what can our audience do to support? Yeah, yeah the audience and a couple ways. So if your business and you’re looking for funding Kiva is a 0% No fee loan. You can go to keep dot-org backslash borrow. If you’re looking to start an application and their application their their loan amounts rate go from $1,000 to $15,000. If you end up filling out an application, they’re just know that it will come to me based on your ZIP code. I can help you through the process. That’s what I’m here for. I Am The Hub manager here for that and if you are into Sign and we want to contribute to some of these campaigns in Tucson. You can go to keep a DOT or become a lender and search for Tucson and you’ll find the ones that we have. We actually have four that have already funded and I think there’s

maybe one or two that are on there right now that are looking for contributions. Okay. So where can they go to where was that again? Where can those people go find that those people need those contributions and you have to become a lender which is really easy, but then you just search for Tucson. All right. So you hear that everybody. This is how you do this. How you save a town safe. T you go to the people that know what they’re doing you have some lunatic show up first to get some attention and you talk to the adults you talk to the intelligent people that actually have something to say thank you so much. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around some of this and I love the concept that everything we’re doing with sea ice has been about paying it back pain forward. It’s really important. That’s what I think sets us apart, which is huge the Kiva concept. I love all that. I believe if I got one more question about it that came to my mind. Is it about getting a certain number of people

to participate? They’re like a number to get a Kiva loan explained that quick. Yeah, Kiva has two phases to their loan process. So they have what they call social underwriting where you as a borrower or required to get a certain number of people. Let’s say it’s somewhere between maybe 10 to 25 based on the loan amount to contribute in the private phase of your loan. And then once you get to that it goes to public and that’s when you know, the two million people around the world who are Kiva lenders could potentially contribute to your campaign, but we’re looking for Tucson. Able to do that as well. There you go. I love that. So that’s what you heard. You heard that like just getting that social word that she said with the word social and I already forgot is the way to do it. If you get some people going on these early lumps periods the private period if they get enough people backing that period then they go public and they’re open to the world. Those are people we should really be trying

to help. It’s a good way to help people out and shine a spotlight on some which is my favorite thing to do. That’s literally Shine the spotlight big bright one. So there we go. I feel learn it. Thank you, Carrie. I hope you enjoyed it. Have you been enjoying some we’ve been doing so far with see I see I love it. Yeah doing a great job. I’ll do a great job. That’s our favorite thing to say. That’s right you tell mr. Daniel leg that I miss him the most and I have a good idea of what I’m going to do next week. He gave me a tip of an email. I’m going to explain some more of the way this funding words using professional wrestling turns brother. Oh, yeah. I can’t wait. I’m intrigued. All right. Thanks Terry. Fuck. Yeah, super fun. That’s the stuff. We’re all right. I feel like I learned something which Means I’m of course sweating and exhaust. I think there’s steam coming out of my ears. Which fucking ruin this Bluetooth. So why don’t I just get us ready for the thing. That is the best thing

to rot our thoughts away daytime television. That’s right because I believe we’ve got yet another installment of the home and the Restless why in fact, I believe the zoom soap opera last time we checked in with the Hendersons Karen The Matriarch was found poisoned by take out tacos. Was it Jimmy the Hendersons trusted secretary who got her eyes for us who has her eyes on text or was it someone else find out how things shake out right now on our next really installment of the home and the Restless?

