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To to Tucson. Hello and welcome to the third episode of tht TVs Tucson helping Tucson. I can’t wait on Frank your be at that your best friend forever. That’s right. The third episode here we go this week. Our shoe are showing close includes a lot. I’m like tongue time. I’m really excited. That’s because usually I just make this stuff up on top of my head. But this week we’re kind of Fairly wrote a bunch of stuff down. So make sure you check out the comments section or to keep you up to date on what’s going on. But if it’s your first time here, Here here’s the deal. We’re here to come together as a community to have some fun get artist paid and give them a captive audience. Once again, I’m to raise money for a revolving loan and Grant fund for small businesses administered by our nonprofit partner the community investment Corp cic. That’s right. So here’s how this works our Open Country a dress for this. Hang on. Here’s how this works. Okay. So your local dollars, which could be they’re

going to go directly to support local small businesses and small businesses. Sloan’s of up to $10,000 with 0% interest and no payments for up to six months. I feel like Scott Layman. Hello, and even then payments will be based on business revenues all the money that is paid back on these loans will be returned to the fund and support future emergency relief and be alone listing research for small businesses as we continue to pay it forward pay it back and pay it both. That’s what we’re trying to get done here. So that’s the great news and here’s some more great news is that we’ve got Dollars awarded through local first, Arizona this week. So let’s be proactive and be interactive and get some stuff done in the comment section. Thanks very much local first, Arizona, we’re going to be talking but mr. Mike Peel in just a little bit. One of the very very many people that were going to be talking to you today. We got also a ton of music videos today. I’m super pumped. So right now there’s three

things that you can do during the stream. We need a big call to action in one of these big calls to action is you got to hit that share button. That’s right get that share button share and I know what you’re going to want to share this there’s lots of stuff happen around here and all these Shares are really worth more than you think. You see likes are great. We’re swimming likes it’s the truth. But the thing that makes a difference here in the algorithms of social media. It’s hitting the share button. You see likes are great and plentiful shares though. They mean in a most you can see right there. See that little share a little share does a lot it means more than all those likes that we’ve got. So make sure you hit the share button. It’s very very important. Make sure Participate I mean who wouldn’t want to share this right? That’s the best thing going today. It’s txt TV. I love it the most so all do those comments section that’s super exciting reaction would happen. If you have questions

or comments ask them and we might be able to make them right onto the airline. We’ve got a buddy work in there. And that’s we want to do we want a lot more interactivity. It’s super fun because want to share the experience with the community next the best thing you can do obviously is donate you want to donate because we’re trying to do a lot to keep Tucson together hashtag Tucson together. So we’re looking So donate using the text and code at the bottom of the screen or by visiting Tucson helping Tucson to.com. I know most of you get those big stimulus checks right on still waiting for mine, but most of you got those big big stimulus checks this weekend while some of you really need some of that money from you is just gravy little cherry on top, right? So if you still don’t know got a job and your essential maybe give I don’t know I Dare You 10% maybe 20% for 10% of you $120 Generation Y 20 percent that would Be doubling but that’s the point. It really makes a difference. But if you don’t

have a dull to spare, then you certainly have a share. So please do that. Share these links on your business pages on your friends Pages. Send a DM go wake up grandma. That’s what we want to do today because we’re trying to get the word out to keep this community of flow or having a good time sharing the stream really helps the money and the eyeballs that the audience that you give us is going to get the attention of bigger sponsors in the community that are really going to increase our fundraising potentially have a lot of great sponsors that are helping already. We’re going to hear from some of those in just a All right, we got amazing group. And one of the big ones my favorite. It’s the old v-dubs Vantage West then twist Credit Union my old friends you’re matching. The first $500 is they’ve done it the past couple of weeks matching donations. So really your dollar goes double today. It’s super important. So during the broadcast make sure you do that and I have a suspicion that we can

really bring in some big numbers tonight will be able to grow beyond that before we get on with the show. We make sure that we’re trying to get you aware of this big big big thing. We’re trying to attract a big celebrities. To pay attention. So a couple weeks ago. We did a I believe it was at Diane underscore T donets, then I believe we went after mr. Rob Gronkowski. That’s right future you a football the Hall of Famer. I’m sure Rob Gronkowski’s heard all about a wrestlemanias wrapped up. He still 24/7 shampoo knows but he’s got to get hyped. Go heat up. Rob Gronkowski go hit up Diane Keaton, but there’s someone a little closer to home that we want you to head up this week or keeping it local. We want you to hit up one mayor. We’re going to Romero. That’s right. Sean Romero, that’s we want asked to some Romero go to that Twitter machine. That’s where you want to do that Twitter’s got everything that you need and I’ll even get you a little excited to do that. Right get those tweaks going

we got those tweets habit. It’s time to switch out at the mayor gets her going at CSUN Romero.com sweeter facebooker. Tell her to reach out and to get on the show. That would be one. Don’t forget to get her hashtags going. We are one spell it out. We are one of the number one and then someone who knows someone who knows. No, alright. So make sure you do that. So MMOs un oh like the famous card. So let’s turn it back around to me and the breath. There’s one thing that we want to do with education. We want to educate you a little bit. We gave a little bit of that a self back there with the mat. But now we got to make sure that you’re staying healthy. So we’ve also got to make sure that you know, you’re doing a good job with it. I want to make sure you’re doing a great job. So now here with a special Public Service Announcement, it’s David Ross. Let’s wash them hands.

