Episode 1 – Tucson Helping Tucson

Tucson Helping Tucson – Episode 1 Transcript

Hello Tucson, it’s your BFF your best Frank forever the prince of promotion the king of commotion your Master of Ceremonies in the ambassador of entertainment for all things happening in Old to to Tucson. So hey how you feeling because I’m here to help you feel a little bit better because a bunch of people in town really got to get We’re trying to do is hashtag keep Tucson together and that’s what’s up. So you’re here witnessing the very first Endeavor here the very first episode of th TD tht TV. That’s right Tucson helping Tucson TV. It’s super exciting. It’s a big Endeavor because we really have this great idea to keep Tucson together. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to help small businesses. We’re trying to help artists. We’re trying to help a lot of people in town that really got either laid off for a load or just have nowhere to go because we’re all stuck inside. Side, I’m broadcasting live from deep inside my home in the heart of a mountain. You have to take a side road 

and try like the Batcave comes down. Don’t come visit. You’re not allowed. But that’s why I’m broadcasting from I’m getting a little help a Little Help from everyone down at Great and by everyone. I mean like two guys. That’s right. We got one guy outside the studio and then we got another guy quarantined inside a sound booth and they’re going to help us doing all the switch and pull the plugs the buttons and all that stuff to keep the show going. Hopefully the Wi-Fi doesn’t give out. Hopefully nothing fails and I paid the power bill on time. So that’s what’s up is that I am Frank Powers. I’m here to help you feel a bit better and talk to you all about everything that’s happening here in Tucson these days with keeping small businesses afloat, and really just trying to come together as a big community. So this is the first in a series of live streams leading up to a big three day event that we’re planning once we’re all allowed to leave our homes in the florentines done and we’re doing this 

kind of stream with on that raises money for an emergency small business Relief Fund. So we’re going to experiment I’m going to get silly. I’m certainly wacky. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Some of you might work with us some of it, you know, we we might need some content some it’s going to work some of it may not but the fact of the matter is I can’t do this all alone. I need all my friends out there in Tucson. So go hit share go hit like share and subscribe to all these things. The group’s Facebook page has some of these new organizations that have popped up involving Tucson helping Tucson as well as tht TV. You’re also going to want to go help some of the other people involved. I’ll tell you about them in a moment. We’re going to get better every week. Content if you’re going to try and get involved here, if you’re an artist to make her a mover a Shaker, we need you to submit your content the funnier the better and you can go send that to tht at break.com. So that’s very easy to 

remember tht at break.com. It stands for Tucson helping Tucson. So what we’re going to do then is take your stuff and if you get on the program, we’re going to pay you and pay you 50 books that right 50 bucks. One of those we’re going to pay you 50 bucks to do it all the all the artists who seeing perform today myself included a little of scratch so that we all don’t you know waste into nothingness. That’s right. Our neighbors are taking care of us the communities taking care of us and they really looking out for a lot of creatives in town. And that’s what sets Tucson apart is that this town is basically stitched together by creatives. We’re a lot of the glue that keeps a lot of this thing at this place exciting and hopefully we’ve got a bunch of stuff in store for you, but we’re going to need your help. So send your content to that email address and then we’re gonna get it on here. I’m going to give you some of the ideas from up we’ve got sketches coming up some stand-up comedy. We’re 

going to visit some small. This is energy with few people behind the scenes here as well as interviews from people from around town that’s coming up in the next few weeks. We’re doing calls to actions for photos from your home office has pictures as well as I believe we have a covid fashion show coming up for some of the Styles upon styles that are we’re seeing around town to keep yourself safe. I might have to do something myself later to make sure I’m safe because this thing is just ridiculous. Don’t touch your face. So every little bit helps of all these big gigs being canceled. This is the thing that we’re doing just a personal note. I run this thing called the comic bookmobile every single one of my gigs where I go to schools or visit children or go to parks and events around town where they’re gone. Unfortunately, like they got canceled and my kids events with the first event that we’re canceled. I kind of got the call before some people kids events got cancelled first because they’re 

kind of trying to keep down on you know, that sort of activity. And then right after that we watch this first it was entertainers and then it was that sort of thing. Then all of our small business restaurants were starting to get like no more crew just pick up and you’ve seen wave after wave More businesses are really just being asked to shut down for a while. And even today there were some new ones. So we’re going to try and do is keep everybody afloat specially folks in town that you’re creative and get us that stuff. All right, so every little bit helps I was talking about somebody sponsors before so why don’t we give you some time to learn about some of our sponsors as I round them off in a very very fine fashion. We got that Tucson Metro chamber. Oh, yeah local first Arizona Mike Peel. I love you the most we’ve got the community Investment corporation cic go check them out because they’re here to make sure that I don’t touch any of them. They’re here to make sure that no one stupid 

touches any of the money and they take care of everything for us that you know, I don’t have to do a thing really money on touching is rolling coins because it’s come to that so we got that going on. We got the Metro chamber we’ve She’s investment Corp. And then is it Tom heat local? Candy Baron Tom Heathen the Heat team. No hormones. Some less morbid are happening Bob Weir 20 Tom. He really is one of the mines that started this whole thing and I’m going to interview time he can just a bit he teams making a big difference Nova Home Loans. They’re going to help you out because they really been taking care of the community. Especially Tom was in say about that just a little bit. I’m not about Tom. How about break media my boys a great media. They’re here on a cough boys. I love you. That’s the exciting part of all this is that we got everyone working from home everyone working around and make something happen Hotel Congress is also helping out by providing musical guests. In fact, they started 

something similar that I’m gonna throw you two later. It’s called Club Congress TV. That’s right. So they’ll give me going to be trying to providing some exclusive music for all of us here some entertaining shoes. I’m gonna dance too maybe dance like nobody’s watching her maybe have a social distance dance party. We want those clips to I can’t wait. I might hook up my DVR and put you all to shame. I’ve got who else hanging out with us. All looks like This is working with us. They are doing some behind the scenes to take care of some of this big event that we’ve got going on virtually. So we’re events are ou X. I believe it’s offer. I’ll say then we’ve got Vantage West my friends Vantage West. That’s right. Then it was a big sponsor and I’m going to tell you what they already through is $500 for the day. So already off to a pretty good start. I remember this is a fundraiser were asking for you to donate donate some of that straight cash, but if you can’t like it a like share hit that share 

button or subscribe to some of these things together missile. Sharing with Friends send a DM tag somebody, you know that wants to be on the show and then this thing’s gonna just go go go. So we got that going on Van just going to be hanging out with hear from them in a little bit the law offices of Lazarus and Sylvan. I’ll tell you when you want to be reborn Lazarus. That’s where you want to go and Sylvan is good friend there if they’re doing great TP is making sure that we’re fully charged with everything happening here as well as a Tucson Industrial Development Authority. Don’t forget about sa LLC. That’s self. The self is the wiggler. Just go Google them. You’ll find Use the hashtag that’s good too. I’ve got a very exclusive interview with why I love where I live. There are local shop here that started out of a movement. They set up a storm. We’re going to have their grand opening and never got to so we have an interview with how they’re helping Tucson by the movement they started so 

