Episode 2 – Tucson Helping Tucson

Tht TV give me those hashtags get them going. Make sure you go share the stream. We’re doing it live. We got lots of fun stuff planned for you. Hopefully you joined us last week. I obviously look a little different but it’s been a really good time. And again, who am I on your BFF your best friend forever the prince of promotion they can’t commotion your Master of Ceremonies and the ambassador of entertainment for all things happening right here in Old Tube Town. Hopefully you would have a good week and feeling better as we’re starting to navigate our new lifestyle get a little trap inside. Worried there’s lots of great organizations that are working really hard all week long including this one and we’ve made friends with a lot of them. We’re going to be interviewing a bunch of people from all of these places as well as who are musical guests more artists coming up and a few excellent sketches. I’m very excited to have that lots of Comedy lots of sketch comedy. I’m lots of fun right ahead, 

but let’s get down to some of this on nitty-gritty. You see it’s a fundraiser right? It’s a Telethon. So if we can donate we’ve got some new methods for you to donate. I’m going to talk to you a minute, but last week, I believe we have a new toy. Total or what? We did I’ve and I’ve got a keyboard. 

We raised $1,100. Oh my goodness. That’s right. $1,100 

is not a perfect. Yeah, it’s alright, I’ll figure out how this thing works. But yes, we raised $1,100 last week in just 90 minutes. That’s a big big deal. That’s amazing. Thank you so much for all of your generosity. It’s the greatest city of the world generosity and last week we did that. But then also, you know what happened again this week. It’s going to happen again. Vantage West matched five hundred dollars of that last week. That’s how we got that total. If we get up to 500 again, then it was matches it again. They’re going to be doing this for a good chunk of time for at least as long as we keep things going. So hopefully you’re paying attention all the stuff and thanking some of the sponsors that we’ve got helping us out here. I’m going to tell you about some of them and just a little bit. But again, I want to tell you a new way that you can donate you can text. That’s right. Super easy grab that phone you think you’re so smart, right? This thing’s a genius. What you want to do 

is text the word give If that’s GI, ve text the word give two five two zero two five three seven, five six three, that’s five two zero two five three, seven, five six three, if you text the word Gib, I believe someone will get back to you on figure out how we get all our donations going in that system. So it’s a brand-new way to donate you can donate a Tucson helping Tucson.com and all the links. I’ve got my man Joel we’re going to comment section over Facebook. I’ve got to go log on to Facebook over there, too. I just want to take care of things. So as we’re talking Advantage with In one of the many great sponsors, we’re going to get a graphic up on screen and just talk about some of that maybe, you know drag it out. I have a great there are the old v-dubs. I love the most. Where is it? He does. I’m not sure either way Vantage what’s been helping us a lot. I got to help them out last year doing some commercials and they’ve been really partnering with a lot of these great organizations 

in town startup Tucson being one of them now and they really helped a lot of people create Tucson shops to some we’re going to talk to Liz pocock and just a little bit as we find out all about how local businesses are. And how startup Tucson is helping some people get online, which is great. All right, so we before we continue I mentioned last week. We have a two-person team inside the studio. The studio is empty over at Brink media bring media taken care of business first here. I’m safe in my lovely home deep inside the heart of a mountain. We’ve got a control man in the control room. We’ve got a directed directly things in the studio. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff. In fact, why don’t we go check things out. How is everyone control room. Are you there check things out how we doing? Hello Frank. Hello Tucson. My name is Josh. I’m the director of tht TV really everything you hear everything you see is my vision in action joining me is Malcolm safely in the control Booth with a big piece of 

glass between us Malcolm. Say hello to the world. You know, Malcolm’s a little shy sometimes but what he’s doing in there is important work because we’re here to change lives and perhaps apps to change what it even means to livestream and we put together a humble video for you to enjoy about the inner workings of th TV and what we’re trying to achieve here. So sit back relax and enjoy 

I’ve been live streaming before anybody ever paid me a live stream. It’s in my blood. It’s what gives me life when they approached me and told me Josh. You’re the only one that can save this community. I thought so myself that right. I am the only one. But can I get out of my own way live streaming? 

my streaming 

I’ve committed to eating take out three times a week in order to support our struggling local businesses. Although I’ve found that it’s really hard to find keto choices, you know, an entire exemplary career of late nights and hard work has led me to this moment. This this is my swan song the people of Tucson. They’re counting on me. Me alone. And yes, others will help others will support see my vision through it. It’s up to me to step up. and to make greatness Tucson I won’t let you down. 

Are we back yet? 

We’re back. You gotta speak louder. Sorry folks. So there you have it a little look behind the scenes put together by our very own Malcolm here. Although he didn’t do the original score. I told him to do but that’s okay. We’re all trying our best in these trying times. Just no could have been better Frank back to you. 

You gotta love those guys Josh your great great guy. I appreciate everything you’re doing you’re the real MVP. I mean, obviously that’s very true. Practically a one-man band and Bob Marcus map Malcolm balcony. Yes doing a great job. He’s got a beautiful singing voice. We’re not going to hear it. He’s trapped in there in a soundproof booth, but at least everyone’s being safe secure and social distancing. That’s the way we got to do it to take care of each other and take care of everybody around town. That’s what we’re going to keep doing here at HDTV and see we’ve got a great great group. We’ve got a lot of people helping us, but you know what we might need they might need a little professional help. I’m I do but we might need a little professional help from some of these big-time celebrities around to town a lot of us have been reaching out to miss Diane underscore Keaton her ask Zion underscore keeping sheep had not miss Diane Keaton and this week. We’re about to get crunk. We’re about 

to get Gronk. That’s right. We’re going to get at Gronk. That’s right. It’s Brock. He was hosting And I believe WrestleMania last week. He’s your current 24/7 champion of the WWE. But you know him Super Bowl champion. I believe that he played for the you know, that seemed every other real popular. But yes, so we’re going to get at Gronk rock is the person to attack. I believe that his what’s his control room. What’s his what’s his thing with his Twitter at I’d Rob Gronkowski. That’s your man right there. Thank you control room Josh. You’re a gym. So we’ve got that going on get at Rob Gronkowski. Let’s make sure we get out of and make sure that he knows that we’re out here. Keep in Tucson together. That’s what we’re trying to do hashtag Tucson together. That’s everything that’s happening right here and a lot of the stuff happening around all of this area is all about small business last week. I interviewed a great great guy all about small business and his name was Danny Nique. I got to 

interview them a little bit. Earlier in the week. We’re going to throw that interview in just a moment. But first, I believe he might have sent me an e-mail. Let me just see if I can find this. Yeah, that’s it. So here’s from one Danny knee over at us at cic Tucson dot-org, right? That’s the community investment work. They’re helping us to disperse all of the money that you’re donating because I’m not allowed to touch it. So you might as well give it to a professional. So this professional emailed me with this bit of information. Hey, Frank. Oh, no, somebody’s call. You asked me to try. To come up with a simple way to explain the help. We’re trying to get so here’s my shot at it. I’m a terrible artist. So I used some clip art and I just cut and pasted the icons from the internet and didn’t purchase them which is why they have lines behind. Okay. It’ll be the basic thing is it was meant for anything for a demonstration I can use it for that. All right, so he’s got a sequence bit of suspicion 

that I could actually make this idea of work but metaphor but the problem with animated background always wife like it that’s a win. That’s what he says. So here are the basics of what we’re trying. Jus with some of the money it’s a lot of this pay it forward program for local business owners and employees are walking across a Chasm on a rope Bridge right visualize visualize it the Rope bridge is the revenues needed to stay in business. Okay. Keep that the water there’s water under the okay. There’s water in the chasm and the water are the expenses that business owners have to pay rent salaries cetera. The there’s a fire at the fire burning on the bridge IE wiping out revenues is covid-19. It could be anything right now. Now but right now it’s be anything a flood or you know, something like that. But right now it’s covid-19 the community donors and investors those willing to loan the money to businesses across our an Indiana Jones like hero makes you feel good and the rope that hero throws 

of the loans and grants to help the business owners across the chasm. All right. I mean, I still don’t really understand what’s going on. But he said he sent some art and he said it was terrible. So let’s see this man’s terrible art and he’s got a few more ways that I can describe it. Just let me take a look at this because Says he’s bludgeoned being with information. Hopefully I can picture it by now. It may still be too complicated. But hopefully it gives me some ideas because you know, this is such an amazing heart-stopping email while he’s right. Let’s say okay. Wait a minute. Let me turn this way up. Let’s go this way. We’re doing the weather so you can see here what he’s got going on. That’s correct. Alright, this is a fine fine analogy. You see this. This is our Bridge, right that bridge is what’s basically keeping the chasm month to month. So we’ve got our months a month right each been into the chasm as with two month. All right, but we’ve got that fire right there. That is this 

covid-19 problem. Here’s all of our cool hip young business owners that are having a great time trying to get over that bridge and look at that. He’s got tiny Indiana Jones right over there. That’s a made. This is fine. Clipart. Danny Way a picking myself. You’re all very self-deprecating. You don’t need to be so self-deprecating. This is a fine fine. Graphic. I feel that I’m learning and the idea of this metaphor is the fact that sometimes this bridge now represents basically months and months. Right. We’re trying to get from one month to the other. But what if this bridge is longer, right? And we actually have to make it till summer that could be some of the problem and what if this bridge has a bigger fire or on the end. We don’t quite understand everything that’s going on with the situation so you can see right now the situation we’re in is a little unpredictable but we do have an idea on how to help and solve it. So think about this we’re all on our own rope bridge and some businesses. 