Everyone. Hey, it’s David Ross with a tip for this wash your hands. I’m going to teach you how to do it the proper way or when things on I wash my hands. You don’t trust me. You don’t okay. So first of all get that hands out. All right, get them out a little bit time to shake those turns off. You don’t want to rinse your hands do a good rinse get him all wet. Get him all wet. Get him all wet or wet or wet keep the water on

turn the water off, but I think that you’re supposed to leave it on so you don’t touch thing again with your hands. But so you get your hands wet even come down get your elbows. We’re all going the elbow thing now, you know, hey, what’s up? Hey, We’re not high five and doing anything. We’re all banging elbows. So you want to get


it a lot good lather a lot of soap and you just start swishing her hands together you smoosh it like this and then you do list. You got to enter lights on the back the side to clean your fingertips. You do a one of these This is how you clean your fingertips. And then you want to just just want to get them elbows. Okay, you want to get them elbows clean get them elbows clean right there to us. Just take it all the way up. You know, let’s just do the whole arm. Why not? This is a good practice to do your local grocery store work the office. You can never be too sure get them germs off, you know. Keep it clean. Keep it. Look at the mobile is again hit them again. Get another one on the elbow elbow that forearm can come back down to the hands. Now you want to rest Rants and Raves and rest see how much better you’re feeling now what birds but the burn is good because you know, you’re doing it right you want the burn you want the burn once It Burns Burns Burns get all them germs all get the

germs off of you. No more germs see doesn’t that feel better now? You’re clean no more germs. Thank you very much do a great job.

All right, everyone. This song is called falling over.

You remember that all Cut You Down radio one of the only station without saying it on the side of the road Watson Foo headlights.

Falling over again dripping on every on the beta down.

Place the long as it passed now Dom room any not bring the cat they do come Lisa the night.

Crawling all over again dripping all memory on the face now falling over.

That class to please itself driver only comfort is appear blank every night. That’s Dollar on the bar. That’s the life. Hopefully Trippin.

All the friends you need


Oh, that’s the stuff right there. That’s what we got. Lots of local music. Lots of local love lots of fun here on KCTV got was the Whiskey treats. That’s right. Whiskey treats right here and we’re going to be hanging out with them. Just a moment. We’re joined live with I believe I am I talking to mrs. Travis Travis, so you there?

He’s almost there. I’m sure.

Way too much Netflix going on in the neighborhood. Well, that’s what happens. It happens a lot. I’m sure that everybody’s screaming. This is the watch that we all know it, right. That’s what happens. When you live in the middle of nowhere. Believe me, you’re doing much better than most of us living in the middle of nowhere to save the space right now, I think. Well, let me just start off. That was an incredible performance. How did you all pull off the plane and sink like that? Okay. Well we had it basically do it like we would do it with a live performance. So we would one person would kick it off. And in this case what we just did is video where we hooked up a video camera and a good audio recording at the same time and then gave the video to the next person they added their part and give the video the next person they had their part. So everybody had to come up with their own video camera and audio setup. So we got lucky everybody had the ability to do it and then Travis got the joy

of flying all the audio, of course. Yes after all that. Well, that’s pretty incredible. That’s who my who’s that over there. I got Bret that breath now, that’s me. Right. How’s it going? I appreciate that. I got Travis Owens. I got Bret Dooley talking about how they pulled that off keeping everything in sync. That was amazing. Let me tell you right Teamwork Makes the Dream Work It doesn’t there you go. Heck. Yeah. So, um, were you guys doing live streams and like video recordings before covid or is that just you have to learn kind of quickly on the Fly just like Most of us quickly and on the fly, but we did do some videos. We did a tiny desk submission for NPR. What? Well Travis is I like to use them. Yeah, actually, I think it’s been a year ago this week. So we just video but not live stream stuff. So live streaming is new to all of us in some way. Yeah, how you find the live streaming? I think it’s harsh water. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun but there’s no way to do it with the whole band

because of the latency in everything. I can’t imagine what kind of train wreck that would sound like. So that’s one of the reason that gravity With the plexiglass Shield, so that’s one of the reasons we jumped on this opportunity to make that video is because it actually like the whole band be involved together. That’s a bummer heck. Yeah. I see a lot of people are wearing those dinosaur costumes that we can all just we’re together. Maybe that’ll keep us safe. My only work in one costume. No, no, you all dresses the Hydra silver if exactly so tell us about before we all got locked away. tell us about the type of get you used to play and how quarantines have really impacted you since Oh, man, we play dive bars breweries drinking establishments of all types. That’s kind of our trade. Yeah, when people will play pretty much like yeah. I love a good Dive Bar. It’s my favorite. Have you ever I like going to the buffet person? I don’t know if there’s room for music and I’m not sure we’d be the

right Finn having any ones are right. We tend to get a little Rowdy. It’s all right doesn’t matter. I’ll miss your birthday. Everything is the best. So, um that said my ass, yeah, I know you’re doing some of these live streams on your own where can people go watch these live streams when you’re not sharing them on a fun Community variety show. Yeah, so everything’s based around Facebook live just like you guys are right here. So you just need to go to our page instead of the one you’re on now. So we do every other Tuesday at 5:30 as a happy hour there were done. So you just go to at Whiskey treats on anything Facebook Instagram Twitter. You name it the venmo the PayPal that works, too. Everything’s at Whiskey treats and there is information on how to get to everything from there. We have a regular website as well with katryca.com. Heck. Yeah, Joel put that in the comment section get it done. I got a guy dropping those links, don’t you worry about it? Awesome. Yeah, that’s great. Look forward

to seeing some people around next next show. Heck. Yeah. I appreciate I look forward to hanging out with you guys sometime the future maybe get the big benefit show. Maybe we have you back. Maybe we just get together to have a big hug because this man I could use oh hugs are great. Yeah. Huh? Well, thank you guys. I really appreciate it. We’ll see you soon. Hopefully go check them all out every single Tuesday. You heard him happy hour with whiskey treats its Travis is Brick. It’s a whole bunch of guys go make some friends. Heck. Yeah fellas. So here’s how that worked. Whiskey treats. They submitted their content to us, right so they submitted their content to us over on the old. I believe it was Brink over break.com. So was he treats submitted their content through tht at brings out? Cam so send something over there your artist submit your content. We’re gonna pay you 50 bucks. And if it makes it less of it makes it on the show. We’re not just throw money away. Plus it’s gonna be entered

to win a weekly $100 for the People’s Choice sponsored by Tucson Trolley Tours. Isn’t that amazing Tom P gotta love and there’s even bigger prizes down the line. So really get involved give us content so that we’re not all make it at ourselves and get us going and keep the show going. It’s really been fun to watch everybody get really creative. Because this week we have like four formidable entries for the People’s Choice and there was a clear winner based on shares and engagements and that was saphir ranking of and her brother Connor. They joined us a week or so ago for some lovely music. I believe to him congrats to you too. In addition to the 50 bucks that your submission earned you we’re gonna throw you another $100 from Tucson Trolley Tours. That’s the spirit. I would so while Sophia ranking to no whiskey treat so keep in Tucson jamming this group is doing the same thing this week. It’s Tucson sketchy and they’re keeping Tucson laughing. They’ve been join us every single week. This

week’s no different. They’ve got a little tune for us. That’s a little familiar with what we’re all dealing with. Let’s watch

here’s a story.