I insist you go check out why I love where I live because we’ve got a really fun heartwarming Story coming up about how that whole thing started and it was really because someone was looking for a reason to prove why they love why they live here in Tucson to me that expression. Action is as good as Taco Tuesday or Casual Friday. Let’s just get it in the vernacular and use it all the time because why I love where I live is a heck of a movement. So go make sure that you check them out. We’ve got an interview in store. Hang on tight. What else is happening there after that? It looks like the list keeps going and growing big checks Making Connections coming our way. If you want to be a sponsor will get you in this random list next week and don’t forget about me. That’s right. My comic book mobile. Go visit the comic-book mobile.com because I started doing some of these online classes do all this fun stuff with my own green screen here from my home. To teach your kids how to draw cartoons make 

some comic strips and have some fun while everybody’s locked up in school’s out for summer really. So that’s what’s going on. We got a lot of sponsors a lot of fun on a lot of France. There’s another friend know that I want you to get at. All right. I came up this idea that there’s a few people that have I don’t know who lived in Tucson love Tucson with the school that you ate. Maybe we get some of their attention and I think there’s a lady that I want to get her attention right now. We’re going to do this and we don’t we’re going to do we’re going to get at Diane Keaton. That’s right. We gotta get it her because you’ve been doing a great job here, you know Academy award-winning right? When it Awards Golden Globe. She’s got a couple and she started some movies from time to time. And what a home here in Arizona right here into to Tucson. So she loves it the most so why don’t you go hit her up. It’s Diane underscore Keaton over at Saint Twitter and ask over on Instagram turns out our Instagrams 

doing pretty good Twitter. It’s all right. Only one half a million. Not too bad. Have you had those have those million show up? Maybe the one Five million people to follow over on Instagram. I think we should do it. So go get act Diane underscore kid next week. I think want to make a call to Rob Gronkowski. He’s busy at WrestleMania right now, but next week maybe we show him that I’m hype we get some attention. So start tweeting your celebrities doing all week and make sure you share this video, even if it’s not long live because we are gonna last forever because it’s go right that’s we’re doing and you can still donate whether this is live or not donate now all those links we’re going to tell you about later some of the links the flashed up earlier and just go visit. Community investment Corp and you get all the details right Diane. Thanks. So I talked about Diane. I’ve talked about all of our sponsors. I’ve been rambling on for some time and I could see the contents at the comment section 

is bullet comes look at that. I’m gonna go dive into the comment section. That’s the thing. So I’m going to go do that. Is we go. I don’t know do something fun. Have you left the house in a while? No. Well, then you probably missing out on some of these songs greatest thing and it’s comedy scene, but you sound Tommy seems one of the best things going on in two. And I love sketch comedy. I’m sure you do too some of the best thing ever. So keep Tucson sketchy has been doing just that down at the screening room every single month. They’ve been putting on a sketch comedy show and I are you happen to know some of the people working there and I asked them if we could show some of their stuff and it says that we can they got a huge huge library of fun fun sketches all about you some so I’ve got one cued up. I think we’re ready to go. I could use a laugh and remember laughter is the best medicine. And it’s expensive in this country. So make sure you donate every nook and every chuckle throw us 

a nickel throw us a dime. Maybe even a whole dollar bill it every single person Tucson’s donated just one dollar we have million. All right, not sure if that counts the snowbirds, but hey, let’s double down on the whole thing. If you got a dollar do it, if you don’t share it share the link do what you can because we’re doing all we can for our things at CERN. I think I need to take a breath. So why don’t I go throw to this thing right here boys, and you’re ready. You’re ready. Let’s go. two sounds sketchy keep this on sketchy Rowling’s 

are there need to get around Tucson but can’t afford or legally not allowed to drive a car after multiple DUIs then Ascend Tran bus is perfect for you with over 100 buses some running on time. You could write a comfort Monday through Saturday and Sunday kind of enjoy our modern amenities meet new people and even find love with some Trend you can get anywhere except the photos or Valley fail Marana. Anywhere nice on top of that with all this environmentally friendly ride-sharing you can have as many single use styrofoam Polar Pops as you want give free. Just ask my hippie. Mom. That is not how just listen to these satisfied customers right around the bars. It helps me read from my mouth instead of from the nose. Wait, I’ve never ridden, but I wasn’t I would put on the board for public transport. I haven’t heard one. A point sometimes I stop not one formal complaint is that real is on the bus? 

Sun Tran is somehow an award-winning service named best bus system in town three of The Last Five Years, whatever your transportation needs we can help well except for shopping carts in those mini carts and giant suitcases. Everyone on the bus is happy even if everything about them makes you think otherwise why not join in if all your friends drove off a cliff, how did you get home by some Trend? Don’t be a schmuck or ride the bus. Warning us because we’re depression and or unplanned pregnancy do not use bus if you are using drugs or alcohol as this may make the experience enjoyable do not make eye contact with anyone on the bus or you may end up re-examining your life’s gonna attempt to defuse my advice. I probably had it. 

I lucky to Saint sketchy my goodness. That’s the funniest thing going today. Are you are you serious off? Yeah that don’t forget. Yeah, it was postponed unfortunately, but they’re going to be back. We’re going to be back. They’ll all be back. I’m super excited to go hanging out with key Tucson sketchy. They’re really really funny really ridiculous. That show is absolutely bananas, right? I was barely time for me to get a drink you kidding. I don’t want to hear me going on and on yet this motor mounts running, but I might run out of fuel and I’m afraid that might be the thing we all run out of next. I’m in the mood to just get everyone going again. If you’ve been, you know, not convinced that your energy is going to get pumped in. The things are going to change you’re going to feel better. You got to dance like nobody’s watching. That’s what we’re going to do next because right now I believe we’re going to throw things over to our friends over at Club Congress TV. That’s right Hotel Converse 

is participating and they’ve got Club Congress to be bringing you exclusive tracks just for us even though their performance stuff every single night, I believe or at least very much this weekend. You can catch all of those performances over Club congress.com and even tonight after our show at 9 p.m. That’s what they’re going to have going on. So if you’re ready to dance all night, make sure you’re hanging out with club congress.com and click on this TV because it’s pretty fun. I don’t know you’re ready to dance. I am let’s get dance. Hey boys. 

Gabriel sold in here just after some clove Congress TV. A couple songs 

Reno place I ever saw 

Don’t Take 

No song I ever. 


Take a step. 

Taking me 


with me 

Tristan broken 

All right. Did you see that? Did you hear that? I got to hear it. I’m not gonna be able to pump to be head-banging but I just like local music and that was our friend. Let me go make sure I get his name right because we got to make sure we give everybody that’s for direct process they deserve and I got a long list of scripts writing for me and it was Gabriel Sullivan folks and love it will seldom do a lot for us here helping out and doing some things that we’re trying to get done with all this and make sure you go over to club congress.com and stick around. Escape was gonna be back in just a little bit and I’m super pumped to be hanging out with him. It’s gonna be a pretty good time. But right now I also just want to remind you that you know, you gotta donate that’s we’re trying to get done here. So donate over at you know, well, let’s take a look. It’s gonna be Tucson hoping to sun.com you don’t upon his right there. So you’re not going to miss a donate button’s easy to see he’s just fine 