They need help some Industries need entire bits of help like you got six people on a bridge that’s An entire industry of non-essential workers being told to go home. So there’s a lot that we can do cic is taken care of us. I love this. Look, how adorable Indiana Jones is I’ll Danny is a fine job that you did. Don’t be self-deprecating when you make art. The important thing is that you’re making art is a fine infographic I now do you understand it and I didn’t need to read all that stuff. This visual attack is the way to understand what’s going on, but another way might be to actually talk to the man himself. So I believe that I might have this interview with One Danny me I believe. Yeah, it’s coming up later. So we’ve got that come on. We’re going to talk to a bunch of other business owners some other people come on up. But before that enough of the education, I’ve been rambling bit too much and we know that the best medicine but we’re dealing with right now laughter. So why don’t we go 

check out keep Tucson sketchy keeps you some sketchy takes place. Usually everything I’m undercover couple months over the stream room. It’s the finest finest sketch comedy show around the Old Pueblo. We hope you check it out. I believe that we’re looking for some cooking lessons and he might have them. Let’s go check out. What I’ll keep Tucson sketch. He’s doing with Chef Renae Shepherd. I take it away. Hello. I’m Chef Renae. And today I’m going to teach you how to make a simple dumped chili using ingredients you already have in your pantry. We all have canned goods that we bought because we either got to and vicious with a recipe or have been stealing things from our daughters Thanksgiving Day food drive, you know, you’re going to take some refried beans. Coconut milk and beef with juices in it and you’re going to open them up. Now. You can always hope and again using again opener. You’re just gonna 

where’s my can opener 

is this can open up? 

Why can I not find my can opener? You broke it during the last Bender. Remember you’re trying to open a coconut with it missing bomb pina. Colada. 


If you don’t have a can opener you can always open a can with a chef’s knife. 

Why can I not find any of my knives the cops took them away remember during your last Bender you try to kill Guy Fieri attacks fundraiser at Little Anthony’s Diner. Right? Well, there are many ways. You can open a can but only one way to open a can of whoop ass. I’m Guy Fieri. 

Do you need a moment? No, I have a goddamn professional. Welcome back. What you’re going to do is you’re going to take a box of macaroni and you’re going to open it and you’re going to eat out of it. Like it is most vicious thing you have ever put in your mouth. 

Note to self buy a can opener. Okay, great. I’ll just keeping some of those ship tips right in my brain. Happy birthday to Chef Rene. It’s your birthday today and I’m friends with a lot of these folks around town putting a lot of those fine fine artist. Did you see all those people that was working the you Arizona School of Art BFA students and their virtual exhibition. They’re not going to get a chance to have a big big exhibition for the graduated. So we’re giving them a virtual chance, right? We’re gonna be showing those throughout the show. So be sure to go check them out and now they have got music. You’ve got our comedy music. That’s what we want. And we partnered up with these fine people, you know them best. It’s called Congress TV. That’s right. You’re going to want to go hang out over Club congress.com later tonight and every single night because that’s what Hotel Congress is doing. They’re taking care of business putting on some fun music for us live and all this sort of thing 

all around town with all of our favorite people and tonight. It’s one of my favorite people I’d shown the week. That’s right Sean the Lee Lewis Doom I believe I’ll Francais and he’s going to be doing some fun stuff. I got to be in the music video his the came out. Just this past summer. You can go check out his YouTube page and go check out some of the social stuff and you can check him out and just a little bit because we got a game show coming up a fine fine game show hosted by my cousin Frank flowers very excited to introduce you to him. So why don’t we go hang out? I’ll stop rambling. All right, because the most important things we got to play these things. They’re exclusive tracks just for us from artists to perform on their weekly Cub Congress TV show and catch that every single night at 9 p.m. Like I said, and the best part is we’re keeping these artists page on the we the checks in the mail. All right, we’re keeping paid an environment that really really need it because other gigs 

that cancels let’s throw it over to our good friend Sean the week Sean. I love you. Take it away it what up, you guys this song is actually called get over it. So if My Lou My singles for my own new people just came out during the chaos. So enjoy 

Start me nightmares too high. 

Her trips on top as well be Noble 

as what we know of. 

No, Mike, it wasn’t that great. That’s some of that Club Congress TV that show on the Wii I love them my goodness. So the way that we’re paying some of these artists is again, it’s donations. So please if you can donate right now the easiest way to donate again just text on in text the word give two five two zero two five three, seven, five six three, that’s right the word give that’s what’s going to happen. Today. You’re given a lot and we’re doing a lot for you. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to earn it. We’re going to read it because I’m getting my whole family involved in the Situation my parents don’t even last weekend my cousins waiting on the line because we got a game show to get going. Just are we ready for the game? We’re hanging out. We let’s go check in with the control room. Hang on. Something’s going on in the control room 

Malcolm. I told you to use the star wipe not the fade. Listen to your director. He was for a second. Oh Frank. Hey things are going great here in the control room. You know what Frank you’re great. You’re just you’re nailing it man. You’re nailing it. We love you. We love you. The whole city of Tucson loves you dollars are rolling in just fantastic. You keep up the good work. Hopefully the rest of us can catch up. It’s the little guy to use the one that one’s right up right down there the one down those things no problems. So it’s those bins for me any cards. 

Are we are we hello there? Hello my own. Hello. 

Well, I would know if I’m on if I was always showing the way in the room. Hang on a second. I can’t see a thing. 

It is the thing. There it is. Hang on a second. I’m just getting things together so that I can understand what’s going on that Josh has very good at this sort of thing. He’s doing a fine fine job. How good is it me? Am I on here? We ready to rock it ready to have a game show. All right, sounds good. I believe that we’re ready to rock. Let’s get ready because we’ve got a wheelie big mini game show to get started with and I’m super pumped in resented my name prank. Hours Here Comes Anna Mae good be at that Frank. I need playing cards getting regular playing cards you getting some playing cards and I’ll be right back. Hang on a second. I had all go anywhere as we get set up because it’s a really big mini game show. That’s right. I’ve got my prize wheel ready to rock and we’ve got a lot of fun contestants here for us here as well. We’ll put that there. Well, the green ones will be hard to spot. Maybe we’ll call those wild so we got tons of fun for you as I get ready and ready and ready to rock. 

There we go. Hello there, sir. Sirs, I do I have yesterday in the control room. Do I have my guests? 

Ourselves boys. I’d like to hear what you have to say. Let’s get Rockin and Rollin. We got one Alex CAC. Spell KCK here is you might know him as hashtag green shirt guy. He’s a legend around the nation and known around the world, but we love them the most here in Old to to Tucson. How you doing? Alex happy to be here Frank good. That’s the best and I also hit on mute, sir. Do we have another contestant? I believe his name is one Sean Louise. On we go find that on mute button. I believe it’s a somewhere but go find that thing area is how are you doing? Shawn Louis? What’s up? How you doing? Man? Good seeing you. I’m doing all right. I’m excited. Are you excited to maybe learn about some of you boys and I don’t know have a fun game. You see me the nightmare scenario. We all dreamed about. I know I am let’s do it. Ferno understand me the rules. 

True or false Jean-Louis. This one’s for you your false. All of your jeans are skinny jeans. No, I have I have one big pair of jeans there and then things called. Jinkx. Oh jinkx. They were back in the in the early thousands Iraq Stowe’s their part of my boy band days. I still have them as I have to cut you off there. So I’m afraid you are wrong. I’ve seen your billboard every pair of jeans you’ve ever worn our skin. Okay, let’s find out what Alex has to say Sean Louis real quick. Why don’t you tell us about that music video and some of that albums that we just heard about. Did you have a good time this summer making music I did man shot a video with that party with razor USA. Very good. He’s a fantastic artist. You can tell true or false. This is for Alex Alex true or false green. Is your favorite color true. Is that true? That’s true. That’s a true. That’s a true. I’m sorry. You’re wrong by we all know that you’re just riding the hype. You’re figuring it out. It’s a no, I know what you 

were going to give him the points points for this man right on the board Alex CAC. Very good Alex. Have you been enjoying your quarantine? You know, I’m staying healthy washing my hands and and I washed those Awards. was 

fantastic control room. Can you hear them because I’m having trouble if you unmute you I might be able to react. Sounds good. Let’s spin the wheel. That’s up top. Alex. CAC is up one to Sean Louise zero. It’s okay. I think you’re going to do fine. All right, I mean look at how much thing I’ve got here. All right this right here and that’s 