The CDC said I can tell me sighs on

weight. I think I got it guys. Can you hear me? I think I’ve got it

wake up over its left for p.m. Still in bed. Look at my phone for a quick sec. I got a million this text I leave them all of red. I look dead. Hey, my beard is coming in like a bedspread. If that’s Fred of the thread count of two threads stand up in a week Owen. The last time I had to eat looking really phony I’m skinny and white, you can call me macaroni and teach her some good some cheese veggies and pepperoni. And if you know me, I found me my homies down at Rama Tony look at my website, but I’m feeling hungry the most nice my tummy growls like I mean guys, I want chicken strips and some french fries fire. I need a booty supplier. I love the 50s or timer. So I’m gonna get Little Anthony’s Diner probably cold. Then you order off the menu who Nirvana Hindu recommend can do then? That’s not what I last fought for tater tots wings are hot complaint. Can I shake I got Little Anthony’s milky color up. What’s up? I need a pizza with that thin crust and it’s me. That’s a winter was I need to

shake with that whip stir. He’s like that enough like yeah, bro that too much. Now we’re Pros so clutch. We can deliver no touch. Thanks, man, but no way take out. Hey, that sounds great happens in out my house in six days hop in my car. It was on my way pulled up. Everybody was so nice. Everything’s a queen so sanitized and I paid the price with my card swipe took a white for the right. Thanks so much guys got home hate it that back in. Added owner of this business makes it I wonder what the restaurant fate is. Imagine if we all get out according to his gun, it would leave our house. But all the restaurants are now sit down. So there’s nothing to do now in the town. Whoa, hold up. We’ll survive we can all help restaurants a alive just order takeout once a week, but always buy it locally because when this pandemic is finish and businesses can open up the remission of mission. Our vision is in our condition to buy local business, especially distance. All right guys, it’s pretty easy just

by takeout from Local business once a week and that way when this quarantine is over the still places to go because everybody’s always like y’all there’s nothing to do in Tucson, but I’m not doing it. There’s actually nothing to do with two songs. Like that’d be horrible also by Little Anthony’s Diner and Grandma Tony’s Pizza. This isn’t an advertisement by the way. It’s just a coincidence that I used to work there a random. Yeah, the music stopped the coloring. It’s all done with the Music’s Over. We’re done. Okay.

Hey everyone. I’m Ryan from Tucson Arizona. And I know that we’re all struggling right now, which is what I want to offer 80% off my videos for local food businesses. Now, this could be a commercial for you that explains that you still have take out you We’ll have delivery tell your customers that you miss them. You care about them and you’re still open now this deal pertains really to any business if you’re open, but I’m really trying to make it about the food industry for this deal. So, please shoot me an email below and let’s make videos that help bring our communities together. Thanks guys.

The best that was made to keep yourself sketchy comedy gold Little Anthony’s rapid you’ll see that I only discovered the lamp these little while ago that was so impressive. Thank you to them. Well done and I’ll rifle thanks so much for the help. That’s fantastic. It’s a point of the show. Now that you see all this Talent happen if you want no one to miss it, right. So we got to get those shares going right you see it shared this that’s right. So make sure you do that go hit that share button. We got a break those algorithms. So, please please please go share it now. Shared on Facebook pages shared in your groups shared on Instagram shared on Twitter shared on clubs. Share it in Justin Smoak somebody you get it. We gotta get those numbers up. So no one misses all this sweet sweet comedy gold. So that said I’ve got another shout-out because we got some sweet merch going on. There’s tons of merch that we’re getting some stuff going and we want to tell you all about it. So, let me just change

my tone.

first why I love where I live has made some lovely Tucson together shirts that are on sale on their website why I love where I live.com

I’m stay home Tucson. It’s a pop-up shop on Facebook. Also raising money for the tht check them out at facebook.com slash stay home Tucson / shot. Good advice.

What a handsome devil mind work. Ha ha take it back. That’s how good you look excellent. So our friend Joel is going to post these links write in the comments. If you Joel Joel get on it. He’s going to post them links write in the comment section and all of you in the comment section the person who posts my favorite comments will get a special Tucson helping Tucson hat tonight. I’m going to show you a little bit of that coming up a little bit. I’m super excited, but that’s right. The person who post my favorite comment will get a special Tucson helping Tucson half Joel’s going to help me pick out my favorite comment, right Joel You Are So speaking of local chefs. Have you ever heard of this herd of creative kind because I’m only just getting to know them and it’s been really cool and I’m going to get to know them right now right along with you see creative kind. They’re going to be doing some fun stuff getting some things going online. But right now we’ve got a local entrepreneur Teresa

Delaney joining us to talk. Talk all about how the community Investment corporation is helping her. So Teresa. Are you there? That’s the reason we’re here. We’re here Therese. It’s good to see it. It’s good to see you both who’s sitting there with because I only got one name on my business. Partner Hillary Ross. Hi. Hi, how’s it going? Great, all things considered I’m it. So tell us a little bit about creative time. Yeah. Absolutely. So creative time is a hybrid retail and event spaces. I can Tada we’ve been in Tucson for about four years hosting creative workshops. And then last fall opened a retail store at lock and how do we sell local Goods like our gifts and candles cheaper guys, I’ll – things and we host our DIY workshops at that space as well. That’s fantastic. That’s really fun. I love stuff like that while we get to get together. I was looking at your website quite a bit and it was like wow, there’s a lot of stuff going on. Yeah recently launched a crowdfunding campaign through

Kiba in partnership with cic. So I’ve seen keeping some of my emails as I’m trying to hang out with all the adults. Can you explain? How does that work? Yeah. Absolutely. So Cuba is actually a platform very similar to Kickstarter, which I think a lot of us are familiar with but it doesn’t function as Donation-based crowdfunding campaign is a loan based Carpenter champagne. So anyone who donates will get her money back and you essentially go through an initial immediate private Community Based fundraising stage. So we got to be friends and family people donate $25 or more. And then as soon as we care a flirty person Benchmark for our amount of funding because I move into public. Yeah, we got to wash the named Sheba platform and fundraise from the lenders that are active. On their main public platform and we got our we can have only two days two or three days down. Yeah. Wow, that’s amazing. Well, that’s three. It’s good with the some good news is happening. Right need seed is good news.