just like me money is an investment in our neighbors to help them keep our beloved local businesses afloat. That’s right. Where’s the money go? Well, I’m glad you asked because the community investment. Operation that they put in bold so, you know, it’s important. It’s a highly respected nonprofit local to our community who works to get funding small businesses every day and we’re going to administer it with overnight with the Tucson Metro chamber and local first, Arizona to ensure its put to best use did I say overnight? I meant they’re going to use their oversight. That’s right. I’ll be back quick, but the best part is going to be quicker than some of those government loans that have one’s waiting for and it gives us a bit more leeway with every small business getting it. There’s not as much red tape. There’s not as many Hang-Ups and it gives us a little more freedom. Don’t have money to our community. It’s really good and they’re going to make the lot less hurdles for such a chump. So 

we’re going to be in the we’re going to make some grants that I hear. I hear that’s a rumor. I might be able to you know, figure that out later, but there might be a mix of Grants as well some very low 0% interest loans and why loans because it ensures that these businesses are fortunate enough to be able to pay are going to pay it back and then they pay it forward to support other businesses from whatever future problems of they’re going to have or Tucson my face. That’s what it’s all about. So got this kind of recurring cycle and then Then sometimes the grant will go out and sometimes just a very low things and go to someone else but if these businesses can keep things going and going it’s just this endless cycle that we keep growing and that’s the idea and I don’t know nothing about this stuff, but I got it, right. So for now give give give give what you can remember every single dollar one dollar counts. The dollar counts. Everyone is just like gave a dollar. This thing’s a million-dollar 

idea. I think that’s true. It’s too strong helping to sign.com. Let’s find out about the guy who started some of this whole thing. No, have you heard of them? I was talking about a little earlier. I believe it’s my friend Tom. He Tom Heath Heath team. Nova Home Loans. I believe let’s go. See some get Tom and here my talking to Tom yet. Where’s to I see Tom we are 

doing this. I’m doing this thing Colbert. I gotta go guy told you about this thing with Frank Powers death. I know Frank hours. Look Colbert, you’re gonna have to call me back right about that Frank. That was the Colt. That was a Coke. Hi, Tom, say something say something. Hey, buddy, how are you? I hope it’s a success story to be on the phone or that was that was Stephen Colbert. He was trying to get on the show. I told we already had our MC. So, okay good. I appreciate that. He’s a hero of mine. Remember when truthiness got invented. I felt it right here right here in the cockles. That’s right. I know that’s where you get a lot of us feel. You got a big big heart my friend. You’ve been helping this whole thing start from the very beginning. All right, and I’ll tell you I was very Very confused. I thought honest. A local candy Baron I could swear that you were just been sort of chocolates here. No relation Frank. I just like to eat them. Oh, alright. Well that being said, unfortunately 

a lot of my questions are candy based. I’m not prepared. I hear you’re in home loans. That’s what I camps delicious. But that’s what here’s what those are very good candy bars, but I’m excited to be a part of Tucson helping Tucson. I’m excited to have you there. I can’t think of anybody better to be donning an orange outfit and supporting our community everything that you’re doing. So thank you for being a part of this too. Nobody better than your best Frank forever. You know. I love you Tom. I appreciate it and thank you for calling me. Thanks for asking. I mean this is it’s a sad situation and it’s my dream come true. Is weird perplexing bunch of feelings? Because what a situation the world’s dealing with what situation we’re all dealing with as the town is a city and you know, I lose it. I lose one dream job in the radio at the top of the day and by the end of the day I get asked to host this and the only thing that makes me feel better. This is a lot of people know this is making other 

people feel better. And if anyone out there has not done that you should try it because it really does work. Absolutely. Absolutely that I got to say. That’s what I’m hearing from the fire team it when you wake up in the morning. Sometimes you keep a little too much tension to Facebook and you get a little frustrated and then you get together with this team and you start figuring out how you’re going to help how you be part of the solution what you can do today to make a difference tomorrow and our Spirits get lifted. So this is this isn’t just about supporting small business. This is really about uplifting a community giving some some bright light to a dire situation. No one wants to be here and we’re Reinventing ourselves across the board and when we come Of this we’re going to be different and we’re here to make sure that there’s as much opportunity on the other side of this as we possibly can. Heck. Yeah, that’s awesome. Tom Tom. I’m seeing you. I’m not sure if a live stream of c and 

Tom, so I’m not sure. I hope that everything’s working. I’m not having a one-way conversation. It’s tough to tell it’s tough to tell either way. I have a voice for radio face for radio right there. I once I said that a friend of mine said I had a face for a flamethrower I left and stop being friends with that person, but Everything is fine. Good to hear. Thank you. I’m asking my crew over there. It’s a heck of a thing that we’re putting together right here. I am in my home. You can tell very palatial deep inside the heart of a mountain. You’re over your home. It looks very nice a small Casita a guy. I’m sure it’s very tiny. He does feel real safe. He’s a humble man. He’s a humble man. And we’ve got everything going on with my crew down there over drink a two-man crew and we’ve isolated them off from each other. You’re not allowed to high five no matter how well this is going so dumb. Tell me a bit more about what really started you to really I mean, obviously As passion and what it means 

to you, but you’ve been really honestly fired up like about it. All you have resilience ability. Tell me about people’s responsibility, but I think that’s the key word. There is a responsibility. We know a lot of folks are hurting in our community and they’re going to they’re going to hurt for a while. There’s help coming and you know those of us, I’m fortunate to be one of those essential position. So I have a job. I have an income and I really feel it’s my responsibility and I think anybody right now who is able must help and that’s really where we are. All right. Now you mentioned a million people in Tucson, but not everyone could even give a dollar and I get that I can give us a share they can give us a like but those of us the can we really must help. This is not just a an opportunity to do the right thing. This is an obligation to support the community a lot of these business owners of small business owners. They took a leak in our community. They put their lives their livelihood 

their finances on the line to create something special here in Tucson and in a few months, they’ll be back. They need help to get back. And that’s really what’s driving this and there’s causes all over Tucson. I’m so excited to see that the takeout efforts the the shopping online and I’m going to talk with Kristen later and what they did with why I love where I live all of these things coming together showing the resiliency of Tucson of the Arizona of this country and I’m excited to be a part of that. But the reality is as basic as it sounds we need money. We need money to make sure that these small businesses have the ability to pay their employees. Boy, he’s to get their stock. This is not just going to be an opportunity to turn the faucet back on and we have to help them until they’re able to sustain and I liked what you said earlier about the loans. This is when we get into the details of this there’s certainly a lot of levels there’s investments in business. There’s grants to businesses 

and the loans the key part about the loans is it’s a pay it back to pay it forward. There’s no habla. There’s no securitization. There is no you’re not. To be hounded if you can’t make your payment’s your payments will be based upon your revenues. So if you’re not takes you longer to get back on your feet your payments aren’t there. So, we really try to be very cognizant of all of the needs of the community and having the chamber and local first who collectively have the ears of hundreds. If not thousands of small businesses across this area. We know what the need is. That’s you know what? You’re right because you are that’s one of the things about it. One of the things that I think the Tucson. I mean the reason I love Lara where I live. I mean, it’s the whole thing. I love Tucson so much I moved here twice. It’s a small it’s you know, it’s the big little city, right if that sort of thing. I I got together with you and you just see I was used to people hate when I just it’s a Venn diagram. 