Show the way which hand is it in? left hand 

Oh, I’m sorry. It was the right hand Jesus. I still wish we wonder what that wasn’t a cliff bar. I haven’t eaten all day. I’ve been preparing Yeti. What type of Cuisines have you been enjoying while you’ve been quarantined at home? Jean-Louis ramen noodle and hot dogs Robin it all mixed together a big bowl, or do you like to switch it up Maria Castro covid? I so different for sure all are all day there in the one big pool off. That’s correct. Award the Mana point that The way to eat ramen noodles not solve. We’re all tied up one to one. Yeah, go find out. What’s happening with Alex. Alex is on his way to find out something important. We’ve got all this fun and games here. I really Grease the wheel this time the it hot. I think I cheated Alex. It’s time for rock paper scissors. Are you ready? Or is it 1 2 3 shooter? You want to those charlatans that goes 1 2 shoe. No one treasury she already. All right, one two three shoe tie. Let’s go again. One two three. Sure. It’s a tie again. Let’s 

go again. One two, three. Nah. Oh, he Dallas has gotten a point. He threw rocks. I threw that I didn’t realize that either one can see both sides of screen. You got to switch switch as fast as you can it’s very exciting. That’s going to award you a point. You’re up to two to one against Shawn the week. Hey Alex. What do you think’s more famous you or your mustache mustache? Absolutely the mustache it’s the best decision I’ve ever made while intoxicated not very friendly right now awarded yet. Another Point. Very good. Are you keeping track because I haven’t been writing these down. I’m very busy on this. I know I’m beating sound Louis. That’s all you need to know. Very good. You just got another point for that. Well done way to answer a question correctly again show the way has that make you feel Low, very low on the totem pole very low on the totem pole. Don’t feel that way. Don’t you know what? I feel bad? There’s a gratuitous point where you have another link. What do they do? What number 

am I thinking of both of you go seven eight the half it was seven Sean Louis. Well done. I think that might have stopped. This is exciting – that’s not how we doing on time control room. Are we still in training? Last question it is we go. Looks like it’s going to be. Odds and evens. We’re going to am I holding up since it’s just me guess odd or even Whoo. Yeah, whoo, both of you even holding up fingers behind my back bottom mount or even amount he if he says even I guess odds there’s only two options. No, no, you can go and then we’ve got to go to you know, sudden death. I don’t know. It just depends on this side. It just sounds great. Yeah, we’re both doing evens. We’re both doing evens. We both don’t even well, I’m sorry it’s odd. It’s toppings on as it gets. Nobody wins this we what kind of a thing is this? Hey, hey my God, we’re still tied. The word, you know, I’m sorry, no winners tonight. We haven’t what I feel bad. I want to recap. All right. Hang on a second. What’s my favorite 

color both of you blue? Periwinkle, you’re both correct? Why not? You’ve both won for the week very exciting. It’s a shade of blue who cares. I’m a good guy. I can’t help it. I felt bad both winners Alex Cactus amazing. Jean Louis. He’s the best make sure you follow Sean the we on all his social mediums Alex CAC as well. I believe why don’t you shout out what those are Alex? What’s your social media? It’s literally just Alex CAC because no one else has that name? Okay, that is correct. So now you actually pull ahead. Another games over shahla we what’s yours again? Is this sta? NLO you is my first name Jean-Louis. So I’m you know, social media Spotify a bunch of random stuff. Okay, that seems legit sounds good. Follow them there do all that stuff makes you go follow Alex because we’re going to be seeing him in a little bit because he’s been watching a ton of movies. I believe he’s kind of stuck inside watching some movies, but he’s leaving it up to you to decide what movies is watching. 

So go vote on Twitter at it’s just Alex CAC, I believe and he’s going to find out what movies is watching all week. Long and then review them coming up a little later tonight. I’ll see you excited for your first segment on tht TV. Yeah, I can’t wait we’ve been we’ve been to run the movie pulls four weeks. We had thousands literally thousands of people voting in them every night and I’m excited to let the people know what I think of the films that they made me watch. Really? It’s that’s right. I’m very excited. We’ve got experts from all around Tucson celebrities guests nonsense and fun. Let’s throw it on back to some of this stuff because you know what my head hurts this light bulbs, huh? Take it away back to you in the studio to to will be back more games next time. Thank you. 

Hi Tucson, covid-19 virus is a very serious issue and I assure you everyone in the restaurant industry here in Tucson takes it just as serious as you do it’s a hard time, but we’re all in this together. We’re all in this together. It’s almost those and it’s the juntos and we’re all in this together. We are a world recognize city of gastronomy. It’s a food. Out both of them with took fun as soon as our gastronomical. We’re a foodie town. We need your help. We need your support. It’s more important than ever with everything that we’re going through right now. We need to make sure that we support local and help out your family and our family survive and get through this together. Our favorite thing to do is make delicious food for you. Our family wants to feed your family Tucson. You have your favorite restaurant. We know you have a new favorite restaurant us. You have your favorite restaurant call them up. Every restaurant is trying to stay open and we need your help. If you could just do 

take out one time a week, it would make all the difference take out once a week once a week. It’s all we ask una vez En La Semana being kind of assistance you miss us. We miss you. Please get take out once a week just support us by doing take out once a week pick something up. Take it out. Take it home. We’re trying to keep our staff employed. If you do take out once a week, it will really help us. He helps us to support our community our businesses and our staff. It would really help us keep our employees working. It also helps support the farmers the Brewers the winemakers it employs the drivers and everyone else who goes from there. This Coronas thing really sucks. I know you hate it and we hate it. Just as much our dining rooms are empty. Your houses are going crazy. I’m sure you’ll get sick of your own cooking pretty soon. This is hard right now. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to help keep it open. Keep it together and support each other. Other locally in our community and 

in Tucson to make sure that we all survived to get through this all of our restaurants need you. It doesn’t matter where you spend it. It doesn’t matter where you spend it. No important on the no gases simply kill Augustus in Western Restaurants locality toxin. It doesn’t matter where you spend it as long as you spend it locally. We appreciate you kiss on thank you for everything that you do and thank you for coming out and continuing to give your support. What geckos are curious but Mr. Negocios. Said I’m we arrested thank you for your support. I know what we’re going through right now is a really hard time, but we’re all going to get through this together. All of our restaurants need you take out once a week. That’s all we’re asking. This is all really affecting everyone that we know me love. Please help your community share like spread the word. It’s hurting everyone go out and help. We love you Tucson, and we miss you. 

Mmm delicious Mangia Mangia that you gonna do you gonna try to get takeout every single week at least once a week. That’s how you can support some of these business. I’m doing my part. I’m getting pizza for three times a week. That’s right alternating maybe four times a week because you know why I’m a hero pizza man. That’s what they’ll call me. So we’ve got that going on. So make sure you support local restaurants support of these businesses get some of that Out at least a local Brewers are also you know delivering some of those sweet sweet Bruce. So make sure you support your local breweries as well microbrews and all those sorts of things. So let’s go check in on some of the fun stuff. Hang on us minute quite there it is. I think I hit murder and Slaughter. There it is. Let’s check in on the totals in the last 24 hours. We’ve raised four hundred and fifteen dollars. I didn’t work as well whatever for under $15 and that pretty great for Tiffany goes keep the donations coming. You can 

go donate over at Tucson helping Tucson.com. But check out the universal group of also, you’ve got that text code for you. I got a scroll back if donate texting the word give GI ve that’s right. So five two zero two five three, seven, five six three, very exciting to go doing all that make sure that you do that and you can also help by purchasing things. Small businesses why there’s a local business that I believe took care of us last week. I made an amazing shirt about keeping Tucson. Hashtag. Keep Tucson together right juice on togethers the hashtag You’re Gonna Want to use but they were going to send me a shirt. They didn’t have a time to do it. No one’s run. I’m busy doing this stuff, but I had an idea and I think it’s going to work just fine because you know what technology so hang on. Hang on to our homeowner. Fuckin. Hang on. Wait a minute, please God. This that me up hook and loop the ha. Is this working or not is it doesn’t look like it’s working the same way. I wanted to work 

before where it off quick thing on just move back. I think we’re get the focus get the focus. Hang on. I’ve just I think I have to adjust my nipples. There we go. There are now if I sit up stand up and then took my arm get back there. So then we’ve hooked up and then down and then up. 

There we go. And I stand like this right aha so you could own this shirt and look at the lacks desire labem and it’ll be great. So order this shirt at why I love where I live. There you go. Pretty good shirt. I think that’s enough. All right. Let’s turn this off. Here we go. I won’t tickle my goodness. Okay boy, I sure do love. Comedy gold and that certainly was some of that so we’re doing all these fun things. Make sure you go buy a t-shirt as I flicker in and out of existence and maybe give you breakfast my yelling and rambling considering that all cousins. Just keep up the same Pace to we have another great musical performance for yes. Why don’t I take it down some of us we said before the community has taken one of the biggest hits during this crisis and it’s are performing creatives. So your songwriter Sophia ranking and her brother Connor. We’re supposed to perform with their band out of Shows during this time opening for Calexico over at the Tucson Folk Festival and an opening at 

the Tucson Festival of books, which was unfortunate cancel. That’s like the Wrestlemania of book events. I missed it to all canceled, but they still remain in High Spirits and they’ve been performing live streams as often as they can. I checked when I last week and then if your they are this week, it’s very exciting. Just stay put I’m going to fix this while you go. Why don’t you just go enjoy this song. Let’s enjoy the song from Sofia ranking on her brother Connor. Thanks guys. Hey there Tucson helping Tucson. I’m Sofia Rankin, and I’m here with my brother Connor Rankin, and we’re going to play you my original song. Goodbye. 