Yeah, definitely a big relief. Yeah. So, how are you using all the money as far as things that concern going forward? Yeah, that’s a good question. So we initiated the process of trying to set up with Cuba campaign earlier this year a couple months ago. Working with Community Investment corporation may have been a huge help for us. And I major partner in helping us set up the campaign but also to fill it so quickly and we’ve been working with them for a few months on financially commanding sign of financing open a second location to Arizona, of course in March our financial priorities changed the little bit of what’s going on. So thankfully we did have this process already initiated and we are able to now use the Kiva funds which were dropped in our PayPal account within a couple days of Mishima campaign created to cover our losses revenues from all of the covid impact a lot of our Revenue comes from foot traffic being a male clone frittata. And yeah, like we experiential best retail company

so not being able to do in-person events and not having such topic is a huge hitter Revenue. So essentially having the funds from Cuba is helping us cover our operational costs to stay open. Or reopen our brick and mortar one less pedals down but it’s helping us maintain a living and run payroll and pay our rent and Order inventory and do all of those things that come with running a business don’t I don’t stop because there’s Dynamic so yeah, huge huge topic just not super impressed. I’ll tell you what, it sounds like you guys know what you’re doing. I have a business but you know, I’m just doing my best any advice for struggling entrepreneurs out there. Yeah, I think it really just comes down to the fact that no one really knows how to operate in a pandemic. We’re all figuring it out together at the same time being chased and for us a big part of it is maintaining the mentality of how do we focus on implementing actions and changes that are going to help us come out of this better than

longer. So, how do we make decisions? Now and focus on making improvements now that are going to be just as important desirable once we’re back to our normal retail traffic. So we’re working on our website. We’re working on in Commerce or working on engaging people in communities are outside of our immediate Tucson neighborhoods with like we normally do the brick and mortar and we’re going to admit him we’ve been able to reach different communities and areas that we wouldn’t have been able to before and so it’s been eye-opening and I think it’s really pushed us to of Step Up our game with our e-commerce and our website and what not. So, you know, I’m going to work one of us here at work and working here on lake and we’re keep on leveling up right stepping up. So we are going to do the acting super smart way to go. I really appreciate talk me. That’s awesome. I can’t wait to actually walk in the shop and I love getting together and do an art class. So maybe I get to come hang out. We’re

all free. Hey you there? Yeah. Thank you to create a plane with lovely lovely ladies amazing amazing. So it’s good that we’ve got all this good news going on and meeting good people. Don’t forget. It’s important to realize that there’s some bad people out there dryness camisole. So look out luckily private investigator Salvatore Crenshaw is on the case. These are his stories and after that we got some more music videos. Thanks quarantine stick around.

So City shelter in place on me. As long as this has been stepping out wives letting the Milkman in I’ll be in business. I’m a private eye and Salvatore Crenshaw friends. Call me Sal he going whatever you like coming. No difference to me. My office may be closed. My zoom tracks always open. Last night but I was dreaming when I saw the requested the joint Mona laughs hello eres De La Paloma Fortune told me she’s married to this regular blue-collar type big muscles even bigger mouth. You’ve been telling I used an essential worker leaving at all kinds of odd hours of the night. Only problem is she don’t believe them. Thanks. He’s double time and asked me to follow him some night. See what he’s up to. I tell it’s no use trying to turn out like can’t do it. Asik she says he’s the only man she’s on the love of God the argue that it’s even harder to say. No to those eyes next thing I know strapping on my n95 driving down grand for these side. This bowl over is he says he’s been working as a delivery

driver in the Bible. So McDonald’s area. I stake out my 95 Miata play some NPR sure enough. He makes an appearance turns out it’s the truth. He’s running nuggets from McDonald’s. Is that tail of a little longer to make sure everything’s copacetic all night. Everything’s aboveboard stop after stop. He’s slinging Burgers. He’s making attempts that is still around 2 a.m. I’ll heads up to the Foothills to this Mansion was got no business with a McFlurry. So I decide to follow him on foot. So I go up the drive so I get a peek inside the garage. So I see a couple of heavy smoking crates into his trunk say covid-19 testing kits phony probably illegal.

The middle of trying to make a license place when I feel the unmistakable point of the 32 snub nose revolver in the small of my back. I raise my hands. That’s when everything goes black.

This covid-19. It’s got mr. Solo. I’m headed over to the grocery store, but there’s no food animal. No, pasta, no bread. No potatoes for must do can’t live off barbecue sauce. What’s a hungry guy to do moment to handle it feeling down a mile of my stomach was growling and the chickens will started the clock, but then it hit me we attendees. With the help of our backyard friends. I knew his dad. You must be

a dream.