Wow, honey, I can’t believe this many people showed up to your mom’s funeral. You know, I just click through the whole crowd. There must be hundreds thousands. Your mother was a special woman. Hi, Dad. Hey Jax. Hello. Dr. Adams or the hundredth time coming hatch. Well, thanks for coming. Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss mom’s funeral for the world. Who do I look like Jack and act no no Christina. The priest is getting ready to start. Thank you. Again. Henderson was a wife a socialite and a mother of two three. Okay a mother of three and a lover of food, which is what makes this all so much more unfair in lights. Taco poisoning at least Kimmy’s in here to help us reflect on these Unfortunate Events. Mr. Henderson has requested a eulogy delivered by

the Kimmy. Fibula. Kimmy is the Henderson families trusted secretary and it completely platonic friend to text Kimmy if you would please

I really like Karen when text brought me that gold watch. She didn’t mind and that was really chill. I also want to thank Karen for teaching me that toddlers can be poisonous. Naturally. I mean without any outside influences. Oh, I can’t listen to this. Come on. Let her speak she’s making some good points. So I guess this is as good a time as any to Some good news me and tax are getting married.

Patch we’re leaving.

Honey, I think you’re overreacting. Did you hear what she said? Yes, and I think it’s a great idea that old tap is getting back out there and playing the field. Do you know what this means? It means she gets the house.

I’m a Doctor William. I another house. I don’t want another house. Forget it. I’ll see you at home.

Hello doctor Duma. Yo rang. I need you to take care of a problem. Tell me where it hurts.

Man, that’s how Cobell just went right through me

Bay, and there’s no toilet paper.

What is this doing in here? Want to play a game? Choose one

who would wipe their bottom with the cactus duct tape with nails. Oh my God. That is sick your complete Harry Potter collection. Oh no, Harry Potter. No. No, I won’t do that. No you hear me? out

Amazing. Well, thanks to Chris Porter for vibing with his 360-degree cameras. And a lot of for the toilet paper conundrum fascinating stuff toilet paper is all the rage these days but you’re looking for a gift that has more sentimental value then Charmin. Well Casey has you covered because I hope you didn’t forget Mother’s Day is in fact tomorrow. Yes indeed it is so we’ve got someone that I’ve got here to help us out because we want to help you with is some gift ideas last minute gift ideas, especially so today we’ve got mr. C Samson Huckabee, and I’ve got hundreds of questions for him. He’s the assistant shift manager at Brighton gift Sampson. How are you all hello there. Hello there. Sorry Frank. I’m just setting up my there we go. Just wanted to make sure we had me perfect. Perfect. Thank you Frank. You know Mother’s Day. Of course is a very very special day Mother’s well, they deserve only the best from their children sincerely. Well, not all mothers some others and this is just an

example Frank but some others abandon their children and attacks because 30 miles outside of Branson, Missouri why well hard to say but it could be because when she and her new boyfriend Roger were doped up. Well, he convinced me that she had Dolly Parton star power and ample bosoms which he did not but she needed to ditch the kid if she was ever going to make it. So there you are seven years old. Alone scared pleading for help from a convenience store a tenant with red hair a black eye and yellow teeth his gaze penetrates you and he lets out an audible sigh of frustration at the inconvenience. Her Reckless abandonment has caused him never mind that this child has experienced the death of Cruelty. No child should ever experience. I mean, why should he show any semblance of compassion? Huh? Why the police are called and they come and ask you questions, but you can’t tell by their body. Body language that your fate has been sealed. You’re now a product of the state and in that moment, you

know that your youthful innocence is all but a memory and the pathway before you is one of struggle that would Harden you to the Core. Over the next 12 years you’ll bounce in and out strangers homes. Some will be abusive some indifferent semi even be nice, but you always be seeking the comfort of a matriarch can never find it. I mean you inevitably turn to drugs and alcohol to fill the void you get arrested numerous times you’re unable to old and your latest attempt at work is a low-level manager at a retail store that hasn’t even figured out how to compete online in the year 2020 the pay laughable, but for the first time in your life Frank you have control over something.

I guess it doesn’t matter because I just blew that opportunity to deny. Thanks, Mom.