How many friends do I have in this circle? And how many friends I have in this circle. How many are in this how many overlap and a lot of us here in Tucson have a lot of these overlapping friends. That’s a lot of what this place is all about. And I think that’s certainly one of our Advantages I know a lot of people at the heads of these organizations at the top of some of these places really know everybody else and we all just got together in a room and chat room here and I was so surprised to see how many people are already involved and probably not surprised because they know how important this is you really assembled like a Tucson Avengers and it’s fun to say and with us we’re trying to do we’re really trying to just you know have this big big fight against all the problems that we’re having because what you said before, isn’t it just makes time as money ring true, right? Right, everyone just needs time and unfortunately time is money. Yeah, we have the creative class to make something 

entertaining and the fact that all of the creative individuals the artists are getting paid. The technicians are getting paid, you know, there’s been a ton of in-kind support but the small businesses that are supporting our are going to be paid. That was the first batch of money that we raise in that list of sponsors. You showed the very beginning they stepped up before this was even a fully crystallized idea. They just understood the concept and they said yes, we trust you. We trust Community investment. Should make this work and we’re going to have huge results huge turnouts because of that faith and because of what you just said, I think it has something to do with diagrams or something but it is a we all know each other here in Tucson and we’re going to get through this and we’re going to come out of this but it takes some money and it takes some effort to make sure that we have the best opportunities at the other end. It’s true. Now. I’ll be honest with you. This is already far more 

serious than I like to be. Sorry, right Tom. I hate this. I know you hate this Tom. What is your website? Because your website’s hilarious Tom’s a fun guy Tom thinks, you know, very looks very serious. I’m very responsible helping the city. It’s very important. But what I’m also like to do is make hilarious commercials and they’re the best Tom tell me you’ve done. I believe I saw a dirty dancing parody. I believe I saw You trying to archery I believe modeling some of the things what else? What else have you seen? What’s the name of your website? That is hilarious. The website is called mortgages can be fun.com and the idea is that I’ve been doing home loans for 20 years. I’m pretty good at that. I feel comfortable in that area, but I spent so much time of that. I’m really not good at anything else. I’m not good at archery or yoga. Karate. I’m not good at mountain climbing or fishing and we found out very recently. I am not good at all at Dirty Dancing. I’ve got one I’ve got one skill set 

that’s mortgages. But if you head over to mortgages can be fun.com it is it is a little bit of a light-hearted look of things that I’m not good at that’s surprising now that I’ve started that the list just keeps growing and I’m getting a lot of suggestions from people that were my friends telling me the things that I’m not good at doing. I can’t wait till you’re not good at professional wrestling. That’s what you’re gonna hang out the mouth of the Southwest. Whoo. Yeah. We’re going to work on that. I can’t wait we might try to get you an amazing. To I’m looking for that there is a couple more things just again, let’s lighten things up. I really only prepared candy questions for you. I really thought you was somebody else ask away. Maybe I can give you candy answers. Do you think that Reese’s hearts are not as good as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because of the ratio to peanut butter or chocolate. What do you think? They’re better? I find them to be a bit too much. I think you’re a Madman 

the the hearts are fantastic. They’re the right the right blend. It’s a little break. They’re fantastic next mix candy question. All right, somehow I don’t know if I got this from Japan Kit Kat makes a raspberry cream. That’s disgusting that does not that’s not actually a thing. It’s Ram. Hold it right here. Yeah, you’re not holding that that’s not a thing. Next question. Are these chocolate bars really healthy. I eat them all the time, but I have Off the pound. Well, I think they’re very healthy in moderation. What’s the serving size on they’re delicious. There you go. There you go. As long as you have no more than five or six at a time. I think you’ll be just fine. All right got that is a good rule moderation moderation to always a good rule as well. Let me tell you some thanks so much. It really is happening. That’s what this is. It’s happening a couple weeks ago right how long ago How long we work on a stick this is coming together in about two and a half weeks. I think that yeah, I 

made the call to cic and break media and carry Sylvan and Metro chamber a couple phone calls next thing, you know, this thing is off and running break media without Josh and his team you would just have you would not have me only the excitement Ashley with a room events is but knock us out of park and it worked. I don’t want to spoil any surprises for Kristen at love why I love where I live at what she is doing. Oh my gosh, this just it’s just heartwarming across the board and it just tells me that we are in the right place and unfortunately at the right time we are going to make a positive difference in this community small businesses are neighbors and they employ our other neighbors. We must get them through this to the best that we possibly can and come out on the other side with the most opportunities. There he is everybody. That’s the spirit. That’s my man. Tom heat. Tommy had no home loans getting the job done. Hashtag. Keep in Tucson together. That’s right to Sonic is what you want 

to use use that hashtag and nobody’s doing better. That’s it’s cool Tom. That is a hashtag. All right, everyone’s doing that and no one’s doing a better job of keeping us together right now than you Tommy. I really appreciate thanks for helping everybody out. Make sure you go. Check out more just gonna be fun.com for some comedy gold from Tom he as well as a whole bunch of other nonsense and last things Say Tom, I just heard my oven dings. So that means My Cup Cafe. They taken baked Meat Loaf is done. So I’m out. I’m going to watch the rest from the comfy chair. All right, make sure you hit that share button for some comments in there. And I love emoticons. Give me something don’t tell me what to do. Thanks. All right. Thanks, Tom. Yes, do you see what this is? Do you see what’s happening here everybody. It’s the best thing going right? We’ve got all this fun stuff happening and hanging out with friends hanging out folks that you may know hanging know folks that you might not you know yet 

but I know I know members BFF under his best friend forever and that’s what it is. All these diagrams would start up Community comedy community small business Community entertainment unit. All these things come together in my life comes crashing right here dead center with you. Tht TV. It’s really exciting. Boy. Where’s my run sheet. Let’s take a look. Let’s go down the list. Let’s take a look at what we’re doing right now. I’m going to view Tom we talked about candy now. We’re going to talk about donating a bit again because again, don’t forget donations best nation in the world, but the best city in the world besides Tucson generosity. That’s right. So be generous be generous those likes those shares those comments get them all around getting around town. Add your friends at Diane, Keaton, Diane. An underscore Keegan, let’s get her involved because I’m sure she loves this place just about as much as anyone and you know, she wanted to be hurting like this. She’s come back here and enjoy 

the Cup Cafe. I’m not things going on here and I’ll tell you do have a lot of friends, right? So there’s a lot of friends are outside. You wanna be friends with me. That’s Frank Howard. Probably already are friends. I have some friends over at this place called badge West. Yes. Don’t be confused. Sometimes I’m talking about a VW. I’m talking about a VW bus. But other times I’ll talk about my friends Advantage with Spanish moss. Credit Union, that’s right member owners. That’s right. That’s where you go on at a credit union better than a bank. That’s the spirit. They’ll explain a bit better because we’re gonna go talk to you and hang out a little bit of Advantage West because they want them time hired me for some reason probably cause break knew me and I volunteer a lot and that’s the secret to happiness. Let me tell you volunteer. I know time is money. Sometimes if you give it away we get a lot back. I didn’t start volunteering at Frank three years ago. I don’t get to live my dream right 

now and help everybody. What a thing. So that’s what this is all about and it got me a commercial isn’t that amazing? So we made a whole bunch of really fun short commercials for vanish Quest a while ago me Brink. I got to write a couple of them. I provided some of the fun nonsense you’re going to see because I’ve got quite the costume Department my house and we really had a good time. We did some long-form interviews as well. I think we’re going to jump some of those later but Vantage West really supports or uterus $500 and we’re going to support Vantage West if you feel like being one of our more headlines officers and you’ve got some stuff to show and things to share just get out of There and give us some money. I mean donate some money and everyone gets to get involved. A lot of sponsors are helping this come together because you know everyone out here in the streets having a tough time and we don’t really want to be on the streets very soon. So why don’t we go hang out and see what 

Vans West is all about because bandage West did a great thing in addition to making commercials and all that fun stuff. I might get to that in just a little bit. Let me make sure I’m just on the right track. Yes. We got some other fun things, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a preview. We got more music coming up with Fun music video I’ve got Something else going on an interview going on with while over there live that’s coming up. And also we’re going to do another thing with a beautiful hotel McCoy and my friend David the comedy sauce Ross boss is going to be on just so, you know a lot of fun stuff going but right now let’s go check out Vantage West 

Anyone can be a member over Advantage West I’m not everyone. I mean technically you can be a member. Do you live work volunteer? 

