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Hey all you cool cats and kittens this off right here down at that THC rescue. I’m super excited. It’s all about everything that’s trending right now. What’s that? Oh, this is so last month. Well, thank goodness because I’m over it. I’ll tell you what, I’m not over though because I’m not Carol. No, no. No, I’m your BFF your best friend forever the prince of promotion the king of commotion your ambassador of entertainment. I don’t know, you know Master of Ceremonies here coming happening at the sttd. And guess what there’s a ton of things happening at tht TV because today my special guest is my hero one David Fitzsimmons. That’s right political cartoons. And the man about town for being having over the Arizona Daily Star even to get us through some of these trying times and show us some fun illustrations and cartooning. I can’t wait to talk. We’ve got music performances just moments away with Miss Olivia and The Interlopers and the band night whether night weather up ahead. Thank goodness.

It’s been getting a lot of day Zaki answers gonna be back but he’s gonna have us feeling hashtag blessed because he’s talking some very important people in town. It’s how blessed you are from the really cool tips for Tucson initiative. I see tumble down this by accident. I’m excited to find out what’s really going on behind it, but they’re really helping a lot of people both in the restaurant industry and some entertainers and sound with what they’re doing over tips for Tucson. So I can’t wait for you to hear about that as always plenty of fun sketches plan on sense in between we start with puppets. We’re going to end with more we got tons of stuff because it’s our fit episode and that’s the point where come together as a community here to have fun get our is paid and end up with a captive audience once again, because no one’s allowed to go anywhere. Spike what you protesting we’re raising money for small business funds. That’s what we’re doing and administered by the community investment

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We need all those comments and also most important donate what you can using the text in code at the bottom. The screen and visit Tucson hoping to sun.com to stopping to sign.com is going to have everything here. We got last week shows. We’re going to have this gnome posted there which we can donate if you’re not going to text on it and you can donate any day of the week no matter when you’re watching live or later. So the money I mean eyeballs that you audience are giving us are going to help us get the attention of bigger sponsors in the community. It’s not up to your single dollars. You need some of these big weights to donate some big bucks. I’m Angel Investors to fact the initiative that we’ve got going on. So in a way a shares almost like A donation because it does mean a lot more so it means more for us to meet more people. It’s like giving a friend a Christmas card. Trust me people if you’re not shared their friends events, you should do it watch the treatment you get when you do

it’s like a friend forever. So thank you to our founding sponsors right here that are helping us get artist paid and get some of the businesses to help they need right now. Okay, we told you last week in cic is eclipsing the $100,000. We’re almost there almost there. We are less than I think three thousand dollars away. So maybe we can make that up tonight. Maybe we can get there by having our biggest night tonight. I Let’s number five. I have a lot. Let’s keep the donations going breathe. So thanks to them. Thanks to all of your generosity that’s new out there and thanks to these sponsors, right all the sponsors right there. I’m very pumped. We got tons of stuff. Like I said more sketches more commonly more fun. I’ve got a line just a moment’s going to help you with some bathroom cleaning tips for right now. Let’s get on to some of this sweet sweet music. I’ve got Miss Olivia and The Interlopers. It’s black listed right here on tht TV.

Every time I’m there is something I end up leaning like every whatever we play.

You know.

Telling her

and Demon battle.

you know this girl sees

always walking around

But I don’t pay attention and did I forget to mention?

Additionally to clean things I have taken all of the contents from my bathroom and have them put them on this table to go through. Look at everything that I was able to fit into a freaking drawer underneath the sink. So first off we have the absurd amount of just empty packages of things that we have used up and didn’t throw a link just left in there dude. I’m the first a pound there is nothing in it. I don’t know what was in it, but it is completely empty. They have over SC Raider that I Really just found 6 cartridges to I shaved my armpits using that razor. It wasn’t pleasant. We have an absurd amount of gauze pads 1 2 3. This is an open for five who needs five gauze pads. I’m not running Fight Club here bath bombs that I got as a secret Santa gift three years ago, and it looks like Santa Has not had a great quarantine. No, no, he has not a random baggy assortment of different over-the-counter medications and ones that don’t have labels. So I have to like Google the FED knows it for drilling.

Oh and look at that. It’s also expired darn it king of expired. We have vitamins that I have never touched.

Contacts that I thought it would use. medication for my dog and antibiotics will not do this. You’re supposed to take all of them. I shouldn’t have two left man. I’m dumb or face mask that I have never used essential peppermint oil 3 is Right strips and my husband has never used a bag of undescribed makeup done. I’m going to the barbecue sauce. And ice box for a scale, but the scale is nowhere in sight and that has been an addition of weird things in Elena’s bathroom. Thanks for watching. Man, this episode seems packed. Yeah, I can’t wait to watch fits drop. His drawings are giving me sane during the stupid virus. Oh, no, it’s the stupid virus spreading to hit think so wouldn’t you? You know, well Frank’s was something to oh, yeah. What do you want them to draw? Okay pu it stinks Powers. It smells like ComicCon in here. Jeez. Hey, how’s this? the stupid virus strikes again