Sokka Samson Ah, that’s the I don’t really have much time for all the questions. I had. Do you have any gift ideas? Oh, yes, of course Tucson’s shops Tucson not calm is a great place to find a nice local gift for Mom Frank. I’m really grateful you had me on thanks. I know your mom grateful. She had you I’m We’re having our third surprisingly. Great advice Sampson. Ah, be sure to check out our Tucson shops Thanks to Samson Huckabee former assistant manager over at Brighton gifts former. Okay, since it’s okay moving on to other things perhaps I had a good a good memory why Mom and I was going to share with you perhaps for moments. Are you go, let’s just pray in our date. There’s my mama look at that. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom that’s us getting T in which some fancy tea house once I was very nice. I love my mom so much. I went I got a tattoo that says Mama. It’s a classic right? I got a tattoo. There’s me and my mom. I love it so much. Here’s me and my mom and she’s in depth

of what? Ma. What is that? Oh my word. Let’s go to the next slide. Next slide. Next slide. Oh my God. Why would she send these in an email? Okay. Well this emotion is getting me hungry restaurants will be reopening soon enough. So remember to keep it local and if you aren’t eager to rejoin the masses of the Awash, perhaps up it take out once a week. I’ve lost my own site but uh, right this all began our good friend David the Ade sauce boss Ross made the mistake of calling a popular chain restaurant looking for a reservation. Remember we recommend local so we want to give anything away. We’ll just call this. Oh guard. Well, it’s just too obvious. How about the olive G. So, let’s see how David Ross shows us how to get a gotta do a great job at getting a table. Yes develop

After three or four, huh?

Hey, how are you? I like to make a reservation for two my wife and I we need a date night. The two of us my wife and me. Hey, do you guys make take reservations are done. I know you guys are really high end.

Let me see can only yeah, I just want to put a reservation for two. My name is David Ross reservations for for David Ross for to

you guys. Don’t take reservations. Is it first come first serve doing anymore? Notice, I just want to have a date night with my wife. I understand what the heck is going on. It’s I mean, it’s all over the news. We just got in Wiggles. We just

I guess just wait. Hi. I was just talking with it. Cause trying to put a reservation in for two and he was telling me that

you guys are you guys are changing your your business model to just take out now

so so we can Come down there and get the NeverEnding salad or breadsticks. You can order it become. So to go, how’s that never-ending work? You don’t eat is it? What is it cheaper? Is it cheaper? Is it cheaper?

I used to come down there. And I usually I usually eat ten eleven breadsticks for for

like three or four bowls of salad. Well, that’s not that’s not how it works. What come down. Yeah, but we just got back. I was going to take my wife out.

Now, can I get a takeout order for you? Well, not if it’s never-ending. I mean, I don’t think about that grabbed me.

What about it? What about it? What about if I ate it in the parking lot? Like in the my car to give you details up by either?

Well, let me think about it. Thank you.

Well, all this talk about food is never ending I’m starving. Yeah, me too. I’m glad David taught me how to be great at getting takeout. It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and I can’t make my mom when I make for every year. Oh, yeah, and what do you always make for your mom on Mother’s Day reservations.

Have you ever tried cooking for your mama? Yep. I was allowed to give my mom her breakfast. What well, why not? What do you give your mom for breakfast a hug and a kiss?

Some people have asked Tim. How are you? dude Things Are


Don’t even worry about me.

Next friend coming to screen the bottom orbit. I’ve been dating somebody my house obviously because they don’t want to be fucking babies.

I got one tiny coming to the screen Amber frame 30s, but at the end of the day I think is pretty damn good for someone who’s had three kids. So

it’s not true.

Hey, so we’re about to get into this segment of the show. It is called doing productive. Things right ready for this so step one find that one of your long been announced prior loved hobbies and do it because like you don’t want to just like sit there and you stimulate your mind and do something else. For example, I have picked up playing video games, you know some read a book, but I have done more productive things by diversifying what I You for entertainment video games for an hour or two or maybe even like three whole days step number 2 exercise exercise is good for the mine good for the body good for the spirit and all of that people have been doing push-ups people have been doing crunches. I want I like to do is thumb reps. So 1 2 3 4 5 6 the beauty of this This is that you can entertain your mind while you exercise killing three birds in one stone. Step number three repeat.