Wait, what’s eggs quarantine? Well, let me tell you if your stomachs growling you can comment with an omelet or a Flippin. It’s a gamble you can always make a mammal son steak and eggs and bacon at bell peppers even better put your filling make it spicy. Very nicely try a merger with the burgers are delicious even mustard on the side be creative. If you’re Willie’s before killing lima beans know what I mean, you can add any James eggs florentine

we’ve now had eggs corn teams five days in a row needless to say it’s Kin, kind of luckily this take out at least once a week and then it’s right back to its warranty.

more eggs quarantine, please purple

Oh my goodness. How good the local people get I love them the most that’s a couple of my good friend and then work with some of the organizations around here helping us out. I believe they’ve been watching every single week Sarah Price Dan goers. That’s exactly right. Now. I have an insatiable hunger for eggs Florentine. I believe I usually eat that all the time again. Don’t forget. I’m hashtagwar Dean. I married those two. I love them the most thank you so much guys. I think that they’re in the running for this week’s contest. I think they might be top-notch. Not sure we’re going to say speaking of eggs. I know exactly what we need. Now joke or landed good job Josh. So I don’t work on the segue. So weak we need to hear from one of our community leaders that perhaps Works more closely with small businesses than anyone else in our region. So I’ve got right now with let’s take a look around as Mike here Mike Peel Mikey here, Arizona let southern Arizona’s director of local first, Arizona

my Kia hanging out. Hey Frank, how’s it going? It’s going good Michael. It’s good to see you. I’m so excited. I get to hang out with you. We get to run in some of the same circles because you’re so super involved in all these fun fun local businesses. Right? Wait a minute. I haven’t created you the correct way. I love to make logos for people. I slap this together real quick. You’re a work of art sir, Mom. It’s good to have you with us. That’s good to be here. So let me ask you something get us a picture of the impact that you’ve seen covid-19 having on our beloved local businesses. As severe impact and we’re working every day as the local first Arizona team Statewide to support in every way that we can we have services from programs to webinars to our small business Relief Fund that I’ll be talking about with you in a minute or Earth Day event that we’re raising money for that fund to support businesses with anything we can get them to keep keep going to have make sure that they can keep

food on the table. They can make ends meet that’s where we are right now and it’s very unfortunate and I know this community is doing a lot to support local businesses and restaurants and it’s across the state. It’s Tucson. It’s across the state. It’s as a native Tucson and I’m really proud of the work going on in this community. I feel like we are doing as much as we can right now and it’s really something special what’s going on in Tucson and across the state. No, it is it’s true. It’s true and you’ve always been one of these guys doing this long before any pandemic you really care about the town local first is super important. And I always talked about getting to know the faces behind the places and you’ve always done such a great job at that if people don’t know who Mike pihl is again, like get to know leader leadership. That’s what he majored in. I saw it on your whole profile screen. So how else is local first, Arizona Helping like as far as maybe new initiatives. So we are working

on this Earth Day event actually unveil begin to preview what we’re going to be offering in the very near term here. So my role now is about to be Statewide sustainability director. And so for Earth Day is the 50th anniversary of Earth day, and we wanted to celebrate that and have it inspiring event around what local businesses have been doing for a long time that we know of in our Network. We know that businesses in our Network have been involved forces some time now and sustainability and it’s been a part of our history as an organization for a long time doing everything we can for clean air for everything we can with clean energy and cost savings. And so we have some programs that we’re going to be unveiling soon to ensure that businesses can retool or revamp their business plans and their models as best as they can in these times and we’re here to support that through our programs and ensure that this resiliency planning their sustainability planning and ultimately that we’re here in

the real time to support businesses as we You get through this together. So for her birthday, we’re going to be highlighting the success stories that we’ve heard about in the past and then hear from these businesses about where they’re going. What does this look like now in the covid-19 prices and era that we’re in what are they thinking that they might best pivot or completely rethink their business models if need be and then how can we prioritize people and the planet in these plans as well? And so we got experts working with us to ensure that that we have the maximum resources and trainings and as exciting plans ahead here and I’m glad that we can do this and we also have Calexico joining us. So Joey Burns of Calexico was going to kick this event off with a special performance. It’s Wednesday, April 22nd 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. All you have to do is tune in on our Facebook event and it’ll be there live from 5 to 7. Our team is working hard across the board here to do special content like this.

But more importantly day-to-day responding to all the calls to all the needs that are coming up. We’re advocating at the state level at the federal level. We are providing consultations one-on-one. We are sponsoring businesses so they don’t have to pay for membership so that they can get the support they need in real time. So I could not be more proud of this team the leadership of Kimber Lanning and Thomas far and and all of our team members across the state it’s tireless. Heck yeah, I appreciate you. I appreciate that. That’s a good good team Joe. Did you get all that makes you write all that down where he’s our stenographer the whole event everything. You just said, he’s got it word for word. So one last thing I just want to do this. This wasn’t in the script. But uh real quick. I’ll tell them about it because already rock radio is your solution to listen to radio at home while you’re all stuck my feel Love’s local business, but there’s one thing he loves more it’s probably local music

here in Calexico is involved, but he runs a rarity rock radio. Where can they listen to the radio other sucker? On the radio that you completely own and do thanks for the shout out here Rarity rock radio dot SM and said it duck and then I also wanted to shout out. I’ve been not just working on the music side and my spare time which hasn’t been that much lately. But I’ve also been working on my green thumb. So I wanted to shout out to Ray Clemens and natural building Works natural building works.com. He’s helping me get my backyard into a as much of a backyard garden maybe a victory garden type. Goal here at being met soon. So he’s really doing a lot out there to support anything related to the natural environment and green infrastructure. And I’m really glad to be working with him. It’s an example of what local businesses are doing still they’re still working with customers and there’s so much we can do to support the local first day z.com for information about our directory across the

state and also our social media. You can check out Facebook Instagram Twitter all this information daily. Heck yeah, man, two thumbs up and add a green thumbs. He’s better That’s Mike. I love talking. Thanks so much for hanging out. Thanks for doing everything you do keep on doing it. Say hi to Kathy for me and I’ll talk to you soon because well do even if I cried in front because I need hunch. That’s what happens. That’s what this is. All about. Right Frank is good job buddy, heck. Yeah. So all right, you’re joining the things that bring me to tears. All right. It’s not always just the sad State of Affairs. Sometimes it’s I don’t know really really great news. Yeah, heck. Yeah, so hang on wait, I think I got a thing for this. Let’s just go throw it on some great news. It’s the best news right now. The best news is real quick. We got to shout out to Randy Rogers for giving a hundred dollars in honoring zombie all that. He doesn’t look anything. Amazing. Justin Brock and Bridget were should