We’ve got nasty checking cash back credit cards loans and the list goes on. I’m thinking I’m in a banana. This was me some sort of pun. Like our deals are appealing little bit of this thing to me. I think 5% back on purchases like a party in your wallet. 

I can’t believe I spent so much on the party at least. He’s got my back hash. Keep it 100. There’s West you won’t us. That means you elect our board of directors. So I’m announcing my candidacy. 

I feel so cool. Ha ha ha. That’s right. Thank you to vanish with for being a big-time sponsor. Look at this. Look at that. I feel like I’m in Paradise, right? That’s because there’s something special going on and then it was helping us out. Listen, everyone of emails texts in views the livestream visits the website this week. You can win a two-day staycation in the Summer with the Beautiful hotel McCoy. That’s right. So make sure to participate get involved here because you’re going to have a chance to win two days staycation at hotel McCoy Hotel McCoy is my favorite places on hotel. That’s right. Have you heard of that at the first star hotel? You could check them out on probably Google I guess where their website which is beautiful. They have more murals there. Then I think anywhere in town. It’s really great. We’re going to give you a little preview of Hotel McCoy right now because a few months back brake made an amazing music video with them a lip-sync video this great courage. Jam 

we’re going to play that for you right now because I’m in the mood to lift Spirits staycation ahead music right. Now. Let’s have some fun over at the beautiful hotel McCoy. 

I’m gonna get a little bit closer. So maybe maybe you could come on over and we could do a little bit of yoga or stretch out on my sofa watching Netflix breakfast. Check. This may be 

the best this baby. 

You’re number one. 

I like to get you so long. You want to be my Yoko Ono like sharing Sonny Bono. I never let you go. You know, you got that side, you know, it drives me wild without you on my mind the sun will never shine like Arizona your Champagne. Supernova makes me crazy for you. Y’all Milo Cocola, baby. 

You take me to Nirvana to Spirits so rocker. So come on me by baby. 

Oh having the ability to gather in groups of pretend to sing songs feels like a lifetime ago. She probably has told you that we might work on that together in a fun new music video. They’re going to try and a few weeks maybe even next week by can get everyone together. We’ll see it really reminds you of like the places you missed the plays. You’re like the other people you like to hang out with other people you might just be fascinated with and you got to go see there the guy that I’m a little fascinated with that. I got to go see over at the beautiful hotel McCoy and his name is David the comedy Ross. That’s You see David doesn’t amazing podcast in podcast down there relax to interview people to tell them you’re doing a great job and it’s a good podcast would people have jobs. Well, I know if you people are out of work, we’re going to take a look back at what we did just a week or so, maybe two ago when we visited the beautiful hotel McCoy hung out with David the comedy Ross on you’re 

doing a great job podcast. You’re doing a great job great job take it you’re doing a great job. 

We are the last line of events. Welcome, welcome 


But it’s cool. 

It’s great to be here guys. 

Yeah, you are our first choice. 

Your job so you are a real estate. Hold on Sir. Okay, you tell us your job or tell us what your first and last name is. Well your last name, 

I mean, what’s your name? 

You have to say it for the date Mongol. Unfamiliar. 

So I guess the first question 

is the entire reason I’m here for. Laughing what are you doing a great job and then it’s back to the bar. You don’t ask questions over itself. Yeah. 

And now it’s time for some good news wasn’t that fantastic David? You’re doing a great job. I appreciate it. That’s the best. I love seeing friends. I love helping artists all these artists comedians music musicians. Everyone were paying them for these gigs. Also make sure you donate cuz that’s where some of the money’s coming from where some of its going to for small businesses. Got a lot of things going and really helps also keep that comment section going to keep the shares blowing. So we’ve got to keep that algorithm broken. That’s that’s the whole trick right? Facebook doesn’t want us. Be successful. We gotta shop Facebook. The two stones bigger than Facebook. I think we can do it. But now I want to report some good news. That’s right. Good news everyone. I want to get some headlines from your life and maybe even just from around the nation. That is good news. You gotta hear someone from time to time. So here’s some good news good news crime is down expense and also emergency rooms 

are practically empty have a lot of people are being a lot more safer as the trees are in care of each other and you know more people are just not hurting themselves, I guess. So that’s good emergency rooms. Not as full always good news and more local local news. My neighbor bought me a pack of toilet paper because he saw an extra one. I was wondering if I was Anita isn’t that nice? That’s nice. That’s really great. And now all the way across the nation we’ve got news from New York New York’s having a tough time as its California some of our bigger cities. They’re really hurting. I’m sure you’ve seen this but this actually really really made. Any other day every single night at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in New York. Everyone is shouting and screaming and cheering out their Windows. Do you know why that’s when the shift change happens were all the doctors and the nurses in the room working with our medical staff. The entire city is cheering out their Windows just like people are singing 

Italy. That’s very amazing to hear it warms my spirit warms my heart and I know that we can do something similar and take care of each other even these acts of something like that or it’s not about money. It’s not about yours on any of that mean the Most I love the people are making masks for one another that’s really good. So that’s a new thing. I took my hands. That’s me putting on invisible mask. Apparently, I don’t know and that’s been a big deal. So send us your good news stories were really pumped to get good news. And if we’re talking about the news, let’s go check out Sports. I’m going to throw it to our sports announcer newscaster L news add or take it away. 

Hola, Muchachos, hola Muchachos. It’s all news a door. We’re wrestling news Luchador here with sports. There are no Sports to report on except for the fact that weight. It seems that WrestleMania the Showcase of the Immortals is the only sporting events Sports entertainment event that it’s currently broadcasting. In fact, it’s going to be happening lied Saturday at 7:00. Holy Frijoles, that’s now I’m not Sports what they’ll do the door. 

Jeez, love that guy. Huh. Anyway, that’s sports. But we’re looking for some good news. So make sure you bring us that I don’t think there’s much more Sports in the future. This is WrestleMania. I better wrap some of this up. So in addition to some of that going on, we’ve got more things ahead with all the fun stuff happening and one of the people that I want to talk to talk about now is why I love where I live. You see that thing about Al news adore. It’s great because the thing about local wrestling here is that luchadores are everywhere because of our proximity to Mexico Jessica gave a Ted Talk on it and that’s why I love where I live. I love to sound so much and there’s a lady that really loves Tucson but didn’t At first she can say a little bit about it. It’s why I love where you live. 