Good evening, Tucson and welcome to Jackie answer show with Zach you answer and I’m Zaki answer as we always say serious times require serious journalism. And so I’m excited tonight to continue our series here on the show. I’m talking to people who are making a difference in our community and helping our community overcome the impacts of covid-19. My guest tonight is on the dais portela third. He’s the policy and Community Development in Either for councilwoman Lane Santa Cruz in Ward 1 here in the City of Tucson on this. Thanks for hopping on the air with us. It’s good to have you how are you I’m doing well Zach. It’s always great to see you friends. Absolutely. So tell us a little bit about what the the ward office in particular is doing with the City of Tucson is doing to help people get through and get through covid-19 and Thrive Beyond it. There’s a lot of very interesting stuff going on. We all know about the federal funding but also the some most you know, resiliency fund and so

the city has received about 95 million in federal relief about a hundred and forty five point nine million in total that 95 million comes with some restrictions and the city manager and the City attorney or kind of flushing that out but this money cannot be used to replace Revenue which is a huge problem for the city because it’s Can portion of the revenue comes from sales tax everything has been closed to prevent the spread of covid-19. So ultimately the money has to be used to reimburse the city for covid-19 related expenses. And then if we hop on the other end of the spectrum, we have the resiliency fund created by mayor of Rome metal and councilmember Santa Cruz when we have this almost unanimous resiliency fund. It’s a creative way. Way to use the relief funds ultimately it’s going to be used to support small business workers and families as well as nonprofits. And so during the last mayor and Council session. We had councilmember Santa Cruz made a motion which passed to allocate 2

million dollars for small business 3 million for workers and families and about half a million dollars for nonprofits. And ultimately we did some council members Santa Cruz did something a little bit Different she called for an equity audit also and what that’s going to do is is provide. Equitable disbursement of the funds generally in the City of Tucson. What we have is we tend to use the funds based on what’s immediately in front of his and this Equity audit will take a different perspective to this overall making sure we’re on a we’re creating a level of equity throughout the City of Tucson. Yeah, and that is that’s that’s great. And I think of a fantastic use of those dollars to really help our small businesses get through this time. And the City of Tucson is budget is really built around in large part sales tax revenue. And so when our business men and women don’t get to receive sales, that means the city doesn’t get sales tax. And and so this is this is really important on today’s

your the policy and Community Development advisor for the ward 1 office when you’re Taking and calls when you’re hearing from residents in our in our community, especially in more one. What are you hearing are the difficulties that Tucson’s facing is there like one or two things that you hear all the time as our community wrestles to get through this hump Rico covid-19. It was a lot of conversations rooted in housing and council members Santa Cruz has taken an active approach to this and started to lay out the line for what is going to be housing. Mission which is going to look at a variety of policy ideas all geared toward making Tucson more affordable post covid-19. It’s been a different landscape. It’s been how do we keep communities together? How do we keep small businesses in our communities? How do we help workers and Families? How do we help migrants? And so it’s been taking that Equity look at how we use these federal funds to make sure that the Gets what it needs any specific strategies

that that you guys have the word office are thinking through. What is the path ahead look like, how can we help out in the community come around our elected public servants and and and to staff like you to get through this together ultimately. It’s telling us what your needs are when it comes to city government. You are supposed to be this is supposed to be the accessible form of government. And so What we really need is for you to call your word office. Let them know what you need allow us the opportunity to advocate for you far too often. Do we look at it from a bird’s eye perspective when we say we need more money from the federal government. But really what we need is practical responses from our local Governor’s local for sure. Yeah. My my last question would be if there’s anyone, you know listening that maybe wants to look at that resiliency. Fund or wants to talk to your office. What’s the The Best Next Step for our business men and women who are watching tonight? So if you want