Don’t smell that bad. Hey freaking stock where they all right good times guys. Thanks for watching. So fantastic performances by Miss Olivia and The Interlopers right there. I love the most against the music in from ugly tht brings outcomes. We want to send these things and the altar relatable guaranteeing clean by Alana Alana joining us a lot getting us through the days as we need to by just digging through cabinets and cleaning a lot has not much to do. So, these are Community submissions to the program something. Can do by emailing tht at break.com. Your submission is more likely to make the show. If it comes in around 3 minutes, I’d say made a little into that make it about everything’s been happening post covid-19. We’re trying to entertain each other about now. I looked at a home movie from two months ago. It doesn’t matter anymore. There were people around us, but part of the show part of the fun of the show is that we’re making light of this bizarre situation, you know that we’re

in but your contacts should reflect that trying to have some fun with it. Let’s not be insipid, but the idea is to just really have a good Time again big played a fun little side of Sears just a dipping sauce. So you get 50 bucks if you make the show now, that’s the gravy I’m talking about and every week the audience picks a band fade who gets an extra hundred dollars on top of that City. So this we can grab so Coral Beckett or a back its for winning her very creative short how to impress your dog. You can go find all of these videos. They’re posted at the beginning of each week like Monday, maybe Tuesday, but their post every week you can vote on them the voting super easy go check it all out at teach. A Tucson helping to something. So we’ve got a big prize going on there. Well that’s going on building up to that thousand dollars, right? There’s $1,000 the end of this. Well these 100’s East 50s, they add up and then thousand bucks again. So she joins whiskey treats Daniel goers Sarah Price.

They’ve also been an excellent content in the previous week X bar and teens my favorite jam it that’s my song of the sun. Right and they got their donations. They want their prizes. But guess what they do with that prize money. They did that 50 bucks that hundred bucks. They gave it right back. Can you believe it? That’s people that have two sons back by giving it right back to us. It’s amazing. Thank you guys so much. Thanks Dan. Thanks Sarah. Thank you so much to the whiskey treats as well very very big deal. So if your creator who needs Cash There’s no pressure to give it. All right, because again shared do whatever you can but this is why we’re doing it. All right, it’s tough time. We want to help you get a little, you know, little scratching your pocket who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We’ll take care of lunch for you just like fourth Avenues, but now over the show when following the adventures of One private eye Sal Crenshaw. The last two weeks now, he’s gotten into

a hairy situation and he’s chasing down a phony covid-19 testings. We just learned. He’s Being Framed by Mona La Paloma the one and only she’s heiress to the La Paloma Fortune. Let’s watch volume 3 of chrome War.

My office maybe close my zoom tracks always open. Last night but I was dreaming when I saw the requested the joining Mona La Paloma eres De La Paloma Fortune told me she’s married to this regular blue-collar type asked me to follow him some night. See what he’s up to. So I go up the drive so I get a peek inside the garage. So I see a couple of Heavies Sloan crates into his trunk say covid-19 testing kits after those Heavies knock me out. They must that dosed me with enough vodka that disinfect the whole wing of TMC here. I Second I got me drunk. So I’d forget the whole thing that was until I popped open the trunk of my Sorento filled to the brim with covid-19 testing tips. It was a setup all along Mona La Paloma was planning for me to be a Fall Guy. Well as much as it hurt to hear now. I knew the who the what and the when only question left was why?

As I exited the top and bottle I had a million things on my mind, but one thing was clear I Define the Mona and I had to get some answers wasn’t going to be easy and here under the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC. But hey, if I wanted easy, I would have gone to business school not detective School. Luckily. I had to leave rehab told me that La Paloma likes to take hikes at tumamoc. Make sense getting out of the house and getting in the nature of these days is great for your mental health only next sunrise. She’d be getting more than a daily dose of mindfulness. She began that those so what’s on my mind next morning? I was staking out the tumamoc trailhead of my Miata. That’s what I saw. Oh no La Paloma even more stunning in person. It was a struggle for me to catch up in a full three-piece suit. I managed when I caught him by the arm and swung around. She had look mad or surprised. Scared that she was expecting someone else to sneak up on the both of us. She said she got

she owe me some answers. She gots the right. She got the passenger side of my Kia Sorento and she broke down crying before I can even close the door as mad as I was you had me pegged. I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. Now. This is the first time during this whole thing I ever get the governor’s name during the Waterworks. She starts muttering about how ducks could have her head as he fights out at first. I just think she’s But then I realize what she’s actually saying finds out about the only Pasion this thing Mona was just at the wrong place at the wrong time tells me she’s been getting black as something hanging over a resident never saw the light of day she’d be ruined tells me she has a 70 on this time constraints I decide to cut her a break. Tell her to get out of town fast. Once I heard the governor’s name. I knew I was serious ones Doug Ducey only plays hard. Everyone knows it from beat cops all the way. To the Top If there’s one man to be scared of him local government, it’s

dark. You see I knew if I continue my investigation I could get social distance Harlem succeed on the grounds, but I couldn’t help myself. This thing went straight to the top.

from the original series cast to Captain Jean-Luc Picard played by the effervescent Patrick Stewart and the crew of the next Generations enterprise-d I’m a huge Star Trek fan it is the only thing frankly that probably keeps me alive it’s infinitely rewatchable and it’s something that you should see this is an easy jumping in point I think for some people because Is that moment where it’s hands off from one to the other and also you get the best of both worlds you can make up your mind, you know, do you D like Shatner the rocket or do you like Professor X before he was in a wheelchair either way you can’t lose now some of you who have seen this film in her fans of Star Trek might be watching this and saying but Alex, that’s the worst Star Trek movie and to you I would say I hate you. You’re horrible and please Stop watching my reviews.