all thank you so much. Both also gave $100. Let’s get more fireworks for them more parts. Wait a It is involved and now 250 dollars from Joe by believe it’s Joe because hashtag no bad days. That’s right. No bad days. So it’s either job or job. That’s that Arrested Development joke calls is forever. But Jo be you’re doing it for me $250 just donated stop it all the days where that you’re here. That’s what we get a huge donation center big donation and interrupt all our sketches with sound effects, but that’s the best news my goodness. Keep on sharing keep on plugging and keep on plugging away because that’s how this is gonna work. Thank you all so much for does generous donations. That’s Hughes. So if you’re just joining us be sure to share the stream right now because you know when these things go on and on and on we got a boost up those hours. We have not those rather The rhythms right out. So we got to get it share it again. Go share again shared on your page been shared on your same

places. That’s we want to do is really important keep Street alive. Kick. So people keep commenting and remember there’s a prize going to I believe the best comments Joel’s got all the information best. Our funniest comment my favorite comment. So keep on commenting Joel’s going to pick one and then you’re going to win a tht which is amazing. You can tell but you know, basically haberdasher. So now let’s do what people do when they’re trapped at home and what they’ve done two decades. I don’t know what you’re doing all day, but daytime TV is quite the thing to take in. So we’re going to take some in right now. I don’t watch some soap operas take it away.

Hey there, I sure do miss you. It’s been like five weeks since we met up. Yes about that Jack. So I’m a bit late. What could you possibly be late for a drink warranty? No, I mean late. Oh, yes, so I went to the drugstore did you wear? Ask yes, and it kept six feet away from everyone. Yes, and and wash your hands immediately after Jack. Let me continue. I got a pregnancy test. and and it was positive

this year. I love you, but let’s have this child. Basically, do you not want to have a child with me you marry Jack? I’ll leave my wife. Okay, I’ll come right over as soon as Doug Ducey says it’s safe or is it Trump? Who says that? I don’t know. I’m so confused about these Constitutional Powers. Oh, you gotta make any rash decisions. There’s something you should know. Allow me to tell him – what are you doing here? I swore we’d never Speak again after you stole my identity and with it my stimulus check dear brother. Configure your Zoom password. Next time is this complex world of cyber security will unfortunately brother the zoom meeting room isn’t the only thing you failed to lock down like this. What is he talking about? Well, you were Sheltering in place. I was shacking up with the woman you love how I don’t understand I did it. I mean you to jack I swear. Well, I’m very late night. I was hungry so so hungry so I know to take out, you know, just supporting local restaurants. Of course

once a week order takeout and Well Jack, this is some next late-night snack was served by none. Other than your brother Jack and though I chose no contact in the door – rap when that stack the stack with last night at the doorstep and turned to go back. I saw you but with spectacles a feature you’ve always liked so invited him to hang back and let’s just say he earned himself a five star review on the daughters app though. He was the one giving me a generous tip and tell him tell him it’s tasty tell them about the other special delivery item made while in quarantine. Tell him that tell him that Excuse me. Can you stop?

Tell him that your child is actually our child. Is that true

and duck? I’m so sorry to both of you, but the baby belongs to

the baby belongs to neither of you.

Oh my so much that I can’t wait to tune in next week my goodness the home and the Restless. I can relate I have an evil twin brother. Yes. So as much fun as we’re having right this is super fun. I hope you’re enjoying everything that we’re up to th see TV. Make sure you share make sure you comment but it can’t all be fun. You see covid-19 poses a real threat. So we want to bring in a genuine medical expert to talk us through it. So please welcome with me right now joining us is Doctor. Normal Abernathy doctor, welcome. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much Frank. It’s a real pleasure to be here and honor really thank you. So tell us um, how are we doing as a region in flattening the curve and ensuring we don’t overload our Hospital Systems. Oh, that’s a great question Frank. Thank you. Actually the thing about flattening the curve is all you really need quite a large curved before I could even be flattening the first place, you know, most people don’t understand that the Curve. It’s got

to be enormous is huge. We haven’t really even reached an apex curvature that allows for any kind of flattening of sorts that or you accelerate. Of course the timeline, of course, you know leads to a general lack of oversight with medical devices. Huh? That’s answer made. No sense. Are you really a doctor? Well, yes, of course in dentistry. I am I’m actually in dentistry if we’re being specific. Okay, that’s all right, then. Just can you answer any of my covid-19 questions then I’ve got a long list. I do have a long list. Well, yes. Well you see from a medical perspective. I would say yes or no depending but probably mostly know. Oh, okay. Well, then tell me how we can keep up our oral hygiene during a quarantine.

You see Frank. I’m largely. I’m largely currently in the homeopathic field, but I did obtain my degree from very prestigious and reputable program. I have to I have to say yes, very reputable. How which program was that Adobe Photoshop? Oh, okay. So CSS, not DDS, right? Okay. This has been an absolute disaster got mr. Abernathy Frank Frank Frank. No need to be Frank Frankie boy Frank. Ah.

You know, I’ll just straight-up Seda. I’ve lived a life of Deceit Frank. I’ve lied to you. I’ve lied to our lives transcontinental audience. And the truth is I’m just a disgrace dentist. I mean, I’ve been out in Mexico working on horse teeth for goodness sake for the better part of the decade and oh, well, the problem is from the very young age. My father my very own dad would tell me that it was better to deceive those around you than to say the truth and perhaps bring out a frown. I still remember all those people just smiling down on you smiling at me if you will. Perfect. straight white teeth Beautiful Smiles all of them Except my father, of course. years of cigarette smoking and corn mash whiskey left his mouth soured grotesque I only want to say Wonderland but perhaps that was the reason I really took to Dentistry I would make sense.

I can still smell. his teeth as he would bring me in twist my arm into the table and say Oh, he’s keeping laughing buddy. Always keep them laughing.