Goodbye. My best friend. Goodbye. My love ICP. Well. 

Don’t Cry For Me 

all the Fargo 

my soul be 

goodbye to love those who are 

raised mine, too. 

Well that nice that was excellent. I love the music scene here in Tucson. And I really like they really have been stepping up and doing a lot Sophia. That was fantastic. We’re going to talk to Sophia in just a moment my goodness, but I just got some news. We got some news yet. We’re going to thank Deborah Hundley. Thank you Deborah and Katie Murphy darling. Yes, Katie Murphy darling or texting some donations. Keep them coming which one of them might be Queen of the Hill. We’re going to see who our highest bidder is or I’m sorry donor is like next week or something that we might try and do it maybe. A surprise snack, who knows right now. I’ve got a very important person to talk to you. She’s waiting for me right now. Make sure you hit that unmute button Sophia and Sophia rankings going to be joining us as we have a chat. How are you doing? I’m good Frank. Thanks so much for having me. This is such an incredible thing that you guys are doing creating, you know grants and funds for small businesses. 

It’s amazing. Well, it’s a great thing that you’re doing. I don’t know. I did stumble across your live stream. Also your background is now better than mine now. But that that was really nice. I really enjoyed and I did I believe I caught some that you were doing all last week just after the show and did happen to share. It was just awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for sharing it. It’s a big deal. And I think that’s what a lot of people really have to do. So with that said how long have you and your brother perform together? Well – well I’ve been playing on my own for about six years and he started playing with me just over a year ago. He started with me last April. We just kind of threw him into it. And yeah, he’s been here ever since that’s also his younger brother older brother. He’s my younger brother. So I’m the boss. But you’re the boss. It’s the same way with my sister. The reason I can draw is because my big sister used to draw and I looked up to her so that’s so sweet. 

Oh, yeah. I think it’s for him is just an excuse to get on stage that works too. Nepotism. It goes a long way out here. So yeah with that said I’ve heard you’ve won some say in competitions recently. Tell me about that. Yeah, so when I was in high school my senior year of high school I went and they did the Tucson Desert Song Festival and I went in and I took my song goodbye and I went on stage with like no hope that anything would happen and that won first place. So that was really cool and surprising and I was like, okay this song might be a good-luck song. So the next year at the Stephen George songwriting festival at the Of a festival I went up and I sang that song along with my song before I get to one and I also won first place for that, which was awesome. It’s like it sounds like bragging which kind of is but it’s also like it was so cool just to do that. I’ve always loved the Folk Festival. It’s where it got me started. So it was so cool that it kind of came full circle. Thank you 

gotta love when things do that again. I remember you supposed to brag that’s not breaking. It’s called being confident give yourself the old Barry Horowitz a little pat on the back. Back, that’s weird because you got to do that. That’s the reason you’re being successful and I mean winning first place and again sounds like unbridled success. So pretty pretty good. Keep on going with that. Thank you. Try to get on any of these big television shows with any performances things like that. I have I tried out for oh my goodness. I tried out for the voice twice American Idol twice and America’s Got Talent and I got callbacks for the voice and America’s Got Talent. But I only went a little the ways like in the preliminaries and then nothing much after that. But I mean at the time I was devastated but now it’s like I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t have written the songs that I wrote during that time of rejection, but and I wouldn’t have been able to finish college or you know finish things out. So it was 

actually really good timing that that didn’t happen for me and it’s helped me grow as an artist. So it’s a win it’s a win-lose when kind of thing. Oh, that’s when you gotta have good perspective. That’s Just good perspective. Remember it’s not a straight line to get to our successes. It’s a line that looks like the how and then there we are. That’s the thing, right? That’s what I find people have your waist. That’s the thing. You gotta keep on trying keep showing up yet. What counts and you guys have been showing up all over the place. I see a live streaming on stop. How often are you going to be doing that? We’re going to do this every Saturday at 6:00. Some days will be outside. So we’ve got some people that have actually shown up on the street like a respectable distance apart, but they’ll show up on the And they’ll just watch from across the street or like at the neighbor’s house. And then we have a bunch of people that watch online. So we do it on YouTube. That’s our main platform 

because that’s where we get the best sound in the video. But we also do it through Instagram and through Facebook for those people that find it too inconvenient on YouTube. So we’re all over the place but every Saturday at 6:00, Arizona time Park, yeah tell us where we can find all those socials. Oh God, here we go. Okay, so my Instagram is At Sofia and music and with underscores think I might change it to make that easier. But and then my YouTube is Sofia Rankin. My Facebook is Sofia ranking music my I think there’s a Twitter out there somewhere and I think that’s Sophia ranking music to and then yeah. My website is www.seannal.com. There you go. Just nowhere name and then you’re going to follow a legend. That’s the spirit to keep. Put up on my on my wall that they still go toward your my Facebook stream. Whatever. It is sounds right on up at home. Yeah right to keep popping up on all those keep on doing it keep on showing out because it’s really impressive and we are going to actually 

play another song from you coming up later at the end of the show. So everyone stick around look forward to that. And again, make sure you remember to watch Sophia next Saturday. It’s a good way to start the night and then you can watch me exactly a different amount of energy but it’s yeah, it’s a good sign. Hey that’s talking about win-win right there. It’s one to the next. East that’s right. When wind you got a lot of thanks Sofia. I appreciate any shoutouts for anybody. Oh gosh. I wanted to I just really want to say thank you to my family and like shout out to the band who can’t be here with us because of quarantine and everything, but I mean my brother’s stuck with me. So shout out to him for putting up with me and still doing this but I mean my family really helps make this happen because everything’s at home. So shout out to them and for everyone who’s been watching and just participating, you know, we support to some because Tucson supports us. So thank you for being there. Will 

continue to be there for you. That’s as good as it gets. Thank you Sofia. I love it. Thanks for being here for me. I need a great that’s great. We’re going to have more from Sofia in just a little bit. But let me just make sure everything’s working out. How do we have other than going over there boys. We doing. All right. 

I told you to use the Star Wars I’ve listened to your door. Where are you going? Where are you going my business? Oh. Okay fellows some sure I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. Maybe maybe someones just a little angry, you know how it gets. Maybe they should order out least once a week. So that being said, uh speaking of that. I believe that there’s one thing to talk about. We’ve got the best news. It’s the best news. I’ve got some good news and I hope that we do let’s see. It looks like the best news is it’s all about the work that the community investment Corp is doing to help small businesses. It’s a really really a big deal here is really really a big deal. So and that’s why we’re supporting them in all proceeds from Tucson helping Tucson last week. I talked with Danny the executive director. It’s exciting. So we’ve got the best news coming from him about how he’s helping everyone by talking to me when I just woke up last Saturday morning before we started any of this stuff. Sorry for my breath. 

Let’s check out what Danny has to say. Thanks me. Good morning. Yes your BFF right here. Again. It’s early Saturday morning, and I’m not prepared. But luckily I’m hanging out with a guy who’s been very prepared for everything that we’re dealing with these days. It’s mr. Danny need a NeNe. How are you doing today, sir? Good morning. I am doing great Frank. It’s a good to see you up this early. Well, I’m not dressed for the job. But I’ll tell you I’m almost prepared. I have some coffee left. I’m almost out of it. But I was hoping maybe you could help. Hype me up because I really need to learn about what this is all about because you’re with Community investment for and you’re really taking charge of where all the money’s going for a lot of the stuff that tht TVs doing some other organizations in town and you might have to explain this to me. Like I have no idea what you’re talking about. And also I’ve been doing this with people you were on the other day. I got to listen to that on KVLY on 