Thanks me. That’s right. Here. We are with Kristen tow bar. From what I love where I live or will will as we’re calling it around the office Kristen. How are you doing? I’m doing pretty good. How about you? I’m doing alright. So how was the commute? Well, I made a few stops on the way coffee and bathroom, but yeah made it safely. Not too bad. I there was a little bit of traffic by my bathroom for sure it a little bit but then surprisingly no one near the fridge. 

Yeah, how are you watching with everything because I’m excited to talk to you about everything’s going on with why I love where I live everything going on from Ricardo at the Mikado and everything happening, you know, really with you so I know your origin story a bit and fill in the blanks if I get any of it wrong I listen to Tom he Tom he’s you know local candy Baron Tom. He does a Life along the streetcar and he did a great interview with you and I believe it was this you’re living in Tucson for why While your husband is I believe you’re you from Phoenix originally Phoenix. Yeah, you got it. Yes. I’ll remember these things from Phoenix originally moved to Tucson husband takes a job here as a farmer. Yes. So close. He was a high school teacher when he read English High School’s so doing that and then you had a move here to Tucson and really just you know, you grew up in Arizona, obviously, so you kind of know what it’s all about, but you weren’t exactly feeling it. Because you were like 

really trying to chase this dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast. Sadly no, no. Okay. Well, that’s gonna be either guest Tom. He’s there because a lot of people yeah, what was it? You know II came to Tucson to go to the University of Arizona and you ended up staying with the high school English teacher husband. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Yeah, so that’s really cool. So that’s why you’ve been here and again a lot of why you started while I love where I live was because you were actively trying to find a reason for that. You’re trying to kind of Way some of that negativity some of that don’t have a little more PMS. I’m all about positive mental attitude early on and that was a lot of what you were doing. You were basically going around trying to just focus on what plant life and why the plants here really important people really love plants. Hey, they do laughs. Yeah. I know. It’s also very close. You know, I took pictures of everything around Tucson food murals was a big part of it 

buildings architecture. Yeah, there were there was a lot of plants were included but it wasn’t my main focus not the money. It’s because the main focus that we found is obviously the love of Tucson and that’s why you love where you live and that’s really became a movement it all on Instagram. Right? What is your Instagram? That’s where things happened. Correct? Yeah. Yeah Instagram is at why I love where I live. Yeah, how many followers you have? Oh, I could check right now. Check it out. I’m on the edge of my don’t know by the time we’re done with this call. Who knows what will be people go follow her at while of world will get those numbers up. We’ll get them up. We’re at eighteen point five right now. One more. Yeah, so it’s a lot along with your effective and really putting a positive spin on everything, isn’t it? It’s a yeah, it’s a big big job. That’s awesome. That really is impressive. It’s one of the things that I love about Tucson really is is it’s a lot of that community and you 

really can get that message across because people really Embrace that yes. No, that’s very that’s spectacular. And it’s so fun to find the person who did create that like I’ve used that hashtag just almost as a general thing. Yeah, for sure. When I first started I didn’t tell all my friends our community. And so then I saw a few people using it and when they found out they were like, it’s you like I didn’t know who was behind it. Let alone that I knew the person so it is really interesting how it’s kind of transformed and become just kind of a fixture and hashtag world of Tucson. So yeah. It’s done. It’s made a difference. It’s really funny. Like I say, it’s almost like it’s a it’s a phrase. He’s like Casual Friday which yes 

Positive spin on a lot of what’s going on is the fact that I took a virtual tour of the store a little bit ago. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m so glad you’re thought that that was amazing everyone go to the website and you can take a 3D virtual store Tour all around was Daniel’s but your tell me about yeah, so leading up to the week of our actual physical grand opening had an event planner had food plan all these things planned to invite hundreds of people to the annex where our shop is located. And obviously a lot of things changed in that one week time span, so we found someone to do 3D imaging of our new shocks. So instead of socking it to have people come in. We just stopped it to be photographed and staged hosta a virtual tour so you can walk in there. I got dizzy sometimes because the dots are just so trippy and you can see it’s fun. There’s some videos in there like behind the scenes type stuff and we wanted to create something. That was interactive and still like celebrated the Milestone 

of the expansion in our in our business. Yeah, it really was very impressive definitely next level and what a way to have an opening. I mean before yeah, it’s definitely been a really impressive way to adapt. A lot of people are obviously having to go online. They’re having to adapt do some things a little differently, but that’s a huge way that you’ve already kind of jumped ahead. And there was another thing I saw on there and it was you have you have a great blog and you really blocked or made a fantastic article that lists a lot of ways that other people can participate and other ways to support local business besides spending money. Right? Right. Yeah, because everyone in our community, I think love the the businesses that make Tucson Tucson, but not everyone especially in this situation like people. Yeah, it’s a different time and so I wanted to come up with some ways that anyone could support and Come together as a community to embrace these businesses. Yeah, that’s what’s cool about 

run. You got to still work that local business. You got to get it done. There. It is super fun. People are sharing this picture that you have up there. This is the base of the article is and you’re showing us around posting this image. It’s a good way. Everyone can go ahead and do that go ahead and right-click save it to the downloads and then make it your profile picture because he messaged you got out everywhere. So I just Tucson local business. Yep. A lot of books stickers pins lots of cactuses. That’s what people yeah. I love that. I do have one complaint about the virtual tour. You might have to put a warning on the mirror does not work and I thought I had been bitten by a vampire in the night. I had a check luckily fine and realized things were okay. The mirror doesn’t work at Google. Are you about that? Yeah, we should put a disclaimer on the bottom something. I’ll look into that. I was I felt I didn’t have a soul for a moment. Not the best. In a field but that joke aside. It really 

was so fun and really great to just go take a virtual tour and you can check everything out. I love it. I really did the one My Favorite Things obviously around town is shirts. And I hear that that’s something that we’re working on together to try and get some money going and get some attention happening is we got a shirt design coming from you guys and I think I could maybe show that sometime next week right? It’s going to be released today actually not to be released today. So technically by the time I’m we’re talking to Frank of the future. This is already happened Casual Friday. Frank gets to give you a sweet Dave you and show you what the shirts all about. Look at this there is what sweet logo, right? Yeah. Things are pretty good. Yeah those that’s exactly it. So it’s really been just one of the best things going to seeing how Innovative everybody everybody is how much they’re making new art how much they’re doing things to just make a difference get some attention and really just 

show really this big message about Tucson being together Tucson together. He’s a great strong message that everyone’s really, you know behind that hashtag and it’s been helping a lot for us to organize. Yes – all right. Yep. There’s a ton of responses to everything that’s going on and if people don’t ban together, I think it could get noisy and so I’m excited to see so many people coming together with different initiatives that are really collaborative like yeah big deal and I love that you’re leading the charge. So everybody where can they follow you where can people I follow you here on the wide wide world of the internet cell divided provide. Yeah, get that address down so you can find us on our website and also those shirts that are released on our website too. So that’s why I love where I live.com heck. Yeah. So check it out. Well, I love where I live.com take that virtual tour and walk around a virtual store. Alright feels good. You look great you make sure you get some online orders. 

And remember we’re trying to start a movement for gift cards. It’s a big big way to give local business. Not just a For alone but really like a man ol own a mini that he’s alone, but it works and then it goes right there. Yep. Perfect. Thank you so much. There she is. It’s Christy Mrs. T. Just what Kristen toolbar? I love you so much. Thank you for hanging out with us. And thanks for helping me. You know why I love where I live. Hey, thanks. I’m gonna add you to my list. Now that we have had this meeting. Fuck. Yeah, please do. All right. Let’s throw it back to that other guy. I’m sure he’s been very bored this whole time just just waiting but really probably not because it’s really important. I might remember all this tomorrow. He’s a farmer right? He’s the farmer 


your hero, too. 