There’s a valid point Generations is not the most popular Star Trek movie. It is a narrative mess at times. It does a weird job of like building up a bunch of action in the first five minutes and then just getting really slow for like an hour. It kind of nonsensically it like involves like it goes from like a crisis situation where like things are blowing up to like a bunch of like weird. Patrick O’Brien E Period piece like we’re on a holographic like old wooden sailing ship. It’s kind of its kind of a mess. Also. The big promise was Kirk and Picard like in the same movie and that only happens for like 35 seconds. That’s why people went and saw this in the theaters. It’s like both our heroes and it just doesn’t happen. It’s really disappointing. Also this movie does a terrible job of sexualizing William Shatner, which Watch Star Trek is like pretty much what the show is about. It’s just like shirtless William Shatner covered in like oil giving like lengthy monologues about how the world

can be a better place. That’s what we come to see. We want to see the hot captain from Canada. Tell us that everything will be better if we just wait it out. Because of that though Star Trek is actually a great thing to watch during quarantine because it is a show that ultimately is about overcoming adversity pointing out that like adversity sometimes can be slow moving. It’s not always huge explosions and and drama sometimes it’s being stuck but there are always better things on the other side and that Humanity always progresses plus again every Star Trek Captain, especially William Shatner very hot and often shirtless. This is worth watching people Star Trek generations from 94 which I believe means that this this is old enough to vote. This is older. This is old enough to drink too bad bars aren’t open.

Alex knows what he’s talking about all my goodness. I give that a million stars. That’s how many stars are in space. I raised you up. I see that Kirk figure Alex. I raise you a Jean-Luc Picard. That’s right. I hope we got a pole going in the comments which TV on Ice 18 Franco right now. We’re going T Picard team Kurt. We’ll see what happens. Let’s make it so so the fact that I was hashtag red shirt guy this week and let’s get out surpassed. Umm, I’ll tell you got the car is excellent now before you see all the We’re talking about here. Let’s get back onto the stores. There we go. There’s some items available for auction in that an amazing clip. That was from the Museum of Contemporary Art the Fright mocha, so we’ll have a link in the comments section for that was an art auction that you saw in go scroll back when the show’s done scrub on back and go check out some of the pieces maybe put on a bit. I’ve always wanted to be an Auctioneer. We got to that level right now. There are about to

take some there’s nothing wrong with that. So that’s how you do it. Right? So if you’re just joining us, this is tht TV it’s a variety show. It’s part of to us on helping Tucson’s initiative to raise money for small businesses and the relief program with Community Investment corporation cic to its friends. Please share the stream right now more viewers equals more potential to raise money. I know that I keep begging for you to share but remember Facebook is the team and it sends algorithms out to clog all up the networks because you know, it’s a series of tubes. So we’ve got to get the word out share it around copy the link put it in other places read it I hear very pop so that’s what Hang on a second. What? All right on Josh is told me you got something. It’s not in the schedule job. Well, of course you can do whatever you want there. You’re the you’re the boss Josh whatever you want. Here’s something from Josh’s something Josh go Josh. Yes. Hi, I’m Josh bugs reproduce here at tht TV and

livestream enthusiasts. But there’s another stream. I really like and that’s soda streams. So today I’m going to give you my quarantine SodaStream recipes for as I like to call Corn streams next for this recipe. You’ll need a set of stream and a box of white wine. And you can choose any box of white wine you want. I usually go with the second cheapest one so I don’t feel too bad about myself. So step one you’re going to want to fill your bottle with the white wine. Just like how I need this white wine to get me through a difficult situation our small businesses need cash to get them through their difficult situation when Community Investment corporation gives them no interest loans and grants. There are able to continue their operation. We must win replenish that cash source so that we can give out even more lungs just like when I finish my wine, I need to replenish it with even more. Why? All right, you know, this is Coming out to well one sec. Sometimes these boxed wines will do this

on you. If you’re going to squeeze the pouch that’s inside the box. There we go below this have to because they call it a box wine. There really is a pouch of wine. I guess patch point is in his catchy. I’m lucky me I have another box. Now you’re going to want to fill to this line right here. Looks like I went a little above it.

Well now I’m a little below it. Okay. Now it’s time for step to using the Sodastream. So you’re going to want to put it in push it back and I’ll press the button now with each Fritz you’re getting an injection of CO2 into that white wine. It’s kind of like little injections of cash into the small business Community something the community Investment corporation offers through their crowd funding Solutions. It allows normal to summons like me are you to go in and actually give little it’s a money to businesses that we support and when all of us coming together and culmination we’re actually able to create a large amount of capital to help those small businesses Thrive just like how all these little spritzes in culmination create a nice fizzy wine drink.