10:30. The voice was a cancer you talk all about this at length. You’ve been on a few. Use we share them over tht TV on the old group. So go click those links. You can listen to Danny talked at length about everything going on, but I have a better idea since I don’t have coffee. I’m not captivated. I got to get high. Danny’s going to get me a little high five give me information and then I’m gonna get us all high by reiterating reiterating that information to you and find fine fashion. So let’s get dressed to impress. Hang on us. Here we go out. There we go. Well, there it is. Danny’s got that hat on. I gotta get a little flashy a little Flash. She because the hype it’s coming. We gotta learn about this community investment court and how the money is being used. Danny take it away. Thanks Frank. Well, yeah it is. This is something to get hyped about this is the community coming together to help in a really rough time and we could focus on that. But instead the way Tucson is we’re choosing 

to focus on how we can come together and support our local small. Businesses here all coming together supporting local small businesses. Boom. That is right. We’re going to will raise it up a little bit here at always doing it already raising it up to the heavens. Yes, small businesses were building the foundation. We’re gonna hold up the whole Community. It’s red. So during this time Frank at one of the things that you know, some of the estimates are can be a little bit Bleak there’s information out there that says the average small business. This has about 27 days cash on hand. And if this lasts for over three months, which is what it’s looking like it will we could lose as many as 50% of our small businesses and you’re like me I just can’t imagine Tucson without a half of our small businesses. I mean to who we are and what we do and so we are really just trying to Rally not only the nonprofit Community but everybody Here in Tucson to come to the aid of the small businesses and one of 

the things I say, you know our Frontline people the people that are in the medical community, they’re doing all this hard work that people are still working with the basic services that we have, you know, they’re Heroes and they’re sacrificing but solar a small businesses. They see of the many Heroes. He’s talking small business volunteered in the community nurses doctors everyone getting ready and he’s here to take take care of knots right Danny needs Taking Care of Business he going so we’re what we’re trying to do is they’re trying to raise the money right now. Our organization has already committed $200,000 for emergency loan funds and for grants for small businesses, and we’re trying to make just a bigger pie so we can help more people and that’s what Tucson helping Tucson is all about a good piece of the pie $200,000 already. That’s right. That’s not done. That’s the beginning that’s where we’re starting to and he’s off and running my goodness. My goodness. Keep it raining. I’ve got 

to get more well, and that’s what we’re looking for. We’re not only looking for people to donate. Basically, what we’re doing is we’re doing loans. They are pay it back to pay it forward loans. These are in the technical terms that nobody wants to hear their non-recourse loans. They’re basically we are just putting our faith in the small businesses that when they get back on their feet, That they will pay it back pay back that loan so we can pay it forward to the next small business that we helped. We’re also hoping to potentially create a an Emergency Loan Fund for the future so that we don’t have to do this work every time something comes up. So we have something that we can already tap into when we have an emergency like the one that we’re facing right now Frank you go recurring currency faith in the community. That’s what it’s all about. He’s the glue that’s keeping it together. It takes money. Get things done. Danny’s Doling it up. Well, I should have put more cash in my wallet before 

that joke Dan, he’s Doling it out. He’s got it going on the very idea that yes, it’s going and then going in and going again people invest than giving it back. So that other businesses can keep going forward. He even things of flow plug and every leak that’s the idea and that’s what the community is all about. You can’t spell community without unity and Danny needs getting it done my got here Frank one of the things that’s also exciting about what we’re doing. Doing is we are providing some options through a couple of online platforms that we can actually crowdfund where customers can actually invest in their favorite businesses. So if you don’t have that money to necessary donate or you’re donating to the food bank or some other basic service. We totally understand that but you can actually loan your money to businesses 0% interest loan through Teva. There’s a different type of loan through a place called we funder that it About a three percent loan. They’re a little bit bigger. So for 

some of those places that have really loyal followings by part of Points Market you ever even there Frank all of it the most Five Points not one not two not three five of them. They got it. So they’re going up on we funder in this next week and they’ll be looking for hopefully some of their loyal people I’ll take that money that you pulled out of your wallet at any point for as low as $100 you can invest in that so you’re making a loan to Five Points. It and for as little as $25 through T, but you can make a loan. And so we have that in addition to being able to basically to donate Now to create a revolving Loan Fund for Grants. And for this pay it back to pay or pay it forward alone that we’re doing that’s a that’s brilliant. I mean, I just put some of the Haifa sock. That’s just good news right there. That’s exciting to hear but that’s what’s really important. I love the idea that you can take care of some of the businesses that you specifically love even all this stuff out sounds me 

so much money. I got my wallet but I got a little scratch and then I still I can’t help myself because you want to help people and you print help the prince Kickstarter donated $5 to the Surly wench on their GoFundMe because some people are doing what they can to get by but the big thing that I’m trying to tell people is it’s great to help your your one local business and that’s great helping umbrella places that are like yours. I don’t say umbrella corpse people think zombies like that because of those movies, but Umbrella Corporation that are actually taking care of a lot of businesses. All at once is really a good way. A to help a lot. I think start of Tucson’s doing it like that. Even that’s what we’re doing is tht we’re trying to really, you know, take care of us. We’re going to try and take care of a hundred people all at once and that’s really important because numbers are what’s going to save the day and that’s how Community works. You just got to get it all tied together in Frank. 

We have some of the best Partners local first, Arizona. We have growth Partners, Arizona. We just we have so many different places. The Metro chamber is helping out people as far as the Metro chamber tape listed them. I’m feeling the hype again. That’s right. We just we have a lot of lot of groups that are getting behind this and you know, my friend Michael McDonald. He runs the Community Food Bank. He said to me, you know, this is a this is a basic service crisis, but is also an economic disaster and we have to try to address both with our generosity and you know, he’s somebody himself he is committed to investing in businesses for us. He’s already made that A commitment he’s going to go up on our crowd crowdfunded websites to basically put his own personal money towards this because he understands that the food bank is doing one thing and we’re doing we’re trying as he would tell you we’re trying to keep people off the food bank lines. They’re feeding them when they come and we’re trying 

to keep people working so that they don’t have to use those Services if they can help it and that’s really what we’re up to today. And and hopefully for the next few months that we’re going to continue we’re going to At this so I’m glad that you’re hyped. I hope I can keep you tight for months to come – months days and days. That’s right. The weather report calls for Clear Skies, but it looks like you guys are here to make it to raise 

Em High. I think the community investment corpse going to do a lot. Keep it down. Keep it down who’s gonna sweep this place up on cheese. I think that you guys are really doing a lot. You’re really giving a lot of people a lot of just faith in what? Is I think that’s a big word that you said because people are trying to scramble. They don’t know where to go. There’s a lot of go from he’s popped up. You don’t know if you can trust everything and that’s the point is that trust is what a lot of people I’m seeing struggle dealing with a little bit right now because people are little they don’t know where to turn. Yeah, and I found that you guys just keep popping up. You’ve got your history you got your record and and you know, honestly the thing we’ve got I think the council’s we got you. That’s right. Yeah, mister Dandy there. He is Danny De was friends Daniel leg. Is this full moon you have Idea, I’m sure but he’s helping a lot you’re doing a lot and you’re really doing more than most people 

in the community. I just keep seeing you pop up and interviews left and right newspapers all those things. We’re going to share all these links over on the Tucson helping Tucson page and if you want to follow everything the Danny’s doing make sure you go follow him. Go check out the website. What’s the website Danny the website? Well, our website is cic Tucson dot-org, but there’s also the most important website, which is Tucson helping Tucson.com, you know it has Tag Tucson together that’s right and Danny’s taking cuts through I think we’re going to be doing better sir. I really appreciate you taking the time with me and dealing with all of this is for pretty good. Remember also. I like you had by your hats local to there you go. No go there right now. So this was really fun really great and hopefully super informative for everybody out there. I feel like I’m ready to do an entire Telethon. I’m hyped up. I’m gonna go change you to a nicer suit. In fact here with pick up pennies in my pocket. 

In fact, look at this. I think I’m going to be dressed to impress tonight. They’re all still works without the green screen. I’m super pumped. Let’s get ready to get some money into the community raise some funds raised some Spirits raise a Ruckus and keep meeting friends Neighbors in the community because that’s what’s going to make this whole thing work is unit. Thanks, Dan. 

Let me just ask you guys. Do you know how many of you out there? You know how many, you know house 20/20 been with you guys. Okay, you’ll have to answer that. That was a rhetorical question. Another thing that I hate. All that dislike about 2020 is that FaceTime FaceTime? I can’t stand FaceTime now everybody’s face timing everywhere. I’m like look you call me or you know, you come see me I can’t do both I can’t do it. I can’t do both and especially when you get that unexpected FaceTime call. The one you wasn’t wasn’t really prepared for you know that FaceTime call where you know, you got faced. I’m ready. You know you just chilling on the couch butt naked and you get this call that you wasn’t expecting now. I have to like debate with myself. Should I answer this call to somebody that I really don’t want to talk to and then when you get on the call? All or when you really try to talk to this person, you know, you can even use the excuse they say oh something just came up. I got to go because 

then they’ll say man what you got to go. We all quarantine. You ain’t got to go nowhere what you got to do. So you have to really sit there and talk to these people and I can’t like like like roll my eyes, you know while a talking about something that I’m not interested in because they can see Acting like whole perform away from my face and use like gestures like person talk to you more. I can’t do that because they looking at me right in my face and and I’m like just looking at them too, and I don’t know what to do. So what I do is I just do just a straight face Blank Stare, you know, I’m looking I’m hearing them, but I’m not really there or Sometimes what I like to do is that I like to pretend that the vector the FaceTime has a bad connection and and I just like stopped in mid. Oh my goodness. Thank you. Thank you comedy. Go. Look at that Monty Benjamin. He’s a prayer clean comic for battle of the roast room world champion and a third thing my Benjamin’s great. I love that man a lot. 

So right now We got some shoutouts some big-time shoutouts. Thanks Joanne schlock for a text donation. I’m going to text the word give to a number. I said, I’m not going to go look for again and props to Daniel goers and Sarah Price who just gave $100 and they don’t know what this means. But you know what this means this means big money big money. There is some big money formation. That’s the stuff how exciting for that. So we have big money donation coming in from those Those who hear what’s great about those two that I love the most it’s them. I’m hashtag ordained. I married those two. What a great time. I love this town. So right now since we’re all dealing with what we’re dealing with we want to do an educational part of the show. So I have an educational part of the show that I like to present and this week since we have so many home school teachers now brand-new tone School teachers. I figured I would teach you something. It’s called new math. It’s like New Coke, but it’s math. You 

know just as disappointing. Fuck what something’s going wrong. Hang on a second. What is going on over here? What is it? Can we go? Hey guys. 