Yes, we’re back on the air. Look at that wasn’t that fun? My goodness. Thank you. Kristen. Wasn’t that great. I was just checking out the comments section Tom. He’s already pre-ordered one of those shirts. I believe they look as cool as this. Let’s take a look. There we go. So I’m not keeping Tucson together. That’s what you want to do. That’s what we’re going to do. And that’s just one of the ways you can support you see another way is to just buy what you can now order takeout shop online buy gift cards to enjoy in a later date. I like that idea. It’s not quite a microloan. It’s like a No loan a teeny tiny teensy weensy loan so that you can get something to eat and September but everyone’s paying their rent, you know in May so that’s a big way to do it and a good way to show gratification. It is doing that. I think there’s a movement that we can start and it’s a gift card movement can use that hashtag. Sure maybe the big hashtag you want to use this Tucson together hashtag use those hashtags 

and also to sign up in Tucson, but let’s start a gift card movement where we buy gift cards from our favorite local businesses because that’s going to keep them afloat, you know. No on this Rising tide is going to raise All Ships and that’s we’re trying to do here is Amazing Town that we all live in one of the other things that’s going on here now is again soccer dose of medicine little bit out laughter, right? So we got some stand-up comedians that have given us some great great material. I’ve got a good friend showed up. Next is name is Eli realize that some funny stuff some of these comedians having a tough time without hearing the Applause hearing the sound. I don’t know what they’re worried about. I do. Okay. See I’ve got this and then you know what you just bring it wherever you go. Oh and now you’re ready to have a show. No, it’s still not working. Is it wait a minute? Hang on a second? There we go. That’s the spirit of a sudden all the stuff laying around. Let’s go hang out with 

you right now a real comedian a hack like me anyway. 

I kind of prefer and isn’t that a 

valid material? Hey, do you have that Brahman is kind of like, you know the best you could be Arab world. 

There it is. I love that joke started the smart people laughing and it trickles down there. 

I have been happily married for 10 years. 

Something else a little do you really expect to turn on the radio someday? I might be ours like if look James he’s in there. 

Did you 

really think you can hear about it? 

The pre- Persian identity depression anybody else out there is on your person. SpaceX going out there is like because they’re 

so you know what it’s like to have this combination is very similar in the whole part. You have like a character with the devil on one shoulder on in communities along the other sold 

a bigger meaner devil on the other shoulder. I got my back was a little shorter. I should be there first just like nothing. No one wants to see you. 

Let’s get out whether T and check those symptoms 

may be serious. 

All right 


So the other night I was following this woman in the parking lot by accident this afternoon part. They’re each other right next to each other way of part of the parking lot. It’s like 11:30 and 90 and I’m about to do I know the situation. So what hurries I said, hey, I’m not following you 

and she was like Don’t worry. I didn’t think you were. And I was like, it’s almost midnight. We’re way out of the parking lot like did I visit friends on my stalking victim 

was murdered brother? 

So my point here is that I don’t we have a struggle going on this small kids, but I’d rather have a life, you know, the whole process is always weird to me like to go to the baby shower and we’re all supposed to pretend this person out about the cover like the way 

Harry doesn’t even sell your cards 

still pretty mad at me. 

So we got any way different ways to contribute to the future. I teach the Next Generation not to make the same mistakes. That means so 

street corner and put a little thick for capsule when I see it. I start coughing your happiness calmly really hard like popping my lungs. I was talking 

we keep it really close when I 

never have time share. 

Whoo, how about fun stuff out of Comedy? I love all my friends. I love all the people around town helping us out. Remember you could be one of these people or these towns of performers that are going to get a paid for a gig you can still do the things that you do with your comedian, whether you’re a musician, but you’re one of these craters that we’re trying to get involved with because again, we’ve got some fun ideas, maybe some home shopping, perhaps we do we’re going to do our dance contest thing coming up and we got a few more calls to action for some of the townspeople also is all you real to Stone as you read. Hello folks that are super fun that just want to have fun with us over in our group over at the Tucson helping to song group. We’ve got some calls for you some calls to action some of these calls to action for we want pictures of your home office. That’s going to be a fun idea. I was doing a corporation some good news. I love your good news as well as some funny stories about 

what you’ve been dealing with is you been working from home. I’d love to see some of your pet photos some pet pics Sony’s new co-workers you deal with in your pets is the one person not complaining about all this. It’s not a person. It’s man’s best friend. That’s a bridge. I’ll go around. I love without right and we did a call out earlier little thing for a little bit. This covid fashion. Some people are really, you know taken so to support the stylus with what they’ve got going on. So, why don’t we take a look at some of these covid Fashions and I’ll say that some of the other ways that you can help us. So let’s take a look at some of these lovely folks. They look very good. Very attractive. It’s a good way to look when you’re stuck inside or out on the go, you know fashion should be no victims of the weather or really any situation while deal but don’t worry about if you’re having a bad hair day. I am all the time. The whole thing. We’re trying to do again is get more content and more 

people to get involved really fun stuff that we want to have happen here around town. All of you people get involved you something funny. It’s just something to gauge. We’re just trying to give you something to do and it gives us something to use. So all you folks are just giving us some free stuff on Facebook. We thank you check out the Instagram. I believe there is an Instagram for either tht TV or Tucson helping Tucson. I got to talk to Ashley. I’ll get Ashley. I don’t know, but we’re going to talk to me, buddy. Make sure that we’re getting all the stuff that you’re sending and maybe send stuff to that break email that was telling you about earlier tht at Brink.com. So that’s really fun. Hey as far as Fashions concern, I don’t know if you’re checking out the chat, but apparently it was live. They might have started a drinking game about me that says that they’re going to take a drink every time I change hats. Well, let me tell you kids you may be in trouble because whether it’s a map 

of the Southwest Yeehaw or I tone it down and just, you know, go to the old Rodeo or I got something to cook a Mangia Mangia. I might just want to hang out and have all the artists around town because we make a fine art. It’s a good exciting thing. Keep on drinking. That’s the spirit. I’ll Take You Out to the Ballgame. We’re going to go hang out at the beach. I’m not worried about it fits. I’ve got top hats on cowboy hats on these terrible for doors that were really in fashionable item. They’re just not good at all. Right and then not for nothing. Did you see this far right there? I gotta get rid of that. Boom done the old yarmulke that’s what you got to do to take care of business right there. So all you folks you got a drink now and then sure that you’re going to have a fine fine Saturday night because I’m treating right so Bottoms Up and make sure you go support all these local breweries that are still delivering beer. So go get some beer delivered to you maybe order a growler because 

hats off to you Tucson. That’s you’re going to want to do. Well if there’s one other had I do want to put on its this we just came out of Comedy. Let me tell you why we’re all here. We’re going to talk to Danny and a moment. I got to see if that videos work. Come on, Max screwed it up. But the reason that we’re all here besides the community stuff is health. I’m going to tell you that you see this whole thing. I know you don’t like Trends. Okay. Nobody likes a trend this sick of these terms. So there’s 60 if you’re sick of all this stuff. You’ve heard this phrase. We’re going to try and flatten it. Okay to see you try to flatten the curve. There’s the curve number of cases doing all this stuff all the stuff. I know very boring. No one wants to know about any of this. So I’m gonna explain it for some of you non-believers in the people that don’t quite Stan what’s going on? You see, I’ve got a new grip or it’s very simple understand. You. See this sucks. All right. This sucks right over here 