to go to the the ward one website that’s T. You see Ward you’ll be able to find some of our bilingual document our bilingual signs that you can print and plaster around the city of Tucson which focus on preventing the spread of covid-19, but also get to see the press release that the mayor had Sent out letting people know where the funds are going to be allocated and then you’re going to get to see ultimately what’s our visioning councilmember Santa Cruz’s visioning for twosome. Super Amadeus. I know you and the team are working all hours of the day. This is not what you expected your first half here on the job. So look like but we want to thank you for the hard work you are doing and what you’re doing to help our community in this time, and we have your back like we know you have Are so thank you so much. Yeah, definitely appreciate it. All right, and that is our serious interview for serious time serious journalism here with on the dais portela the policy and Community Development

advisor for the ward one city council office Andres. Take care. Appreciate you.

What the hell was that? What are you gonna do big fancy? Check? Nobody trusts Superfund graph exactly. What did you get that? I was so excited play that tonight Frank. Isn’t that cool? My daughter made it. Can you believe that your daughter isn’t your daughter or toddler? Well, you know Frank the apple does not fall far from the tree. Oh, by the way, did you know that it was my great-grandfather who coined that term my grandfather trade market, but it was my dad who made that phrase what it is. Today is not incredible. Of course. They did of course. Stop taunting me with generations of he answers. Yes, sir. Sorry Frank. I don’t mean to I don’t mean to keep wanting Yen source of I just get so excited about being here on th TV and helping Tucson. That’s why they call me mr. Excitement after all but yeah, I saw that. How did you get the nickname this for excitement? Well, you know the family gave me that gave me that name there the, you know the biggest Zach Fanatics as they should be I would

hope they would be hey speaking of mrs. Excitement. I’m hearing dinner. I gotta go Frank partner. I am so excited about what we’re doing. I love working with you and I’ll see you next week man. Just whole happy.

Well, that was just very necessary. I’m so glad that Zach’s whole family is happy and talented and really important to the town center. Great. We’ll be back with Zac next time. I’m sure fine. Anyway, um, I’ve got some good news. Let’s move on to some good news, right? That’s right the best news. All right. So this is some of the best news so covid cannot stop the movies. That’s right Speedway race track hosted a drive-in showing Days of Thunder on Thursday night. I love that coronavirus. Did it set off a pining for the days of drive-in movie theaters, and maybe we’ll get some more again here in Tucson stool of the drive and is my favorite. So more good news. Here are some of the best news firefighters saved a puppy who fell into a 15 foot hole in Tucson after rescuing the puppy firefighters tweeted a little Water and food and the pup is good to go. So that puppy is now in the care of the Pima Animal Care Center. That’s fantastic. And now something to maybe for exact answer to prove. I’ve

got some things going on in my life to that are right. We have a contest winner. Yes a contest winner. You’re my biggest fan of big fan of fanatic of me. That’s right. So now I got he what he wanted. He wanted to interview and now that’s what we get to do right now. We get to have someone going to interview me. He’s contest winner. Well, they didn’t really do good. Graphics Department drop the ball a little bit, but that’s okay. You are my best fan forever, Mr. Francis McDaniel Francis. How are you doing? Francis hey, oh my gosh, this is Frank Francis moved back. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m so nervous here. Don’t worry. That’s all man. Francis. Looking good. Look here. Do my hero. I just look

I’ve got the 1980s volume 89 which would be my favorite if I am 72 wasn’t my favorite.