Everything’s great Frank nice to you. Oh boy. Wow, I’m sure we’ll be just fine. I said the quarantine gets to a few of us. It’s ok. It’s ok. I’m not going to write someone a letter that’s fine. Let’s move on. Let’s move on. We’ve got friends waiting friends here and friends all around and I’ve got friends that I like to hang around all the time. I used to do it every single Wednesday and now I’m going to hang out with him right now here on a live stream its THC TV hanging out the fine fine folks over at the beautiful hotel. McCoy, where’s my sweet sweet background for the beautiful hotel McCoy. I know I have one somewhere. I will leave it at this. Hey Nicole you there? Hey, here’s Brandon. How’s it going? Hey, Frank, how’s it going? I’m doing all right. How are you guys feeling? How are you holding up Sir doing great doing great, you know. Heck. Yeah, Good Vibes all the call. How are you doing? So the whole family’s there? Oh good point. Wait a second. I look ridiculous. Hang on a sec. 

Hang on. I don’t want to look absurd. So we’ve got you guys hanging out. I look a lot better right now, and we are you guys helping out a lot because you’ve been one of the sponsors doing some fun stuff around town certainly helping local artist. I believe if I wanted to now I could go live at the beautiful hotel McCoys. You should do it baby. Yeah. Yeah the next president ever Cole. So I think it’s a whole theme of this quarantine of the business is learning how to Pivot. Thanks. And so we have a bunch of empty rooms because no one’s traveling right now. And so we got together with all of our investors and we figured out that we have 21 

turning to Studio. Until you lower the monthly rate down to a tiny 5 and then are offering artist Hospitality employees nonprofit employees. And then we just added medical workers who have been furloughed. There’s a lot of people who were working an elective surgery that no longer have jobs. So basically anyone has been laid off and can no longer afford their rent or the financial burden and need the place to kind of lay their head for a little bit. That’s safe. We have 21 of those units available. Level and you can get a great assistant Grant that’s anywhere from 10 to 40 percent. So gets you in there anywhere from 400 to 800 dollars a month of all utilities Wi-Fi cable and free breakfast. Oh, I love the free breakfast. I love the oatmeal Buffet out. That’s right. It’s fantastic. That’s fantastic. You do realize that’s like my dream situation in a way like what a creative common you can kind of create it’s been we have some really cool people saying they’re like And we have someone who 

build that’s right. You have someone who builds the best for he’s lit was on tour with a bunch of really rad musicians and he’s filled like the construction of concert tours. They have a seamstress. We have massage therapists all sorts of really cool people right now. It’s a neat by. Yeah. We need 

amazing. That’s one of the more interesting. I’ve ever met while I hanging out there. Is this young man named Brandon Brandon? How are you doing, sir? You know I can’t complain things might be crazy. But we’re keeping the vibe up and having a good time. That’s all that matters. That is what we’re taking care of each other. I’ll tell you the both your status updates. Keep me a little bit same it’s some of it some of the way it is. It does feel like you could do get the hang out. I changed my relationship with Facebook a lot because of how much I’ve been able to enjoy some of my friends and then And actually having a bit more conversations now because that’s what we’re going on, sir, you know watching the show. 

I got fun. But yeah, Brandon, go ahead. Oh, sorry about that. No, she’s so cute. I can’t even well, you know, I’m always looking for Silver Linings and one of my favorite Silver Linings is that right? Now creativity is all over the place. We’re seeing so much creativity in the best way and it just puts a smile on your face. And as long as you’re looking for those Silver Linings and you’re getting creative and making the most of your time, it’s just a good way to be. No, it’s the truth get a house when we’re doing a lot obviously uniting creativity all that fun stuff. I mean speaking of that because while you were at, you know, you’re at the hotel McCoy the beautiful hotel McCoy and you have a lot of art there. There’s a lot of art that you need purchase. There’s a lot of art all around and it really also reminds me of where’s that thing? I’m looking for you if there is one of my favorite photos that has ever happened there. It’s a photo of us. There we go. I’ve never looked better Facebook. 

Look suggested that you tag you tag your husband in there and then tag me because look at that handsome devil. That’s obviously me. I look very attractive. I mean the we have multiple monuments to you at the hotel. You’re an installation. I mean, nobody can deny that I appreciate it and I’ll tell you what, I’m almost done sculpting that installation will have it done by the end of the quarantine will install it. It’s a big Fountain. It’s going to go right in the front. Oh my God, I can’t wait. It’s going to be glorious. 

So tell me a little bit about what you guys are doing for us because I believe we’ve got some sort of give away. Now we’re giving away a staycation. Brandon actually have some cool news to about that. We’re just really I mean this too shall pass actually funny story have that tattooed on my back. It was a bad drunk in my face tattoo shop. I found at three in the morning, but it’s Rich because this to shop at this isn’t forever and soon we’ll be doing a lot of cool things like taking staycation. So that’s why we decided to give one away. Heck. Yeah, I love that. Also the fun thing about that. Is that everyone gets a free drink when they do I Could Make It Rain these coins right now. I want to do it gets a free drink, which I love that’s how you welcome a guest on it. So we’re going to sum over all over the world 

and that’s what’s so incredible about this community. It’s such a beautiful creative colorful City. And I mean you just get to see people come together in this wonderful. Eighth of an artistic way. It creates a really cool Vibe. Everybody is just super comfortable. And I mean there’s really no better place to just kick your heels up have a drink and relax like yeah, and that’s the goal. So we’ve got a big fun staycation or vacation. I believe coming this summer donated submitted the show people that donated people that submitted content right and some of the people who have rsvp’d your the Facebook event. Remember no purchase necessary just go sign up and do all that fun stuff, and I’ve got a whole list of people People that have done that so as the tradition continues here with the beautiful hotel McCoy. I’ve got a list the name. I don’t want to bring your balls. So let me find out who the big winner is. Let’s see it. There we go. It looks like it’s I-20 separate. I have it written down 

by 27. Let me look at my list. Hang on a second. I 27 is do I get to play 

out of heck with it. Hey, it’s Bill Hutchinson. 

So Bill Hutchison. You have won a beautiful staycation at the beautiful hotel McCoy two nights. Stay remember free. Breakfast you can see Brandi gets even colder maybe play some games. I still think they’re doing Bingo down there. It’s so much fun. And there’s so many live performances things like that and they’ve got a pool. That’s all the matters in the summer who chooses the thanks guys. Thanks for donating that congratulations to mr. Bill Hutchison. Who is one that fine fine prize. I’m sure someone will be contacting you via carrier pigeon or smoke signal how we’re doing things or Zoom seems very possible Brandon. Thanks so much, Nicole. Thank you Brandon. I want to thank you for one of the things last week. Wrote the best comment and Tom Heath was moved to tears. Oh did what did I do? Two bucks. How much did you have in that checking account at the moment for a moment two dollars and three cents two dollars and three total baller. You know it thank you. What an amazing story and Lafayette. 

Let me let me add plenty add to that fund. I’m going to give you my two cents. You are the best like that’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Well like, you know Frank you are the best though. You are the Best and you know, honestly this community is the best we freaking love Tucson, but you know, I’ll tell you what to like we’re doing another like really cool thing. If you guys want to come down and enjoy the hotel booked in April and use the code brighter future and you can get half off any stay in 2020 and you get what do you get for half off 50% off in 2020. I mean, come on get your staycation on that’s amazing, but weird. Dance-off that’s fantastic. Well done Peppa. Love your book in April. These people are heroes. Whoo. Give me that code one more time. We’re going to get it in the comment section Joe get in the comment section. What second code is brighter future. Let me double-check on that. So I’m pretty sure it is brighter future brighter future it is I think we’ve all got 

a brighter future, hopefully. But where is that? It’s just bright future. What there we go. That’s my dad. Right right future. The future is so bright. Oh so bright. That’s right. You got to do that. That’s the spirit. I love it the most the future so bright at the beautiful hotel McCoy. You can see clearly now once this is all done and gone. That’s the place to go hang out have some fun get together with some of your favorite games and you know back a local Brewer. Maybe stay the night. That’s the spirit. Thank you Brandon. I really Nicole one more thing was about to as well. Thank you so much and adorable. I love it the most look at that so good. So good Selma coil of going right get that hotel McCoy. Love going. Whoo-hoo my favorite thing that Nicole if I was going to tell you one thing it was this you ask what your you’re like title was going to be on the Tucson helping Tucson. Thank you page as we get older people on the group. This is going to be Nicole has copper up her nose. 

Hey by train. 