And there you have it champagne straight from the bottle. Apparently, I can’t call it champagne. And once it comes from the Champagne region of France. That’s what makes it authentic. It’s kind of like how to sign fell out phonetically Tucson if it’s nothing but a bunch of mattress firms and Starbucks because all our beloved small businesses had to shut down think it’s really important that we step up to keep Tucson authentically what it is. So with that said from my kitchen to your Facebook enjoy the rest of the Stream and while I enjoy mine

Puppy whines screams. Oh screams streaming non-stop for the best thing about sriman on stop is that you get to hang out a lot of people you don’t often get to say all these guys that I get to hang out with it is near and dear to me why it’s my hero and he’s here with me right now. I’m joined right now by political cartoonist of the Arizona Daily Star. It’s one. Mr. David Fitzsimmons.

Well, you guys I get to hang out with this is near and dear to me. Hey, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this awesome thing. You got going this awesome. I’ve shared it online with everybody. I possibly can. I hope everybody who’s watching is sharing this with everybody. They possibly can it’s such an awesome Tucson thing man. Thank you. You’re making this our cranky old curmudgeon feel so I love you in a way that’s appropriate for the workplace. Family-friendly fats family friendly family got together. It’s my fellow cartoonist. I love him the most but yet David Simmons. Thank you so much. That was amazing. Do what he says share that stream get around. We are doing a lot of good fun stuff here and just trying to have fun during this horrible situation. So, you know, my first question was going to be

It’s I don’t know what to do. You know what to do. How have you been holding up during everything that’s going on during I’ve been great. Yeah, I mean what you are you kidding. I work at home all of my life. I’m a misanthrope little has changed other than some of the individuals with whom I politically disagree are insisting on going out among this. So I was like Wow natural selection. So this is yeah, this is good for me as long as

As long as I’m doing okay, they can Airborne fits take an Airborne do something emergency. I got my man might all be a fraud but we’re desperate we’re desperate. It’s yeah, so that said I’ve been enjoying everything you do obviously still like I said when the last time I got to talk to you once awhile ago, I got to talk to you and talk about El Presidente as I like to call them because I imagine he hates that he had just gotten elected and you were there too. He’s us into that now. We are a few years later. And it’s the worst crisis that a lot of us have faced in your life Dominican. What’s up? What do you feel now house? How’s everyone doing a they doing a good job? Wow. Wow, you know it said double-edged sword thing as a Cartoonist. I am I’m grateful endless material, but at this point, I wish I had no material. I wish we were handling this just straight very quick story. So this morning I was Skyping a friend of mine a cartoonist who lives in Amman Jordan and he was telling me about

his country strict lockdown 66 deaths in a month and a half and I know it’s population is much smaller, but it’s pretty embarrassing to can see that my country was inferior in its approach to this disease then Jordan. And of all places, other than that, it’s great. And I’m pretty excited. I gotta tell you that Trump is coming to Phoenix which were him that’s like a Jew returning to Israel. It’s like he’s coming back to the Holy Land, you know, Phoenix is like the Jerusalem for Trump, you know, Jerusalem is where his people are all the bat-crap crazy Wing nuts. He’s going to be so happy and you know, I’m sure he’s gonna find this place just fascinating. It’s not going to work. Lots of questions for the governor like for example, you know is is that Arizona Sun the same as the regular son and I’m sure that Martha McSally will probably issue some declaration about I now believe the duels son Theory. It’s probably nominated for an astrophysics Nobel. Yeah. These are great times for me. I couldn’t

be happier other than the fact I was a little distressed. I’m looking at my wife’s shoulder. She goes out to the mail apparently. She got a check signed by Donald flipping Trump. So I’m thinking hush money. My wife is what a porn star, you know, she’s a librarian. So he Google Librarians and found some interesting stuff, but not my wife. I’m on it though. This might be a job for Corona War. It could be I’ll tell you you’ve got a hack that fits the bill. It’s true. Hey, if there’s one guy that would recognize the sun. It would be you. No, the the commander-in-chief there. He looks right at it. It’s for know. He’ll recognize it ever a so. Yeah, it’s been pretty wild its kind of us do out there with that is what chops you as the bar. Where the bar now where’s the bar for what I say? Well, I remember a time when trumpism would only kill brain cells, but now apparently they want to move on to killing human beings our fellow Americans. And in large numbers, so that is shocked me a little bit.