Horse dentist. Well at least given us a lot to think about that’s good. Ah any parting advice? Yeah, you know Frank I have to say you really can’t go too far with washing your hands during this crisis more often the better just don’t Don’t forget to moisturize. I would really look into that. The whole all right pretty standard advice that thank you. That’s dr. Cornwall Abernathy. Thank you. And now we’re living that quarantine life.

After we clear are we clear? Okay, who put that guy Craig old Craig? Oh Craigslist well, and that’s not bad all things considered living that quarantine lies.

Hearing from breakfast. Yes.

Cheering. It’s like 9 o’clock in the morning. And so it’s Gordon. Yeah,

during the quarantine. I think to keep healthy and motivate. I would say yoga, but not any yoga. I wouldn’t recommend wine. Yo. What kind of yoga do you want to do? We feeling beginners for sure beginners. Yeah, let’s do that. So my sister and Kelsey have started doing yoga.

I’ve heard a lot of different kinds of yoga. How many rounds you want to do of wine or yoga, but I’ve never seen wine yoga.

You’re worth something similar from New Jersey. That’s called Bacardi. Oh, that’s where you drink Bacardi and you do cardio at the same time keeps you loose. It keeps you motivated keeps you fit and healthy

just like an apple a day a wine a day keeps the doctor away. Comedy gold again Tucson gets the job done funny stuff. Thank you for Robert Garcia for that submission. Send your fun fun submissions to tht and break.com so that you can get involved in possibly when 50 bucks and maybe a hundred bucks. When we think that you’re the best. What if it’s I’ll tell you the total order this week. There’s a lot of fun music even more coming up from someone. I know. So before we get to do I want to once again call out the great merch that we have because In addition to shirts from why I love where I live. Stay home from school.

Very exciting. Make sure that your comments in the comment section. And if your favorite comment is in there, it’s my favorite comment. This is

we’re going to give you a free one of these.

And take it for me who has more right? I don’t run off and I’m dashing everywhere I go. It’s the truth. So speaking of another, you know, handsome fellow that is around town and doing some fun things. Our next guest is the host of Tipping Point on 10:30 the voice and he’s the executive director of the Tucson young professionals, please welcome Zach youngsters Zach. Are you hanging out with us? Hey Frank, Are you good to see you? I am doing all right, sir. It’s good to see you. Hang on. I didn’t have as much time to throw together a good background like Mike, but I just did a Google image search you’re there. So you’re very popular. So make sure that you go check out Zach. But Zach you interview members of the community call up and what kind of like me can you share one or two notable stories with our audience? For sure. Yeah, and I’m trying to focus on the radio show on some of these men and women that are being I called creative during crisis people who are stepping up in big and small

ways like you mentioned and a couple recent ones and I picked these folks out because there’s a lot of great things going on in the community. A lot of people have been on this show as well on the weekends. I don’t think that these two have been tried out. So I want to go ahead and do that. The first is Jason. Avery Robinson had talked to them and they are putting together using a 3D printer what’s called ear savers for emergency workers using PPE equipment personal protective equipment. And apparently when you’re wearing a mask the strategy behind the ear starts to hurt after a while and so one of the ways that they helped us to create these 3D plastic years favors that help emergency workers. They’ve had not just local Frank. Interest from banner up another hospitals. They’re shipping these things Global right here from Vale in in the Tucson area. They have shipped out. I’m getting my notes are 900. I believe they’ve made I think 1300 and they shipped out 900 just a cool Father and Son

story. The other one. I talked to them this week before they hit the news was an effort that a church was actually putting on up on the northwest side called about helping. Truckers and so we don’t think about supply chain and that it’s the truckers who are working longer hours. They can’t stop in as many places and they’re doing more work for us than we have any idea about and so this church decided to take some donations and go buy food at a truck stop and for $5.00 a pop, they raise $3,000 to 3 and truckers off the side of the road and see them on their way. And so these are men and women we don’t hear about we don’t see about them during great work and they’re keeping our shelves stock in our stores and our supply chain going. So these are a couple of stories in the last week and a half that I just thought have really resembled Tucson, but we do really well here to support our business community and our citizens together. Well, heck yeah, that’s super important. I mean, I’ll tell you

those really good story that makes a big big difference you’re doing a lot you do get to talk to a lot of notable folks. So I don’t know that you also worked on my own. We’re going to hats right. Well it did. I know that you wear another hat as the executive director of Tucson young professionals. So what is typ doing now that you can’t do in person Gatherings. How are you adapting? For? Sure. Yeah. I’m really proud of how we pivoted online pretty quickly and we shifted everything not just going online and using Zoom to do all of our events online for know how to do that. But to also shift the content of what we do and really, you know, whether it was a happy. Tower with state legislators or a virtual happy hour together or a virtual Workshop. I had to work from home. We said how can we create these events not in person, but how can we create content that actually helps us real time on things we’re struggling with as we’re pivoting in this season. We’ve seen some great response Frank. It’s

been incredible really equaling what we got in our in-person events. It was it was almost seamless. I think it speaks to organizations and efforts that really seek to What they do to the need of the moment and that’s really important thing we’re trying to do is we’re a 650 member organization and we’re starting to really turn our attention towards the future Frank, I think on a serious note not only is it going to be hard to get to and through covid but I think after covid-19 our community is going to need a lot more what we’re doing tonight because I’m helping Tucson for many months and perhaps years to come and so typ starting to think about how do we get new voices? Has fresh voices and big ideas of the table. And what’s the road to rebuild? And what is the future that are perfect young professionals want to see in Tucson? How do we rebuild out of this and be better than ever? And so I think those two things are ways that we’re shifting to meet our members needs but also to meet our

community’s needs Frank. We’re not only in this together now. We’re in this together for the Long Haul and I think I think you know that too. Heck yeah Tucson together. Don’t forget that hashtag. It’s all right. Are you getting all this make sure you’re writing every single thing that he says down don’t think they won live together. Luckily. Remember these live streams, you can go re-watch this video live. He’s basically giving you instructions on how to survive what we’re dealing with so it’s pretty great. So let me ask you something my God, I will know the producer Thomasina new voices the Brewster telling you have an announcement to make regarding this show. What’s that about tht TV? Yes Frank. I’m really excited to share with you. You and our live audience that starting next week. I’ll be doing a special segment sharing a story of a community leader helping our community in this time of need really every single week right here on T HDTV, man. I’m so excited.

