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“CIC is my secret weapon in business! 

Dish For Dosha Logo
Dish For Dosha Logo

I will always remember the day I called CIC, and then lived to enjoy the “fruits” of my labor. Five years ago, I was a single mother, an immigrant, sick from liver disease, and desperate to live and fund my “life-line”.  I had no credit, no business experience, no “working capital”, and no idea what a “P&L” stood for. The helpful gentlemen at CIC accepted me and my juice business dream, broken, poor, and very hungry. They funded my dream with more money than I had the courage to ask for… “just in case”. At the very beginning, they checked in with me month after month, to “help” me figure out “business “.

CIC provided me the permission slip to try, and succeed. One honest conversation at a time. And guess what? It made all the difference for me and my little boy.  

Now, we have a successful juice manufacturing company, Dish for Dosha, LLC  that wholesales cold-pressed Ayurvedic juice around the state of Arizona, designed for cancer patients in pain, need of rest, and nutrition.  

With that product, our small dream company can support local farmers, nourish and pacify the ill. We can train women how to work in commercial kitchens with the YWCA’s YWorks social programs and support local refugee organizations to juice their gleaned harvests with the machines CIC helped us buy, and much much more.” 

Cecilia Arosemena, Dish for Dosha

Posted on April 4, 2020 in Success Stories

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