You know, I’m picturing headlines, right like Satan calls for massive building program needs additional space in hell for pandemic deniers, but the sunny side of it is like I mentioned before those folks may not be around without November Grim Reaper natural selection. Go ahead keep hanging out in large groups the only Side is Grandpa here. I don’t want to see one of them in line ahead of me. You know when it comes to looking for one of those escalators. I’ll say ordered fail laters. That’s what it is. That’s yeah, they are really socially distancing much from that Grim Reaper. If there’s one touch your supposed to be avoiding its is that’s true. And you know, he’s a wonderful creature to draw you know that I did one of my favorite things to draw and to draw have you drawn a coronavirus creature I have not drawn a coronavirus creature. Now. I’ve only on the coronavirus crab. That’s all I’ve been doing with these she heard you talking earlier. I do a bathtub. Oh, babe. No and then I do they’ll

fly me last week into a paycheck and I once drew a winning ticket album Kaboom. That’s why the big box there. It’s there. They are the bigger the better. That’s right side. Um, I was I don’t know begging you. Do you think you could click some buttons? You want to share a screen and draw something for us right now? So I would love to I would love to show the grown-ups and kitties how to draw the president of the United States. Oh, it’s what this president now the current. Oh, yeah. Yeah the share screen you let me know. Is this working? This is working. I believe it’s working on my end. I see. All right. Well first we start with a banana. A bad banana recognize that hairline. Yes, sir.

Then he’s got this weird. Tacky thing. The hair over is here’s the hair down his back pretty much like the tiger Kings mullet very attractive. And he’s got that knows my favorite feature draw that mouth those lips. Mmm that manly jaw

boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom damn those eyes.

Now I want to add a little color just so we recognize that it is President Trump. Got to get just the right color though. Where is it? Where’s just the right color? It’s just the right Splash that we need. Come on. There we go. Wow! Haha there. We are slather it on just like he does every morning. Yeah, very attractive. Little over the years. Yeah, it’s got that beautiful golden hair.

They and there is President George Bush.

Yeah, that’s that. That’s something thank you. Let’s hope we never see it on money. That’s fine. I’ll take a scribble on a check. I guess desperate times 1/2. Let me compliment one thing about bits as my favorite thing about it. I was talked about earlier. He’s a cartoonist where his cartoons it just like And writing the way to illustrate where you draw, I love it the most it’s always so impressive and look at that just isn’t seconds those in seconds my favorite kind. Man, let’s pray. What would you like me to draw next a coil a duck so nuns? How are you gonna go for one more? I don’t think Dan Quayle very topical. But well, yes why Donald? Yeah. If only it were that easy and my two favorite characters, they are self portraits are locals. They are the javelina, which I haven’t named that might be a good contest idea. I think you know, oh go on in the javelina because they are so portraits of a sense. The South Park is met at My Brightest der room. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

And of course another self-portrait the Dan Quayle right there Quincy there is

Even if dddd dddd dddd there is what I do all day long. It’s a dream come true and remember kids the sound effects very important for being cartoonist. They really do help. Mr. Powers. That is so true. I remember hearing that my art Professor it walk up to me and he say Fitzsimmons. You have to make those weird noises in this life drawing class. So why what’s the problem he said? Well, it’s making our nude model nervous. Chill. It’s just all right, man. It’s just art so I’m getting into the drawing by yourself. It happens. There we go. All right, I’m closing this one out. I’m coming back. Don’t worry. I’m still looking. You’re the best. There is no God. It’s easy when I’m hanging out you it’s the truth. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. You heard what he’s saying there? Make sure you go check out bits and everything. He’s doing the easiest place to find princess parties. Remember, I believe it’s Tucson.com. I don’t how much paper that that’s a pretty good one. So maybe we do name

that javelina will get all the details from Fitz. Maybe I get him to do some more stuff with us later that a royal Cafe might be Callin tht TV. Yes, sir. Heck. Yeah. Alright. Thank you so much fits your the best to to die. Love the things that I’m doing. It’s a very weird time where we do get to live our dreams come true. At least I do. In this horrific situation my goodness, right? All right, let me catch my breath because now we’re going to enjoy a performance by night whether courtesy of Club Congress TV Club Congress TD there taking care of us. You can tune into them every single night at 9 p.m. And hang with them. They play a bunch of Music Works non-stop during this entire quarantine so you could dance at home and dance like nobody’s watching. I remember we’re living that quarantine life. So check out also this days Challenge from a tick tock. Well tht talk super fun. living that quarantine line

Man Regular folks watching should send more stuff to tht and breathe.com. Yeah, it’s like a hobbit. Concha say what happened? They used to make that Tick-Tock. No, I think they use the other one. Which one cuckoo wow.

Good evening, Tucson and welcome into the sack. Yes, sir. Show with Zach. Yes, sir. I’m your host Zaki answer we do this show every week because we believe that serious times requires serious journalism. We want to talk to the people who are working in our community to plug the gaps to plug the holes and to bridge people until things get back to whatever The New Normal looks like, so I’m excited today be talking to Kyle lessen your way. Tips for Tucson Kyle. Are you on how are you sir? Good evening, buddy. How are you? I think this is red. I can hear you. I can see so Kyle. There’s a debate around how to say your last name. What’s the verdict today? Can’t bless injure my back half the family calls it otherwise so you can call it whatever you want to. All right, hashtag blessed. I’m going to call you blessing. Jerk. I’ll so give us a little bit about who you are that I’m going to talk about tips for Tucson and how you came up with that idea. Who is Kyle bless injure. Absolutely. So I’ve