This is the original vampire squid from the uncut to to trot juice on Halloween special to find our versions. Nobody saw that but I did where did you get that? We didn’t we didn’t show that we threw that away. You guys left it at the theater. You see these? No. Okay. Well, that’s a very cool that you have so much cool stuff and I got some of that that’s a heck of a shrine. Yeah. Um, Well, this is fun. Debbie. Any questions you want to ask me Francis Yeah question. I got some of my computer here on with me in the car. Okay. Okay. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Here we go. I got it. Okay. Let’s see named Frank Powers. Hey Frank, what’s your date of birth? I was born in January 29th. Are you familiar? I’m an aquarius. Oh, wow. That’s a great birthday. Hey, Frank did what’s your what’s your ethnicity? Is it white non-hispanic? Is it Alaska native ancient pretty much as well as the driven snow, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything. Okay? Hey Frank, what’s your address my address? My

weird I don’t want to give you my address Francis. Um, we’re why is that a question and I’m just reading a sense of sorry Frank. I wasn’t prepared. They just told me an hour ago. I was going to be on the show. They said no one wanted to be on they said they were desperate and they couldn’t get anyone on so they brought me on and I was prepared that’s too hard stops. I thought that’s not friends. Keep it down. Keep it down step right at the top. That was a lot of entries. There were a lot of them. I’m sure we didn’t contact you last minute. That’s not see. Sitting Style no, don’t beat yourself up France. Now. Look at that. Look at the picture of my face with my face and to be feeling good. Why do you do this is all right. You’ll do good. You are you’ll do better next time right you want to do you want to come back again? Maybe be prepared. Dad. Can I keep me hanging out? Can we hang out hang out? Oh, yeah.

Haircuts we can get haircuts now yesterday we get here. Let’s get haircuts together. I’m a Monday a haircut. Well, if I don’t know if you’ve seen the show, I mean, I guess we could maybe do that don’t have much hair to go with constant. Okay, great. Oh, I’ll see you there. I know where you live. Don’t worry about it. So I’ll see you there. Bye. You know where I live. I know I knew where I lived was enough. What am I answer people on Craigslist? All right. Let’s just keep this thing going. I gotta lock the doors another beautiful performance by Cloud walls. This song is lost one. Let’s hope that young man is was lost as he seems.

One that’s super fan certainly was on team Frank for sure. Come on. He seemed like a good kid kid why I don’t think Zach would want to run into him anywhere. Oh, yeah. Why do you say that? Because I got nobody would want to run into him anywhere.

All right. Here we go.

So many

so many times.

You ain’t my girl doing my

keep on keep on

Since I’ve seen you,

come on Duchess the boy.

With her eyes and no matter how

you are.


ray music from cloud walls right there. Excellent. Excellent stuff. Remember if you yourself are musician and artist someone doing some fun things. Like you’ve seen submit some stuff to tht at We’d appreciate it. We love content and you’ve obviously got some time on your so now I’m joined by another amazing Tucson musician. Make sure you donate make sure you do this before I get rid of this nonsense behind me. Everyone loves the me milepost. Hey, and then let’s talk about this man. His name’s Matt and he’s from Sokka. That’s right this mr. Matt Rollin and I’m super excited to talk to right now. He’s from the southern. Arts & cultural Alliance Matt, how are you doing doing great Frank. Thanks for having me on happy to be here. Heck. Yes, sir. So I get to hang out with Matt from time to time back in the day doing some stuff with a comic book mobile and Sokka Sokka is a great place. They’ve done a lot for Tucson already Catalyst over in the Tucson mall. So have you been coming up

with things so far with nowadays? Like what’s Takin up to to adapt during the crisis tell but tell us about some stuff. Yeah. Well, it’s definitely been a changing time a lot of people know so Chaka for our big events, right? We do the world Margarita Championship. The salsa tequila challenge with the Tucson 23 Mexican food festival. So some of our big summer food festivals are festivals. And those are all gone. Right? I mean at least the past events are gone. And now we have to look at these summer events Tucson 23 and salsa tequila Challenge and figure out what can these events that are meant to celebrate local culture and local restaurants look like at a time when either we can’t gather or we have to gather in a changed way. We’ve been really brainstorming and going to the drawing board because we want to do everything we can to keep those opportunities around for artists and for restaurants to to be celebrated heck. Yeah. I saw you doing some live streaming yourself the other day. I