I thought the one conducting interviews on the show that I mean all I can tell you Frank is that after that Cornwall Abernathy incident accident? Whatever you want to call it man. They called me and said hey, we got to bring a pro in to do these interviews and I was like, okay, I didn’t know any better and that in so I’m in man. I’m going to do this with you every single week. A pro a pro. He’s after the dock more Court elaborate happy that was like five minutes ago. What so I don’t make the rules man. I just got the call and I’m here to serve. I’m here to help. We’re gonna be fine. Don’t worry. We’re what we’re going to do great partner. I’m excited man. We’re gonna do good together. Park yourself, well Zach, I think I’m not sure if you’re aware. You are now my rival. So I must defeat you nothing personal. It’s just small business. Well, thanks Frank. See you next weekend. Oh, I can’t wait. Well, that’s fascinating looks like that. I’m losing steam as we go along. Please go vote for team

Frank in the comments. I don’t know about teams Zach. I’m not even tell you how he spells names with the CH is with a CK. It’s none of your business. I’m not going to tell you that look that up yourself look it up yourself. So that cancer will be joining us every single week now boy, that’ll be great. I’m sure sorry for shouting. Well that said why do another quick shout here’s a quick shout out to all our summons for the $20 donation. Thank you. And let’s also announced and maybe get things are more positive. It’s my favorites comments of the night and my favorite comments of the night is going to go to Jabra polite. Yes, your over Paula said Jim and tonic during the wine yoga bit and that just killed me. I love it. That’s pretty fun. I love it. So Joe. DM us to make sure that you get your hat. That’s right. That’s we’re going to do Jim and tonic that’s a workout that I could get behind for sure. So thanks once again to our sponsors for helping us pay all these creatives and build this

incredible small business relief solving thing the whole loan system the grant program bring it back hold all that stuff. It’s from the community investment for Coach check out the cic. It’s a big big deal. They’re helping out you there helping out me it’s a really really important part of this. Also. Make sure you check out all these fun sponsors. We got lots of sponsors. I I have a list to Rattle off this week. I got Heat team Nova Home Loans the Southern Arizona Leadership Council there there breaks, of course take care of business manager who has toxic on bookmobile all the stuff. I’m doing the weather responses, but check out all our sponsors. They’re really the ones helping us a lot. We’re trying to attract more big sponsors so we can get some big bucks from some real people back in a Cell. It’ll really mean a lot, but I’ll tell you what It looks like the clock on the wall says that it might be time to do it. Looks like we had a good show I’d say so I hope you enjoyed everything that

we were up to. I hope you enjoyed all the music videos and all the fun stuff that happened but I got one last thing to do for you. Hang on a second. Let me turn up this volume and over here and get ready to rock because I did something special you got all these people doing all this great stuff, right? So all this great stuff that’s happening. It made me feel creative. There’s a lot of songs, right? So I wrote a song just the other day. Now I’m going to show up Zach and I’m going to just say it for you is nothing to do with you, but I’m going to show up. I mean, I’m going to sing a song. I’m not very good at it life’s about taking risks. So you ready to do it ready to rock because I’m ready to rock. Let’s do it. I got to get myself and be here. Let me get my off. Let’s make sure that’s ready to go. Hang on one moment because things are loading because it’s been a minute since that’s hats. You know how it is again. Make sure you check out sponsor. Thank you to Joel working those bomb. And

section. Thank you Joel for doing that. So do that go boom. Let me get all my lyrics up. It’s a very fun exciting so it’s too long to be a theme song, but I think it’s going to make a good commercial when I do it. All right. All right, that’s ready to play. I’ve got my lyrics right here. Let’s see if I can do this if you’re ready for a big finale song I am hang on do that. Okay, hang on do that. Okay. Here we go. All right loosen up. Loosen out here we are. All right, get out of the shot. Tell you we can see your arms if think this is it, although that’s over there. You’re going to want to get that in a second. Hang out. They go get that thing. There you go. Don’t worry. Talia’s aren’t you? That’s what I was waiting for. No one’s worried about things. Are you ready to get to hear my jam? I’m ready to do it and a one and a two Anna. Hey, it’s me. It’s your best friend forever with a plan keeping Tucson together every single Saturday night. Local artists will share the spotlight. It’s tht

TV a dream come true that is hosted by me and it stars all of Tucson help us Beulah. Telethon is tht and Frank.com a show that’s giving our artists gigs donations help our small businesses sketches joke serious pint reviews live from my house with some were great news. Helps coming from the sea ice tea investment Corp for the community to son together means our Unity but government might drop the ball. So Kris on neighbors heed my call Bucks. You got a spare and shirts You Oughta wear and Lace you need to share and shares are free chairs. Don’t cost a dime shares. They don’t take much time shares getting hard to rhyme every note that I wrote every word that you heard, but are usually do this sort of thing my Show me that I can sing but it’s to son helping to son trying hard core of virtual Thon from waist up. I’m dress you and Preston. I can’t wait to eat my next guess helping up our small businesses. It’s what our real Community is. Everybody could use a hand even applauses in command.

Truth to what suits you sounds horn? That’s how the show was born. Don’t sit and just eat popcorn or Counting On Your Word of Mouth the greatest City Western South. That’s one idea. It’s not my best one more thought I know did it addresses. I need two sons whole residence and to set my channel precedence. You see the thing is if you all just donate $1 each of us right now. Just go to But oh, hang on a second the edges just like y’all just donated a dollar we’d all be able to get through this even you right now watching $1. Go to Tucson helping to sun.com it’s super important easy to do. That’s all you got to do one book one book. That’s all we need. If everyone did it we get out of be the best. We got Club Congress TV coming up that’s exciting. I’m super-pumped donate a dollar come back next week. It’s tht tvt. I love it amongst. I’m gonna make a video out of that. I can’t wait. I’m Over what are you doing? Tell you what do you do donate to the things up again? I’m gonna probably fast asleep.

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