been in the industry for about 11 years here in Tucson been in the industry since I was 16 overall, I was stationed here in juice on as a bartender or as a bartender chef. I’ve done a little bit of everything Air Force veteran been out in Tucson since January 2009 graduated from the U of A got my master’s degree from the event a got back into the industry Edge really fell back in love with it. It was a lot of people tell you it’s something that we kind of do as a routine. We fall back in some been longtime regular judge. Wanted to help some people. People out doing this. So yeah, that’s where tips for Tucson a project that you helped us start Kingdom about what is tips for Tucson. And what are you trying to do? So tips for Tucson is something that myself Eric Smith and Justina? Yaxha came up with Eric it actually text me March 16th and 117 sent me is a virtue. Tip Sheet from Indianapolis, which is in my home state where I’m from from Bloomington and said, hey, this is from your state. Can

we do something about this? Can we do something here and said, yeah. Absolutely. I took my shot of whiskey kind of went on from that. It’s it’s my thing that it’s kind of how I tell that go as we really started this charity to help those bartenders to help local servers Buster’s barbacks a lot from me and Eric having morning whiskey. It’s got a spreadsheet gonna tipster juice on on Facebook. Totally little bartenders servers. Harvax Cooks did – washers host all those people got their names where they work their venom of other people’s or cash representing go on and come at digital. Thumbs kind of help them survive in the meantime. Right. Yeah Colony, I guess the the basic idea is you are a tip worker state law. She says you can get paid a little bit less and with the minimum wages as long as your employer can prove that your chips equal about what the hourly would be if you take that across the hour and so when our men and women in the service industry, don’t get tip, they’re losing out

on a sizable chunk of their income, right Kyle and the goal is you can go to your favorite bartender favorite waiter. Waitress at your favorite restaurant or bar find them in the spreadsheet and just venmo or PayPal the money, right? It’s that simple absolutely, you know, I saw you walk to the night. We had a live stream video musician event from frogging Firkin Jody and Garrett riesman horned frog and Firkin donate their space. They also donated $500. Come on to help out Kip’s reduce on Chris Graber to Cooper. We had a special appearance by Roger Cline is just super awesome to have like a rock star like that do that and I just check my text messages Australian. We will have raised about four thousand dollars from a Grassroots Foundation. No corporate sponsorships no business sponsorship. Outside of Roger Clemens tequila and you know the guys from John Henry is obviously Jonah and Garrett from Prague and Kirkham and we did that as a mystery Grassroots sponsorship. I don’t know $4,000. There’s

a little over a hundred people on that spreadsheet that’s going to be about we didn’t have a criteria. So we’re going to evenly distribute it that’s approximately 30 you’re 28 to 40 dollars per person evenly distributed. So it’s something pretty rare you doing something. Awesome for your tips for Tucson just it’s a really great thing to help you go out like that. Comment thanks for I know you had a few co-conspirators with you. But thank you guys for this work. I think it’s really important. And as we close again one more time, Kyle Bessinger tips for Tucson symbols that go to Facebook join the group tips for Tucson. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you you all Tucson. Thanks Zach for having me on we just really appreciate your support. Remember that when we do reopen again or your favorite bartender or server restaurant just keep it hurts. We appreciate all the you do. Love it that’s close on that note calm and be well stay healthy and thank you with one more time. Have a good one.

Oh, hey Zack, great interview. Kyle mazing. Hashtag blessed. So we don’t that good job again. #blessed up looks like you’re going on you’re doing well. How are you Frank? How’s it going partner table doing fine partner? What you’re okay, what’s what’s on your head? What do you mean? This is always what’s on my head. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no idea. You’re not the only one that can grow a full head of hair there. Yes, sir. All right.

That’s the spirit Frank. I love your hot is you know, you’re one of my favorite people. I hope I feel like this before bring but you are one of my favorite people just last year when I was receiving the man of the year’s yes plural multiple year’s award talking to top brass in Tucson sharing a vision for the city. We’re going to do better together gotta get young people involved and I was thinking why isn’t Ranch here he deserves to be I mean, you gotta fake it till you make it me Frankie had to be in the room. She fake it till you make it Yeah. Yeah, I lost my invitation don’t you worry about it? Okay. I may not have as much hair as you or status with the community or dignity your self-respect a personal hygiene or savings account. Why am I talking but I have a lot going for me I think. Yeah, I would agree Frank. You’re the man. Goodbye. I’ll see you next week. Take care. Yeah, I’ll see you next week. Yeah. Anyway, for those of you who like me it can grow their own hair as much as they

want all the time normally on their head David Ross has a helpful guide yet again to keeping a trembling for our team. Let’s go hang out with David and make sure that we’re all doing a great job.

Maya my job here is this isn’t your weekly section of God to Greatness. You’re doing a great job great things greatness. So I bet everyone’s hair is getting a little crazy. Number one. Google Search right now is potted do a haircut at home. We all saw Frank do his you like

I’m not that ambitious. That was a scary time. I thought he’s going to shave his eyebrows off greatness. So the first thing you want to do is you want to get your bottle this applies for men and women want to spray your hair evenly all the way around get away. You know, what don’t leave a little more.