shared that I was hanging out I believe was mr. Boogie Woogie doing some blues on the piano. That would be excellent. Tell me more about some of the concert series it’s gonna be going so that was a change we had about 15 concerts that were canceled because of covid and so we talked to some of our partners and said let’s make the switch. This is a Time everyone is looking for new Solutions and new ways to connect. And so we said if we’re going to be encouraging other artists to do that. We have to lead the charge there to a normal value was on board. So they continued their funding and we moved all those concerts online. And so now every week Thursday at 5:00 p.m. People can tune into the Sokka webpage to stock a Facebook page as well as the Oro Valley Parks and Recreation page and we’ve got a concert every week streaming live High Fidelity high audio, which is not easy to accomplish it. A learning curve but we had the first one go up last Thursday. Mr. Boogie Woogie who is just an unbelievable

performer. He is a to true. He’s a Tucson treasure from the Netherlands and we’re so lucky to have him and the next concert is Thursday 5:00 p.m. We’ve got Canyon currents National flatpicking guitar Champion fiddle player for Poco in there. It’s going to get a great concert at Rio lots of Bluegrass swing and Country and then we followed up next couple weeks with some classical concerts. That’s fantastic. I love it. You’re a pro. Yourself, we’ll get to that in a little bit tell me about momentum tell me about the creative City. Our conference that you were talking about momentum. We is our annual artist conference for creatives makers and artists goal is to just bring the community together to talk about topics to to better careers and better livelihood for artists and it was scheduled to be a Mets had to be canceled obviously and so now we are reconvening for June 20th. It’s either going to be all digital or mostly digital with Of in person and we actually have a survey that’s going to

be going out on Monday and Tuesday to all of our artists and email list announcing that new date. And so this is sort of a little preview here on live TV and we want your feedback. The topic is on rebound and Recovery looking at new Solutions. And so we’re going to be bringing in some great discussions and presentations and really just focusing on new ideas and how to turn that into into better lives for artists like yeah feedback your that folks feedback. They need it makes you want it. Participate in all the stuff you got a lot of community leaders doing stuff and a lot of us are really trying to fuel it with the public that sometimes the public doesn’t think that they’re the one we’re talking to you. Yes, but yes, it’s you you matter you remember most you going to come down to stop and go do we’re doing whether it’s online or going following some of these lengths to go participate. I love it. Matt’s doing a lot in stock is doing a lot of great stuff how many of these care packages I

heard about right even sending out our care packages while everyone’s kind of lots of way. Yeah. So we work a lot with HealthCare Partners. It’s Big part of what soccer does we work with the veterans hospital and about 10 different assisted living homes senior homes, and we provide art therapy and arts and culture opportunities and when covid hit all those had to be shut down and so those communities but on essentially a lockdown to protect those residents know performances, no arts and crafts class has no visitors coming and so we really wanted to find a new way to serve those communities. And so we To call out to our artists and our email list at ask for donations and we had it was an unbelievable amount of donation. The Goodwill is just so huge Bookmans came in with a big donation and a lot of our artists together care packages. So we call them the Arts care packages and we donated those to over 500 residents in senior living communities and the veterans hospital. And so there we have

a web page about that on our Sokka page, which is Sokka dot-org and we’ll be doing another round of donations in the first two weeks. So if anyone out there wants to put together arts and crafts kit. We’re asking for donations. It really is designed for people that something they can do in their room with you know, hands kind of easy craft projects, but also does anything to provide stimulation? So those are the Nations can be sent to Sokka that’s very important here that again are Let’s go give on back get back with some of your heart. I’m sure some people out there have some images of just laying around they can donate to the cause. Let me scroll through if I’ve got on y’all. I should send you this I can make you a coloring sheets coloring sheets not stopping got to dig into the dinghy archives. Make some art. That’s what matters that’s the most get inspired. Everybody. Matt’s looking for some of that sweet sweet stuff. You got to give it to her. Now. He’s going to give us something now