this totals. This really sucks. Is this is real. It sucks bad. All right this area here. This still kind of sucks. That’s so kind of sucks. But this this doesn’t suck. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to go from here ish. So there is but really it’s all about this thing right there. All right, this sucks. This doesn’t suck. So let’s all try and stay home make some fun content and hang out together via Zoom. I know who knew that Zoom is might be behind this whole thing trying to lift up their business, but they’re doing a good job. They’re doing a great job as David Ross would say I hope I’m doing good tailor but enough about that. We’ve got more fun stuff to talk about real quick. I’m not sure if there’s the head I was wearing before but I think this looks good. So let’s go see if Danny’s hanging around Dan me to his friends because I interviewed him before. but I’m not sure if the file is going to work because My Powers I’m good at the job and I don’t know buttons. All right, 

hit a button. Somebody thanks me. Good morning. You actually BFF right here. Again. It’s early Saturday morning, and I’m not prepared. But luckily I’m hanging out with a guy who’s been very prepared it work. 

No. All right. We’re in thoughts of Danny or Daniel leg is as full name. We’re probably going to talk to him sometime next week when you get that going. I must have screwed up. I was very tired. I’m not a morning person and it was around 1:00 when they woke me up. That’s so near the morning. So we’re going to tell if it’s a man a little bit probably next week. Hopefully you’ll be joining us next week because remember the thing that we’re doing here, the thing you’re watching right now is I get rid of this sarcastic rap, I can go back the fun fun stuff like my favorite place in the world to Tucson. The reason we’re doing this is because this is all leading up to be Three day event a big three days show. But until then every single week, we’re going to be providing you content and having fun hosting stuff meeting neighbors making friends do all the stuff around town. So Danny is going to talk to us next week. He’s from the community investment Corp. He had a great interview exactly answer 

is over at the voice. I believe 10:30 The Voice we’ve posted that over on our Tucson helping Tucson page. So you’ll check out the links for that. You can go see the loan story of what it is or at least the details of what’s going on and the next week. We’re going to interview Janie and get everything going on with him. And I can’t wait to talk to any dentists is really good to talk to him and the way he described my interview style was he said, you know, there’s the only time I’ve smiled during all of this and I’m like good. I’m glad that’s from trying to do for you during all of this. I know it’s brutal. I cried twice last week. That’s right. I’m an emotional guy. So it’s hard but we’re all doing our best and that’s the spirit. That’s we all got to do. We got to do our best for ourselves more best for each other if you can afford to pay or donate or do something do it, you can all afford old click clack click clack and share so Out of jail. I know it’s hard to share things. But please 

do it for me your best friend forever. I really care about all this stuff and it makes my day to make people feel better. And the more that you share the more chances we have of doing this. We got a lot of streams going down a lot of avenues but it doesn’t work unless someone says like hey, have you tried that chicken sandwich turns out it is good. That’s what it is. Everyone trusts their friends. They don’t trust a lot of this stuff and a lot of the stuff that we do comes off like the same type of advertisement anyone does it’s hard to get a message across. Everyone believes that the best way to get a message across is still word of mouth. So tell your friends. Tell your family wake up Grandma and get everybody watching what we’re doing every single week as we lead up to our big three day event. That’s probably just going to be basically a best of reunions show as we get you all this content and then we all get to hang out together and I’m just going to try and have the biggest hug. Can 

we go for the biggest hug in Tucson? I bet we can let’s set some records being mr. Guinness from Guinness World Book. I got an old score to settle with him from my 24 and a half our Christmas special back in the day Savages. But that said we’ve got some good things up ahead. Lots of fun stuff going on in the future. I’m really until then. I think that that might be it for this episode. Now. I do have one other thing that I needed to take care of because I wanted to advise you all that you need to stay safe. Honestly the safest way to do all the stuff is by making sure you do all this to wash your hands right gotta wash your hands. You’ve also got to make sure that you stay inside cubby your face. Don’t touch your face, but also you might want to get rid of that beard. I’ve got to get rid of this thing while I tell you about some of the sponsors that helped us do all this stuff. Make sure you tell your friends email them tht at break get involved, right? That’s what you want to do and let 

me remind you of all the people that helped us get this done. I’ll try not to shower because again, I can just trying to check out the Tucson Metro chain. I got to make room for a mask the Tucson Metro chamber. They really took care of business. They really got some stuff from local first, Arizona Mike Peel. I love them to death and cast his way to the the community Investment corporation going to talk to them next week with Danny Daniel leg. I can’t wait. We’ve got Tom heat the Heat team. No hormones. He started this whole thing. It was the best. So we started this whole thing. We’ve been working hard. Hopefully, I’m impressing Tom that’s going real good. I hope and I can’t really see that. It’s not like I have a mirror see how far the cameras I can’t we see what I’m doing. Oh, don’t forget break brace. The one running the show for me doing all this stuff that we’re doing break is really taking care of a lot of things that we’re in charge of I’m really excited that I’m working on break. 

They’re my favorite. Tell Congress my home away from home Hotel Congress, like host all their events that really the best job. I have I think I love them rocks entertainment or rooooar R. OU X might be French. They’re helping us with all the events. They work in events. Go check out some of the behind the scenes with them. It’s really really good. Don’t forget Vantage West my friends Advantage West. They’re awesome. I love Vantage West the law offices of Lazarus and Sullivan. He is providing all this electricity to some just for Development Authority as well as Sal. With Cox and what’s that I missed is how I did mrs. I miss a spot on the Supreme. So we got that. I’ve got to do that. We’ve got cops here. That’s pretty good. Why I love where I live. The list keeps going for people right in these big checks making connections and show what it means to be a part of the Tucson community. So don’t forget to get involved. Don’t forget to thank the old comic book mobile. Remember I’ll teach you 

kids. This is not the best time to promote that I teach to this is not I’ll put on a kids show for your family. Everything teach them how to draw and doing all the good stuff staying creative as we get through this epidemic together. It’s the truth. Don’t forget to add Diane underscore Caden because it’s maybe some of these celebrities help us out man. I’m half in the bag. I’m really tired. This has been really fun. I’m a motor mouth, but I think I’m old. I’ll wait. I don’t want to look ridiculous. Alright, so hopefully you’ll join me here next week. I’m sure I’ll be finished up by then. Hopefully you’ll join me next week. We’re going to have a great time more interviews more shows and maybe we were more on time. I Personally, like give me a little extra hours because it’s fun. But here we are. This is about 90 minutes of the most fun thing I’ve ever done. Hopefully you will feel good and maybe even feel great. I’m going to do my best to make you feel better and hash take you to something 

together. Why cause I’m front powers from your BFF your best friend forever the prince of promotion. They can’t commotion your Master of Ceremonies and the ambassador of entertainment a certified phonologists from the clean streets of Tucson and the School of Hard Knocks. Not not Tucson who’s there? Whoo. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo, I’m super excited. We’ll see you next time to to Tucson. I love you the most 

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