What is this instincts, you know your favorite pair of scissors safety ones who want to get a better pair of scissors get some newspaper down there. So all these droppings. Okay. Can we want to get a good hair? First of all did a good one? Maybe a gray one this applies for men and women this this length is woman Lang. Don’t leave get a good one though. Get a good. I lost it. There you go. Okay, get a nice looking hair then. Yeah kind of I didn’t I think haircut at home. The proof is in the pudding. Look at that. This has been your guide to Greatness. Thank you. I’m David Ross and just want to do that if you want more which I don’t just what do that all the way around to get it.

You know, I gotta say Frank. It’s looking pretty dapper with that new hairdo. Yeah, it looks like a groom. Say what type of Wiggle Rama do you think he got that? I don’t know but didn’t understand how much ale

What is it? I’m in the middle of brain surgery. I’ll patch I think my dad is having an affair text wouldn’t do a thing like that. He’s a multi millionaire philanthropist. He’s got everything. Why would he she I don’t know. There’s just something about the way they talk. See you next time mr. B. Of course. Kme, and if that weren’t enough, I think my brother Jack is telling everyone that he’s having a baby. It isn’t Jack. Oh man, that’s what I said Meanwhile. My other brother Jack might be back all that and second halves. Are you even listening to me? Sorry are you my patient is flatlining. It was a homeless said who hit his head after saving a family of birds. Like you’re not even here. Forget it. We’ll talk when you get home. Okay. Sorry, honey. Dr. Dumas got me working these crazy hours. Oh doc to do. Dumas only ever hear about why don’t you tell dr. Doom asked to go buzz off? No need to be crass, honey. Dr. Dumas is my supervisor and one of the most respected surgeons in the world and

one of the blackest hearts in the world Adams. We need you back now Doctor Who motto of course. I’m coming right now,

Christina. Dr. Dumas and how are you this fine afternoon? I’d be a lot better if I had a strong doctor holding me tight. I think that’s can be prescribed house tomorrow afternoon looking. I have to join patches some improv comedy thing. He says he wants to brush up on his medicine. I know the doctor who runs the medical improv team. I can have it canceled very easily. I don’t know Christina Christina. Oh, it’s terrible. Just terrible. What is it? It’s your mother. She’s been poisoned


Good. Boy, the home on the Restless edge of my seat. I can’t get enough. I got to share those link share to your friends gotta get hooked. And then what binge watch that whole series my goodness. So now we’ve got some more things as we get down to the nitty-gritty of the show. We’re doing pretty good doing a great job according to David. That’s what I like to hear. Hopefully some hair cutting tips. I myself might use some but first I’ve got some of the best news that’s right. So the best news happening right here around town as well as all around. So the birds are everywhere not those annoying scooter. The birds the block the streets. No, no downloads a bird-watching ass are soaring as well as the interest of going this place called. It says outside bird feeders as well. As other bird related items. Also on the rushes. Here’s the part where I make fun of my family and just my family my brother very tough guy has confessed to me months ago that he doesn’t know why he’s obsessed with watching

Birds. I got some guy worked like the to and I told him we meet secretly about it. It’s just hilarious. To watch bird-watching very popular now also in news to make fun of my family a little bit while struggling we’re stuck inside Mama’s Pizza donated over a dozen pizzas and salads to all these people staying at the gospel rescue missions. Women’s Center is not amazing. So another example of generosity a small businesses and pizza being the greatest food on Earth. My cousin is a nurse to nurse in New York. So, you know, it’s tough and my family did something nice. They bought all the nurses on that floor Pizza those nurses cry. They were so happy. It was so generous. So think about buying some nurses lunch that’s you want to do now again, I’ve got to humiliate my family my dad refused to pay the delivery fee because quote that’s how they get you so not too bad. Let’s say inside say home everyone lastly. No relation Tucson resident Paula Summers donated plasma to the Red Cross that they

can study her antibodies in order to find a possible treatment for covid-19 Summers is one of just a handful of covid-19 survivors who are donating plasma in the area. Thank you. For your sacrifice Paul out. We really appreciate joining what always good to do. Nothing funny to say about it. Nothing funny at all. So now there’s a segment we’re going to do here where I want to do a thing where I get a little serious thing called hassle, we’re going to do it. All right. Let me keep going hot. So let’s get serious. No backgrounds needed right because I just want to talk to you face-to-face for a moment. So we’re doing a lot of here doing things here for the cic right small businesses, but I like to express this point. We’re really raising money for small business families. I like to think of the faces behind the places because you’re not helping some bricks, you’re helping families. And then you’re also helping all of the families that work for that family. And that’s what we’re trying to do

here. We’re not about saving just it’s not about saving business for controlling the seem cold. It’s not but it just doesn’t feel the same as when you say no we’re helping people. That’s what it is. So we’re helping people that own these businesses and I’m proud to say that cic since we started has donated over. Thousand dollars worth of loans a chunk of it coming from this show but a big part of it coming from the cells in the hard work that they do. We are just under a hundred thousand. So what if we got a big hit tonight? What if we took a big Plunge in a to you hit someone up that you know might be able to get us over the hump so do that maybe and maybe we get to get to the hundred grand right now tonight all together share this video. Send some money do what you can but that’s what I like to do once in a while just feel serious for a moment because not just some clown here all the time. It’s really about that. Asking for money is hard. Really? I’m just asking you to help a person.