us a gift the gift of music to get the song Because I hear you know, if they really mean fiddle boy, so I’ll skip the devil’s ooh, I bet I’ll fill A gold you’ve got the soul. So let’s play without further Ado Matt. Please some fiddle music, but you’re a legend and I’d love to see what you got for us right now. That’s what it’s all about. Here art music and entertainment. Yeah. Happy happy to give you some music. So I’m going to switch it up on you Frank. I’m actually gonna play mandolin. Yo, even better. So those of you who don’t know mandolin. This is a you know, it’s tuned like a fiddle strum kind of like a guitar and I’ve been playing it for a long time. And so I have a good friend. Who we’ve been doing what we call a cart corn tune Challenge and every week we send each other a tuned to learn and just to keep ourselves simulated learning some new tunes and when we get back together, we’re going to do a live stream with all those new Tunes. We’ve learned these last couple weeks. So I’ll

send this one out to him and it’s a tune called Over The Road to Maysville comes from North Carolina. This is your your traditional music factoid of the broadcast and it comes from a fiddle player named JP Frehley and It was written about a logger who he had to transport the wood after you finish working over the road to Maysville. And so he wrote this tune about that. So since its kind of about traveling and try to about getting back to work, I thought it would be a good tune here. So little upbeat. I’ll beat mandolin here for you.

Happy Saturday everybody. That’s what you’re supposed to stand up in your home. That’s why that’s fantastic Matt my goodness. Thank you so much. A man is tells us that he is handsome is as handsome. His intelligence. That’s right. Smack him Sokka Sokka Matt. Thank you so much. Okay Frank. Thanks for what you’re doing and I will see you soon about the Catalyst, you know it to to I love it. Whoo. That was excellent. My goodness. I love music. I love how the folks of talent Brands that’s going to make sure you follow up on what these folks are telling you to do. Other websites for follow the links of a lot of people doing the best things in town just got to pay attention because we’re just asking you to look so before I wrap things up. I want you to take a look at something. It’s not the shirt that I’m wearing right now doors rather be in Tucson anywhere else. It’s a lovely lovely shirt that we’ve got for you provided by those fine fine folks that I love where I live currently being modeled

by an incredibly attractive hunk of a man alone. Stay home to some helping to Saint hats like apps and more make sure you get yourself. Out and he’s fine fine apparels and support the local community and artists and makers and movers new ships. Especially one spring from Selma. They’re the best and I love hats man. Talk about March Ooh La La. We’re just talking about some other fun stuff. And now I think we should talk more about fan favorites in the package, but I want to announce the winner of last week’s fan-favorite vote. It’s none other than

Miss Olivia and The Interlopers, of course. Yes, they will get an extra $100 her City of Tucson Trolley Tours Tucson Charlie tours. Excellent. I love them so much. What else do I got?

So with that said, I believe that’s our show. So make sure you follow the updates on the Antics on the page share the thing because it may be a dream come true for me, but it doesn’t exist without any of you. It’s the truth. That’s right. So remember I’m your BFF and your best friend forever. And I’m doing my best to eat. She saw me here’s a half hours looking for I hope you’re having a fun time with everything. We’re up to because you know, I’m very serious about being humorous when it comes to helping Tucson out. Let’s change it back on so I could say goodbye proper. That’s the way to do it. We’re going to see you next Saturday night play us out. I’m going to play music for us right now. It’s a our fan favorite from fewest. Oh miss Sophia reckon. So thank you so much to to Tucson. I love you the most

Hey there Tucson helping Tucson. I’m Sofia Rankin, and I’m here with my brother Carter Rankin, and we’re going to play you my original song. Goodbye.

Goodbye, my best friend. Goodbye.

I see before you.

Goodbye To Love

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