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Odaiko Sonora Rhythm Industry
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Odaiko Sonora Rhythm Industry Logo

“The care and professionalism, and, most importantly, the speed with which CIC staff were able to assist us has restored my faith that Odaiko Sonora will weather this storm.”

“By supporting us at this time, the Community Investment Corporation recognizes the arts and culture industry will be one of the major engines helping re-build Tucson’s economy and quality of life.”  

“Being a small nonprofit dedicated to performing arts and arts-integrated education is a risky venture. In 4 days, Odaiko Sonora lost every gig left this season. The timing couldn’t have been worse. All the programs I applied to were overwhelmed and unresponsive… until I found CIC.”

Karen Falkenstrom, Odaiko Sonora Rhythm Industry

Posted on April 3, 2020 in Success Stories

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