That’s just a neighbor you may have met him yet, but you probably have them cook you dinner. So that said let’s move on now and talk to some small business Strokes here because we’ve got one more amazing story about resiliency in the community right now. Let’s get back to the action with a fun background. And here I am I’m joined by let me make sure I get his name, right? We’ve got all things. It’s mr. Anson or Buckle director of communications for mattress semi-firm. And yeah. I’m here. I Frank it’s an honor absolute honor. I mean, I wish you were here under better circumstances, of course, but an absolute honour nonetheless, you know Frank as your scheme viewers know for decades the name mattress. Sammy firm has been synonymous with the three seats Comfort low cost and convenience. I tell you comfortable because well mattresses are nice to lay on low cost because we refuse to pay our employees a living wage and Bring it. Well because there’s literally well not emphasize here. Literally

a mattress semi-firm every point three miles in Pima County. That’s right. That’s something we’re extremely proud of Frank. Yeah. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve heard but we actually do a tour the Mets grass each year, we walk from Master semi-firm some adverse Tammy for him across the entirety of Tucson all four thousand seven hundred and thirty nine locations. That’s right. Nine locations. I mean even a Titan of Industry as massive and cultural iconic as Matt’s a semi-firm. I mean, we’re not immune to the current economic woes caused by this dastardly virus. We actually had to shut down the location to the social distancing a lot of businesses are having trouble that your employees couldn’t maintain six feet apart. No. No, I think you misunderstand two of our stores or less than six feet apart. I mean, it’s been a trying time Frank. I got to tell you very fine indeed. I mean, it’s Times Like These that really make me question my path and you know, I mean has it been worth it. I called my

way to the top of this company with my bare hands. I didn’t care whose career I torpedo and for what brain I live alone in an apartment. I hate I mean women find the Intolerable because well all my life experience boils back to the best way to aggressively open an excessive amount of mattress stores and mid-sized markets. Is that husband material. I think not the mattress is Mistress Frank and Buddy. She’s an unforgiving wench no matter what hour of night. I am beckoned behind closed doors through smoke-filled rooms. Franklin asked a question. You ever sell mattress know your feel the pure Rush of adrenaline that plunges into your veins from getting a pair of newlyweds to spring for the Tempurpedic who? It’s worth the investment buddy. I got to tell you. I mean you spend time in your bed more than anywhere else right now. I feel this Frank Frank. Listen to me Frank these mattress. Sammy firms close. I mean, I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t think I can be held accountable for what I will

do. I’m hanging on by a 500 thread count here buddy, Frankie. I mean you ever feel like a box spring Frank a box a box watch. This is a box spring, you know, Your little box that college guys have another beds. I mean we could just sell them a normal bed frame sure but we don’t that way. We know they’ll be back back to the nearest Mattress semi front and then once they finally get a girlfriend and she’s changed and says enough is enough. You can’t just sit around all day listening to Okay computer and eating Top Ramen you need to get a job and he walks to his ears Mathis any firm, which is conveniently located just 25 feet from his dorm. I mean, he’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed next thing, you know. Well, it’s been 20 years. She’s long gone. You can’t even identify with the lyrics and Thom Yorke anymore. Youth behind you I need what you have to show for it. Just another man lost the machine are foot box spring or are you the kid in the Frank I’m everything at once. I’m everything at once.

Don’t you see I’m times been contained in the singular Dot and I’m the boxspring think I’m the bright eyed boy. I’m the man you see before you.

I don’t quite know what to say. Well, I guess we should stand together right stand firm. I need advice for us with smaller businesses their ansem. Yes. Yes. Well the cic seems to be doing a great job great. Great job. Keep it up guys. I mean you keep doing your thing and I’ll keep calling my way to the top of the Mattress World some day. I’ll look back on this interview and smell myself Frank a fond memory. from the memory foam of my California King

Well, I got some good advice. Thank you, sir. Okay. Well, let’s all just do we can to hold on tight like a mattress that you pick up curbside and just put your hand right on top mattress semi-firm. Alrighty. Well, I think I’m going to need a week to mentally recover from that. That’s probably true. I really hope that you enjoyed everything we got going on here everything we’ve been up to and everything that we’ve talked about. Well almost right there. Thank you. It’s thank you to miss Olivia The Interlopers. Thank you tonight whether we got another song coming up from them. Thank you to all our sponsors. You’ll find all them on the Facebook page you should Yourself on the Facebook page and join the Facebook group do what you can to help Tucson by joining tips on helping Tucson after this again. You can go join some Club Congress TV, or if you’re not tired of me aren’t you go listen to me on them of that Downtown Radio. That’s right. They’ve been helping us out with some Reeds and we thank

them for it to to to Tucson. It’s the best and I love you the most I am your BFF your best friend forever. We’re doing our best to keep Tucson together come back next week. I love you the most

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