Involves our young man that we were hanging out with just a moment ago, but on my star-studded have indeed for this star-studded. Yo, man. Why you remember Alex cat from earlier? Yes. Well, he’s been spending his quarantine watching his entire DVD collection included having this big big Twitter following that’s voting on what movies he’s going to watch. We saw that happening and then we decided to get old green shirt guy to review some of these films that he watched throughout the week. So we’ve got that coming up. Up, and if you want to go participate and see what he’s laughing at this week, then you can follow him at Alex underscore CAC. And let’s see what he thought of what you made him. Watch. This is Alex cac’s Cinema classics. 

Oh, pardon me. You just caught me engaging in one of my favorite activities, but you know what? I’m not nose deep in an old leather book. I like to spend my time reading about. Watching and the critiquing fine artistic film and today. I’d like to discuss a film that is dear to my heart. And I hope soon near to your screen that film of course is Monkeybone now to truly understand Monkeybone. It’s important to note. That it is a film from 2001. Some have even said the greatest film of the year 2000. It has an ensemble cast led by the universally acclaimed sex symbol Brendan Fraser and Chris Kattan. In what appears to be corpse, Mecca Monkeybone came out in a very different time than our own. We were not all stuck in our homes, and we were not so afraid this Fearless piece of filmmaking. Is designed to teach Humanity? how to achieve True Glory And that is really the point of Monkeybone. The plot is not what you need to understand about Monkeybone, although for the sake of this review. I should 

probably explain it. You see in this film mild-mannered cartoonists to Miley falls deeply into a coma. And awakens in a nightmarish hellscape populated by kind of CGI kind of claymation horny animal monsters one of them a lothario monkey of his own creation. Goes back to the Mortal plane and inhabits and possesses his body. He also begins to dress like a weird dude that spent his time playing RuneScape going to a nightclub for the first time is that this point but Stu Miley must overcome insurmountable odds through sheer will and human determination. To return himself to the Mortal plane and possessed the festering corpse of Chris Kattan Monkeybone shows truly. that the things that make human life worth living are also terrifying. pursuing your dreams is always a risk and is always scary much like the nightmare plane. Let’s do finds himself inhabitant. It also shows us that there are some things that are worth fighting for Stu returns not to achieve greatness as a Cartoonist. But to protect 

the woman he loves for the course by Bridget Fonda who is a person. You may remember as having a career this film. Actually holds a special place in my heart. It’s surprisingly and shockingly good. For being something that I literally can’t even find the runtime on it. I don’t think they wanted you to know. How long would be sitting there if you went and purchased this and sat down to watch it and I can’t imagine what it was like seeing theater. I missed out on that that opportunity myself. Monkeybone is available on DVD. I assume VHS because again, it came out in 2001. It is not available to be sure. Dying of the major streaming services because of film the caliber of Monkeybone is not something you give away for free with a 599 subscription. It is something you make somebody pay $3 for so, please Go and find this film I highly recommend mm ones Monkeybone again starring to people because this is all 30 second bumper. 

Ooh La La that’s some fine fine movies right there and I believe some more of that 500 Alex cac’s Cinema Classics shall return again how fantastic my word I love some of that okay that happening. I’ll good. Let me get my hat because I’ve got another thing right here. That’s excellent. I’ve got someone to meet someone else to talk about and someone else to shout about because they’ve been making a big deal around town for everyone in the community just like me, especially me. Why have you heard about Tucson shops Tucson? It’s a great new community initiative led by startup Tucson. My heroes and joining us live is Liz pocock the CEO of startup Tucson. Let’s play Iran and Hey, how about jazz? All there is Liz. How’s it going? That the spirit? That’s how you doing? I am good. How are you? I’m having some time here and let me unmute that let me fix this that that get around, please thank you so much for creating that initiative that you made all that stuff with Tucson shop and choose our Tucson 

shops Tucson. You’ve got to tell me a little bit more about it. Even though I’m pretty sure I know some of it because I was so excited when I saw this post so Frank, can you hear me now? Oh good. Alright so high Welcome and we’re so excited to be here tonight. I’m coming to you from our Virtual Office. So let me tell you a little bit about Tucson shops Tucson. So to some shops Tucson is our new platform Online Marketplace One-Stop location where you can buy from all your favorite vendors and here in town including you Frank. You have something up on the platform that you want. I hope that you’re going to tell everybody about and so really the goal with the platform was too. We’ve seen all these these resources to mount for our community that are really great. Great ways to support our local restaurants doing take out once a week. We saw that video earlier tonight, but we were really missing a place where we could all come together and kind of shop from our favorite local entrepreneurs. 

So we created this platform. You can go on to some shops Tucson.com and you can kind of browse around a bunch of our favorite categories. We have stuff like gifts for Desert lovers experiences stuff for moms dads and kiddos self care. Home good and best using Bros and you can kind of look around there and then we’ll take you to the website of that vendor and that entrepreneur and you can help support them through this time. That’s amazing. I’m super excited. I saw it. Some people are definitely offering like different like coupon codes. If you go through them, which is cool. It’s a good way to again. Nothing else about Danny like help the umbrella companies that are helping like a hundred companies At Once by helping them. We really get to help a lot and you really die. You guys have really stepped up and helped so many people so quick. I really was so impressive to see how fast it rolled out how many businesses are have been submitted already. We have about 70 vendors on the platform, 

right? Now so we’re super excited to everybody we’ve had more over the weekend. We just launched Thursday and since Thursday we’ve had about 30 more submit. So we’re going to be adding stuff to that that platform constantly and getting new things up there. Some of the ones we’re super excited about. I hope that you will tell them about yours Frank but we’ve got Nicole has some stuff up there from hotel McCoy. She has this really cool experience where you can book now for a summer stay or Falls day and it includes, you know, some of your craft craft beverages you can stay by. The pool you can you know have some cool snacks and it’s kind of all in this nice little package. The goal is really like you’re going to have to buy these gifts. Anyways, whether it’s Mother’s Day Father’s Day birthdays Christmas, you know, all these things that we’re doing go ahead and support your local businesses. Now through this through this kind of trying time and get out there and Shop local and so some other 

stuff we’re excited about we’ve got Alan from Arizona Baking Company if you had those cookies Frank, yes delicious then from Forbes Nico has some really cool grilling packages on there why I love where I live. This is Tucson page today math for any of those parents that are trying to help their their kids kind of get through like doing that tutorials right now, Janice put up a really cool package Lauren from sickness to got our sickness hearings on she’s got some stuff on the platform Tucson improv movement has some writing classes on there. So we’ve got all sorts of really great things on there and we just really are encouraging everyone to kind of go check it out and see. What you could do to support local right now, heck. Yeah, that’s some good company on there with I appreciate it. All right, let’s don’t twist my arm to promote myself. Anyway know not to do it Frank, right? That’s the store. You’re helping everybody else. Remember, I’m your BFF your best friend forever and I like to 

teach kids how to draw a comic strips and cartoon. So if you go over to Tucson shops Tucson, you can see some of my website for the comic book mobile and go check out some of what I’m doing as I do fun videos and make a bunch of nonsense and entertain kids and do all this fun stuff because you know from time to time. I’m pretty funny. I don’t know it happens every now and again, right I think so. I mean, it’s not the end of the world yet. We’re doing. All right. We’re just living in Tucson having a blast. Well, we do it everything is fine. So that’s what I want to do is just have some fun on the internet teaching kids do all that stuff. So I really appreciate you helping me out and promoting again startup Tucson means a lot to me and I’ll just tell the world all about it. Stop Tucson is the reason that the comic book movie L might even exist. I took my Pivot back in the day when I want to go. Gallery and then took their startup business class called Thrive and guess what it turned into 

a pitch competition and guess what your boy won the whole thing. So Thrive which you can see here is not a you know, a very good shirt to show because it’s green. It’s a green shirt, but it’s got a good message and the messages I failed over and over and over again my life and that’s why I will Thrive and one Michael. Jordan said that that’s right. So startup Tucson’s the best don’t ever forget. All right. There we go. Fun, but don’t forget and thank you so much for never forget about me Liz. I really appreciate it. But now let me give you a Lille to to because what is the major award that you won just a small while ago? Ah, thanks Frank. I want a woman of influence award and the rising star category. That’s very sweet of you to remember it was a really great honor among so many other amazing women our community. I’m so happy to do basically my dream job. I get to help people like Frank and Nicole all day every day and really trying to think of new ways to really support our businesses. 

So one of the things that I love anybody watching to know is that third piece on is here to support you right now. So whether you’re you’ve had a business and you’re going through a pivot right now and you need to think of new ways to do that or you’ve always wanted to start a business and now you’re finding yourself with some free time. We are here to kind of help you learn that process we offer all sorts of educational programming free or very inexpensive. We have startup Labs which we run once a month. We’re bringing those on twice a month now and we’ve converted those two online. So our next one is this coming Monday. You can visit startup Tucson.com to learn more about that and we’ll do another one in two weeks a really great place to learn how to get going and we have all sorts of great mentors that are in our Network that are really there to help you all sorts. All of all the way along your process. So we’re happy to work with people like Danny cic and all those Tucson help. In Tucson, 

these projects are so important for our community and the small businesses that we work within the entrepreneurs. We work with every day really do make two sons of the place that we love to live. It’s true. I again you could have said it any better. And remember. I’m not at some sort of pain spokesman startup Tucson really changed my whole life. It was the best thing that I ever did because I’m a creative guy right art guy one right brain left brain. I don’t know whichever one it is and then you go there you get some help to learn the business side of your brain and get some help when you’re struggling, you know, trying to get to the next level and start up to some really was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. I can’t thank you enough everyone that was involved. It really is the best. It’s a good Community the startup Community much like anything else. It’s fun to meet entrepreneurs is fun to meet your neighbors small business folks and people that you can really, you know, meet 

the take you to the next level and and that’s the truth. You really did help me level up. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for joining us today for making that virtual snake. Absolutely. Yeah absolutely does yeah now more than ever is a great time with with programs. Like Danny was talking about earlier the kibo program in the we fund our program are really Really cool programs that are coming online for our community. Now as you’re trying to look for Capital your friends can really help you do that. And that’s something that we’ve never been able to do before and so we’re super super excited to be partnered with them on some of these projects and really really happy to support people like you Frank. Thanks so much. Thank you. I appreciate it. Say hi to the husband. I did an animated voice over for a commercial for him. It’s the five wives That’s The five-step Mixing system 1000. It’s very sticky and Frank. This room that I’m actually in my virtual background is actually the studio that 

uses that commercial in. Oh, look at that. That’s so cool. I love it. Yay. You know what? It is synergy. That’s that friendship. Thank you so much my goodness. All right. Don’t check out Tucson shops to sun.com you’ll get everything updated and keep track of everything going on. I’m sure they’re adding new listings all the time. Thank you so much Liz. Let’s check back in the control room one last time. I mean, I don’t know how anyone isn’t moved after something like that guys. Are you better? 

You know, I really do love when a work place to really just work something out those guys, you know, it’s good that they really did do that. I’ve been watching their on-again off-again relationships go back and forth for a while. I’m glad they finally got to where they needed to be. I love Jim and Pam what was going on in the control room? I don’t even alright. Well, we’ll get to the I’m sure those guys did great that was it brought a tear to my eye. Oh my goodness. Thank you. Josh. You are obviously a God among media men and again Mal. Welcome. Well done. You’re the best. Keep it going. We’re going to see what more from them probably next week and keep on developing what we got going on. Give me more workplace friends in this entire situation. However, it’s a tough situation. But remember it’s fine. It’s fine, right? That’s fine. We’ll get through it all we’re going to get through it together because we’ve got a lot of fun people that have been taken care of us here into town and that’s 

going to be these people right here. Let’s recognize them. It’s a Tucson Metro chamber local first, Arizona. Arizona Mike, pihl what’s the deal Community investment corpse hanging out time. He Nova Home Loans. There. He is. Well law offices of Lazarus and Sylveon rink media and it’s wax the Southern Arizona Leadership Council tep, keeping these lights on me. We’ve got the Tucson Industrial Development Authority cops Hotel Congress. The Rue events are ou X en Francais why I love where I live. Don’t forget your BFF comic bookmobile. That’s right. I think we had a good show. What a good time. We want more of you to send donations. We want more of you to send content because we’ve got a big call to action that gets you in these contests right now. That’s yeah for the hotel McCoy stays other gifts that we’re going to come up with over the next few weeks. If you submit content if you provide anything maybe even if you give like a dozen shares come up and prove it or you might enter you in this 

competition where you get to get some fun stuff. Stuff from us from some of these sponsors. I’m super pumped to do it. And and one of the things that we’ve got going on is that we’ve got quarantine life. Some of our friends have been sending us pictures and images as well as some other videos about quarantine life and how they’ve been handling whether it’s the foreign see the covid Fashions, whether it’s their home offices or their newest co-worker their pets. So we’re going to see some of those as you go to our Facebook page. That’s Tucson helping Tucson go to the Facebook page submit things there go to the Facebook group s to join one of us will let you in on Sure, and then post up there and posting positive post there every day papa papa. So I’m super pumped to get that going. I’m super pumped to show you some other things. So as you can see this place that I’m hanging out in here is really fun. It’s my home studio that I had to put together, but I’ve always been kind of prepared for 

this weird opportunity where I threw out a lot of stuff that I have I took the stand against couches a while ago because they keep them sitting home too much now, we’re trapped. I kind of miss my couch, but you know what I do with the space, I turned into a big stew. Geo and on all four sides of it I’ve got something to do as well as some of the other parts of the house so I’m going to show you that as we present one of the first things that we’re doing going to be doing it every week send on in it’s a quarantine Chris come on up and see HDTV to to live in a quarantine line 

You call me change it. Hang on a second. I’m not ready for the next bit. I’ll one of the things that we’ve got going on here is we’ve got a huge call to action for many many things over the Facebook page one of them being a call to action for Tucson cribs. That’s right. We’re all quarantine that stuck inside. So we kind of want to see what your digs are like. Why not? I don’t know why everyone’s happens to prom being stuck inside but I live in kind of a fun house. It really is. I mean don’t be fooled by what’s behind me. How does not a big wall of action figures there on the South Wall. No struck a green screen. I keep those on the north wall. They’re over there. Of course, there they are. That’s the stuff that the spirit. In fact here. Hang on a second. Let me get a closer. Look Talia tell you take this phone tell you give it to me. Thanks Talia. I recommend getting your quarantine buddy or your old friend. Selfie stick to do a frisbee. It’s really cool. They can see what I’ve got going 

on here speak green screen and there’s my set that I bought that part right there takes a symbol of the best things about this group. Is that how you go that way? 

It’s time to come over here and go this way. 

It’s just a good old-fashioned talk show with a curtain and I’ve always got a desk ready. It’s in 2D. So it’s compact easy to bring anywhere. 

All right. Come here. See what’s in this room. Yeah, she’s all right. I got a lot of fun stuff in here. But what I really like to do hear the most is obviously you see I love toys. I love action figures. I love tiny muscular men, but the thing that I love the most is some of us action figure collectors. We do sometimes keep them in the package. Right? Right, right. Right, right. So what I like to do is obviously, you know thinking and just take a trip down memory lane because my favorite thing used to be Going to Toys R Us. That would just go just look at the choice. Sometimes I come in here at night. We’re just staying here, and thank you. Thanks so much. 

Check out the gym. 

This is my gym area where I like to give up Pump pump pump pump since we can’t go outside. You got to take care of yourself, right? So every once in a while I come in here and I’d beat the meat. That’s right. 

You got to do what you say. 

I’ve got a few other things to show you in this I got to actually go first though pay a visit to my landlord. Hang on. 

Sorry, mr. Mangled. I’m just a little like this month. It’s been tough time all stole my gigs. Mr. Mantle this is all II know it’s only a dollar. It has sentimental value with my first dollar this man. I’ll just leave it. I’m going to wash the car miss me. I’m sort of wash on the car. I’ll go do that please that man. Go. Thank you. Mr. Manuel. 

One Last Thing Before I go wash mangold’s comic book mobile. See this. Look this is I had a Tucson army man figure of me. This is the big one, but you can see what this is. This is all these toys on a shelf right and then me and then there’s shelves on this shelf of toys and they’ve got tinier and tinier muscular men and on that shelf is another shelf stuff on it. 

Ha ha ha ha. So do your own Crips video show us how fun your house is I may be put on this whole shindig. Thanks for hanging out and all that stuff to tht at Brink.com. You may have noticed I didn’t show you a bed, but that’s because I sleep in the yard. It’s a replica of Snoopy’s house. Yes. 


are you okay? Whoo-hoo? 

You’re all invited over whenever you want. That’s the best. What do you think of that place? Pretty sweet digs? Right? I think I did. What do you think this background? Pretty sweet digs? Right? That’s right. It’s viewers like you that are helping all of this happen take that PBS. I have a PBS tattoo. I’m actually really close but I uh, I think we did a good job here. Today. We’re going to give you the sum of those totals reporter my I think tomorrow perhaps on the Facebook page, but follow us over on Facebook at Tucson helping Tucson as well as the Facebook group remember #keep Tucson together not further hashtag Tucson together. I just put the word keep in front of it all the time. But that’s what’s been the best thing going. Give us all your fun submissions. Thank all of our fun sponsors. This is really one of the best things that I’ve ever been a part of I really love talking all these fine folks and friends in the community really reach out. If you want to get involved we’re looking 

for fun content because remember laughter is the best medicine poem so truth. So one last time make sure you go hit up Gronk, right? Right go hit up drunk act Rob Gronkowski, I believe and make sure you ask him to get involved and keep it high 20% Champion. So he’s on alert. So we’ve got that we’ve got one more thing to give you after I just say this. Thank you so much. All right to Tucson. It’s your BFF your best friend forever. I’m say that one more time. The prince of promotional can’t commotion your Master of Ceremonies and the ambassador of entertainment of tht TV. Let’s go hang out with Sophia ranking one last time and we’ll see you next. We can don’t forget to go to Club congress.com after this is not a pot and keep your knife rocking treat you right every Saturday night. I love you the most ma hi. 

I can control 

how I am of if into position. How do you path? I want to follow 

so you want to be there is 

so I go on my own. 

Don’t even know I don’t us the gun like my own sad. I don’t believe it’ll take me. 

There is 

some pretty whatever. 

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